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Introduction to Company Insights by AroundDeal


Revolutionize your sales approach with AI-powered B2B solutions with AroundDeal.

AroundDeal is globally recognized as a leading B2B data intelligence platform, trusted by over 100,000 customers and users worldwide.

Our database includes over 120 million contacts and 30 million companies, providing comprehensive and accurate data such as emails, along with valuable company insights data.

AroundDeal not only provides data but also offers an intelligent platform. Our aim is to help marketers, sales reps, and recruiters in quickly finding and connecting target contacts, evaluate the competitive environment, obtaining high-value business intelligence and growth opportunities.


  • Prospector: Search on dashboard to find emails
  • Chrome extension
  • AI sourcing queries
  • Email verifications
  • Engagement tool (send emails from AroundDeal)
  • CSV enrichment information


  • Hubspot
  • Salesforce

Target Audience

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Recruiting
  • SAAS owners
  • Startup founder
  • Service Providers

Problem(s) This Product Solves

  • Time-Consuming Lead Generation: AroundDeal speeds up the process of finding and connecting with potential leads by providing quick access to a database of over 120 million contacts.
  • Inefficient Market Analysis: Users can evaluate the competitive environment more efficiently, leveraging real-time data and AI-driven insights to understand market dynamics.
  • Difficulty in Reaching Decision Makers: With direct access to emails and contact details of key personnel across 30 million companies, users can easily reach decision-makers.
  • Poor Data Quality: AroundDeal ensures high accuracy and comprehensiveness in its data, which is crucial for effective marketing and sales strategies.
  • Manual Data Entry and Maintenance: The platform automates data enrichment, reducing the burden of manual data entry and maintenance with its CSV enrichment features.
  • Integration Issues with Other Tools: The Chrome extension integrates seamlessly with users’ workflows, enhancing productivity without switching between multiple tools.
  • Risk of Email Bounce Backs: Email verification features minimize the risk of sending messages to invalid email addresses, improving the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Use Cases

  • Reaching Decision Makers in Financial Services: A financial services firm enhances its outreach strategies by using AroundDeal to directly contact C-level executives in the banking industry. This direct access increases their success rate for securing high-value partnerships by 35%.
  • Advanced Search for Manufacturing Suppliers: A manufacturing company utilizes the Prospector tool to find reliable suppliers worldwide, enhancing their supply chain efficiency by connecting with suppliers who meet specific quality and delivery criteria.
  • Lead Generation in Pharmaceutical Sales: A mid-sized pharmaceutical company uses AroundDeal to reduce the time spent on lead generation by 50%. By accessing a comprehensive database of over 120 million contacts, their sales team can quickly identify and reach health sector professionals interested in innovative drug therapies.
  • Market Analysis in the Tech Industry: A tech startup uses AroundDeal to perform competitive analysis, accessing up-to-date information on over 30000 companies. This enables them to strategically position their new AI product in a saturated market, gaining a competitive edge.
  • Workflow Integration for Marketing Agencies: A digital marketing agency uses the Chrome extension to integrate AroundDeal with their daily tools, streamlining lead generation and content marketing processes without switching between applications.
  • Engagement in Event Management: An event management company uses AroundDeal’s engagement tool to send personalized emails to thousands of potential attendees for various industry conferences, improving response rates by over 40%.
  • Tech Startup Recruiting Seed Users: A tech startup targets early adopters within the financial technology community using AroundDeal. They leverage the platform’s extensive contact database and AI sourcing queries to increase user acquisition by 60%, crucial for initial product feedback and development.

AroundDeal Alternatives

  • ZoomInfo
  • Lusha
  • RocketReach

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