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Are you struggling to keep your customers engaged and drive more sales? Are you looking for the perfect solution to increase customer loyalty, retention and ensure your emails are always timely and relevant?

Moda is the answer.

This comprehensive customer data and engagement platform allows you to create triggered messages based on multiple customer behaviors. This will help you improve customer loyalty and engagement, leading to increased sales.

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Send Hyper-Personalized Emails

Moda provides a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for creating highly personalized emails based on customer behavior that can be segmented into granular groups and updated in real-time.

This allows marketers to better target their emails to the right customers and nurture customer relationships. Moda also provides a simple email builder to create engaging, data-rich emails quickly and easily.

Retain Customers Using Actionable Segments

This feature allows you to segment your customers into intelligent groups based on their shopping behavior and other data, so that you can confidently send more personalized, targeted messages.

By gathering data from your store and other eCommerce tools, Moda is able to create segments that allow brands to deliver hyper-personalized content.

Customers Profiles and Their Behaviors Unlocked

Moda allows businesses to aggregate customer data from multiple sources and put it all in one place.

This enables you to create comprehensive customer profiles, including their interactions with your website, reviews, subscriptions, and shipping apps. This data can be used to create highly targeted marketing campaigns tailored to the individual, leading to higher conversions and brand loyalty.

Advanced Automation Flow Along with Personalized Mails

Moda’s advanced drag-and-drop flow builder allows users to create custom email workflows from a variety of automations to target customers with welcome series, product views, cart abandonment, post-purchase, and recommendations.

It also includes 100s of prebuilt email templates to customize messages for each customer, increasing customer retention along the customer journey.

Get In-Depth Analytics Under a Single Tool

Moda enables users to gain a comprehensive view of their marketing and sales channels without having to switch tabs.

Moda provides reports of key metrics such as Lifetime Value (LTV), Average Order Value (AOV), and Repurchase Rate (RPR), as well as tracking ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) across emails and advertisement channels.


What does Moda do with customer behavior data?

Moda uses customer behavior data to group customers into segments and send them personalized messages.

How does Moda gather customer data?

Moda gathers customer data from a variety of sources, including site interactions and behaviors across different apps.

What kind of email workflows can be set up with Moda?

Moda offers over 20 automations for targeting different customer behaviors, such as welcome series and cart abandonment.

What kind of metrics can be tracked with Moda?

Moda allows you to track metrics such as Lifetime Value, Average Order Value, and Repurchase Rate to help grow your revenue.

Does Moda offer prebuilt email templates?

Yes, Moda offers hundreds of prebuilt email templates that can be customized with their advanced drag-and-drop flow builder.


In conclusion, Moda is a comprehensive tool that gives you the ability to track customer behavior data, create personalized email workflows, and generate metrics to help you increase conversions.

With their pre-built email templates, you can quickly and easily create an automated workflow to deliver the right content to the right customers at the right time.

Try Moda to discover the best possible results in your digital marketing efforts!

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