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What is it? LinkedIn Automation Tool for Leads

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Tired of stacking costly tools for your LinkedIn outreach: scraping, email finding, automation, CRM, and network management?

Kanbox combines all these features in one tool to provide you with all you need to supercharge your Lead Generation on LinkedIn and nurture your network.

Once you’ve downloaded the Chrome Extension, kanbox will automatically sync with your LinkedIn account.

Then, you will be able to start scraping a list of leads, clean it, refine it.

Once your list is ready, create automated sequences to contact these lists. With Kanbox, you can easily track the progress of the campaigns in CRM Pipelines and see at a glance how things are going.

Leads start to answer your messages and your Linkedin inbox gets flooded. No worries, with Kanbox, you can organize your inbox: Read, sort, and archive your conversations in Kanbox, just as you would in an email inbox. Filter your view to easily display only unread messages and use labels to organize them. Easy!

With Kanbox, managing your Linkedin outreach and network has never been so simple and productive.


  • Import leads from LinkedIn searches, posts, events and groups and obtain clean, non-duplicated data
  • Find verified professional emails
  • Refine lists of leads in the Kanbox Lead Manager
  • Create automated campaigns to contact your prospecs on Linkedin
  • Organize your Linkedin network and inbox using filters and labels in Kanbox’s Smart Inbox
  • Enjoy a full-screen chat with key member info

Key Features of Kanbox

#1 The Smartest Scraper for Linkedin and Sales Navigator

Kanbox simplifies lead extraction from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, providing clean, duplicate-free, and ready-to-use data. With Kanbox’s Lead Manager and its advanced filters, concentrate solely on the most pertinent prospects, saving you significant time and effort.

#2 Automated your Lead Generation Campaigns

Automate your Linkedin outreach in a few clicks: trigger profile visits, connection requests, messages and follow-ups and track your campaigns in real-time with automated CRM Pipelines, seamlessly transitioning leads across columns of a board.

#3 Supercharged LinkedIn Inbox and Network Manager

With Kanbox, you can completely transform your Linkedin messaging experience and gain control over communication with your leads. Welcome to an improved approach to managing your Linkedin messaging inbox and your network.


Opting for Kanbox is an intelligent choice for ensuring the success of your LinkedIn outreach efforts. This platform stands out due to its exceptional features, user-friendly tools, and dedicated support team, making it an indispensable partner in transforming LinkedIn into your primary acquisition channel. Kanbox simplifies the complexities of scaling your lead generation efforts and expanding your professional network.

With Kanbox by your side, you will find that growing your outreach, increasing your visibility, and establishing meaningful connections on LinkedIn have never been easier or more efficient. This all-in-one solution is designed to help you achieve your professional goals seamlessly and effectively.

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