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Notifications from social proof have proven to increase conversions as well as provide your site with the buzz-store-like experience.

ProveDirect is dedicated to helping as many growth hackers, marketers websites, eCommerce stores as it is possible to help across the globe. It’s a marketing platform that helps sites gain trust and trust from their users. 

Through a simple copy and paste method, ProveDirect lets entrepreneurs showcase the interactions of customers with just one piece of code. Simply integrate ProveDirect to any landing page, website and checkout page by installing an extremely lightweight Javascript in the header section of the page. 

From informative messages and random reviews, to Coupons, social sharing widgets ProveDirect includes everything you require to establish long-lasting relationships with customers.


  • The research has shown that it can build trust with visitors and create urgency. improve conversion rates by about 10 percent per page
  • Simply adds it to any website by installing a light javascript within the head of the webpage
  • It works well Works well Wix, Woo, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and many more.
  • Flexible enough for all industries -for example, eCommerce and travel SaaS and real estate
  • Psychological triggers include informational message new conversions, random reviews, and much more


  • Infographic. Fully customizable informational message to your clients
  • The most recent transformation. Establish social proof by displaying the most recent conversions on your website
  • A random review. Display a random review or testimonial from your customers to provide social evidence
  • Request collector. Collecting leads has never been simpler thanks to the request collector
  • Video. Easily display a tiny widget that displays an educational YouTube video
  • Countdown collection. Create urgency/FOMO with the countdown timer and an input to generate leads
  • Counter for conversions. Establish social proof by displaying how many recent conversions you’ve made
  • Live counter. Show your visitors how many people are using your site , to increase confidence
  • Cookies notification. Notify your users that you’re making use of cookies on your site.
  • Coupon. The best way to inform your customers that you’re having an offer
  • Share your content with social media. Let others share your content and generate more traffic for you

How ProveDirect Works

  1. Create your account first. It will take you 25 seconds or less make an account.
  2. Design the campaign(s) by including to the campaign name(s) for the site on which the psychological triggers will take place.
  3. It is easy to add ProveDirect on your site by installing a light javascript (pixel code) in the header of the page
  4. Choose from 14 different notifications and start making them custom to fit your preferences
  5. Attract interest of site’s visitors and transform their online your browsing into meaningful customer action

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