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Extra FB group data and answers. Save all member's emails and send them to your email autoresponder such as Mailchimp.
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Group Leads Discount & Review

Group Leads is a browser extension that helps you gather leads and autopilot your overall management of Facebook groups.

This extension can work on Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.

A few of the noteworthy features include:

This browser add-on is available in Mandarin and English.

Why Use Group Leads to Manage Your Groups?

We all understand that Facebook Groups are an excellent means to monetize and also make cash to your business.

As a Facebook group admin, you may set FB group questions asked to screen new member requests.

If you used this option wisely, you could collect lots of useful data.

For instance, check my FB group questions example, that I use to “Alston’s Digital Group.”

A few of the data suggestions on how you may use those screening questions:

  • Direct feedback regarding your business
  • Collect leads info including email, name, workplace, location & more
  • Ask if member concurs to the guidelines
  • To qualify members that fit specific criteria
  • and more

You can perform all of the above frees of charge within the FB platform.

You might question, then why should we require a Group Leads add-on?

The leading cause is Facebook enables this feature to exist with FB groups, yet it doesn’t allow you to store data.

So, when you click either “Decline” or “Approve” in the Member Requests, the data and answers of users sent in are FOREVER LOST.

It is why an add-on such as Group Leads is handy.

It saves on the info to Google spreadsheets, directs it to your preferred autoresponders, and keeps it on the Group Leads application dashboard.

However, that is not all.

Also, it provides you with more advanced features to autopilot your group management functionalities.

Group Leads Review - Extension to Download Leads & Emails From Facebook Group & Automation

Read full Group Leads review at Digital Marketing Mind.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Zapier is not required.

Unlimited FB Groups

Money-Back Guarantee

Automate Lead Collection.

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Group Leads Features

In this part, I have discussed all the functions I found in Group Leads.

I wished to keep this article easy to follow.

So, I’m not going to post in-depth guides on how to install or use every feature pointed out in this analysis.

However, I’ve demonstrated all the things mentioned here inside my Group Leads review video and jump points to skip to your favorite part of the entire video.

Group Leads Dashboard

A unique web SaaS app where you can check stats, view, download, and manage your lead information.

Download Leads Via FB Group

It lets you download lead info from your FB member approval queries.

You may download member name, email, workplace, location, and other lead data to Google Sheets, Group Leads dashboard, and send it to an autoresponder.

Extract and Save Answers Via Facebook Group

As I informed you above, the moment you click “Decline” or “Approve,” all data supplied by the user is lost, yet using Group Leads could be saved in 3 places.

So, no more bothering about how we will look after group membership answers questions on FB.

Send email prospects to mail marketing applications

Have you ever before wondered, “what’s the top to gather email on FB groups”?

Group Leads is the answer for you.

Group Leads automatically detects the mail address by group questions and sends this to your mail marketing.

Send lead info to Google Sheet

You could save all of the lead answers and data for membership acceptance of the questions into Google Sheets.

Download lead emails and data in PDF, XLSX & CSV

It’s not available directly within Group Leads extension.

Since it offers GSheet integration, you shall export the extracted mail addresses via FB groups at no cost in formats like PDF, XLSX & CSV.

Scrape elaborate lead details

Group Leads also help you scrape more information on your FB group members like:

  • User full name
  • The group joined time and date
  • Place of Work
  • Location
  • Unique account ID

Setup automatic Group Members approval with Conditions

It is an excellent feature if you get a lot of users’ requests or need to automate the approval procedure.

Group Leads add-on enables you to create conditions, and once it is met, it automatically will approve the people.

Also, you can fix after how many minutes from getting the member request to approve automatically.

Conditions that you can place to auto-approval contain:

  • Are all 3 queries are answered
  • Email address is submitted in any of 3 questions
  • When the user has joined FB
  • How many of her/his friends that are already on the group
  • Where the person lives in or is located
  • Amount of mutual contacts he has with Admin
  • Amount of groups under the Admin

Automatically Send Messages to Newer FB Group Members

Are you thinking about how to send out messages for group members once they subscribe to the group?

Using Group Leads, you could compile a customized message automatically at member approval.

Also, it offers you time controlling not to misuse the Facebook system and imitate human behavior.

It also got an option for randomizing the welcome notes to greet the latest members with various messages you create.

You can use tags like “[last_name]”, “[first_name]”, “[group_url]” & “[group_name]” to customize the message to user you’re sending it.

Automatically refuse member requests based on your condition.
Group Leads not just permit you to accept members automatically that satisfy your condition.

Nevertheless, it also will allow you to drop members if according to the answers.

They have offered negative keywords entry to input any terms you decide.

In case a member utilizes a word given here, then this member joining request will get declined.

Automatically send out messages to Rejected member requests

Two of the most common cause you may need to employ this is:

The member has not responded to your queries.

The member does not qualify for the group depending upon the answers.

You can also control the timing to send out a message to remain safe and replicate human behavior.

You can mix the messages to deliver, include dynamic entries within the message like last name, first name, group URL, and group name.

Automatically tag in the new users in an introduction post on the group

Suppose you’re thinking of how to label all FB group members at comments, this function is ideal.

When this functionality is enabled, plus a member gets approved.

The approved user will get tagged automatically in the introduction post you set up.

Also, you can tag custom accept all in one comment.

You could also mix comments to maintain it refreshing.

Automation Report Along with Statistics

The Group Leads add-on provides a detailed report in automation reports, including last run plus more info.

Group Leads Pros and Cons

Here I mention everything I discovered while using this plugin.


  • It is the most feature-packed FB group management extension I have tried. (I’m basing this assessment based upon my GroupBoss)
  • Very steady, and it was simple to work with it. (I say it on the point I been using this for past 30 days)
  • It integrates with more than 26+ automatic email responders.
  • Save leads & Facebook group member’s responses in Google Sheet, Auto Responders & Group Leads Dashboard.
  • Allows automation in members’ decline, member approval, decline message, welcome message, etc.
  • Automate messages sent from Group Leads could be randomized as well as dynamically customized.
  • Their plugin in Chrome web store got over 2000 members and no bad reviews.
  • They have an excellent Facebook support group in which the Founder and community are highly active.
  • No other program like Pabbly Connect or Zapier is needed for integrations.
  • Group Leads comes with a seven-day free trial to try it before paying.


  • You should be an admin of a group to utilize this extension.
  • This extension won’t work in Tablets & Phones.
  • The browser extension is only supported officially in Firefox & Chrome.
  • The lead data quality is in line with user inputs.

Group Leads Pricing

You will find 3 various pricing plans to Group Leads, like yearly, monthly, and an LTD deal.

They also offer a seven-day free trial.

I was able to get an extra 10 percent recurring Group Leads coupon discount for you.

You have to go via my affiliate link then use the “alston” code to receive a discount added to your order.


After testing Group Leads for an entire month, I will confidently state that this is one excellent software that can enable you to save effort and save leads info from getting used in a business workflow or come back sometime later.

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