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Seobility SEO Software Discount

Seobility discount deal, which is full all-in-one SEO software on-site audit, rank tracking & backlink checker. They also have a free version where you get 1.000 pages.

You can get 20% yearly discount for SEObility.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Comprehensive SEO Site Audit w/ unlimited re-crawls.

Backlink Monitoring & LINK CONSTRUCTING Tools.

Custom PDF Reports w/ individual branding.

Google Rank Tracking for 180+ countries.


Video Review

Seobility Review - All-in-one SEO Software & Checker Walk-through

Read the transcript of video review

You’re looking for an in-depth review and walkthrough of a Seobility; then, this video is for you.

In this video, I will be explaining

what it does
what it offers to you
full walkthrough of the tool and all its function to use it for the maximum potential
what are the pros and cons
I will give you my recommendation on whether this tool is suitable for you or not

Hi, I am Aston first thank you so much for checking out this video. Before we get started, I just wanted to let you know if you liked this video at any point while you’re watching, you can click on the subscribe button to get more content notifications.

First, what is Seobility? It’s an all in one SEO software, which helps website owners, SEO professionals, and even anyone interested in getting more traffic from search engines.

It gives us the necessary toolset to understand your website how to optimize your website if it has problems, and to make sure to get more opportunities in search engines to gain more organic positions to your targeted keywords.

Now let’s take a full walkthrough from the beginning. So I can show you everything related to this tool. So you will be entirely understandable to find whether this tool is for you or not. And also, there is a free trial option. I believe the link below you can see if you go into the plans and price, there is a completely free option.

So after seeing this video, if you want to try it out, you can try out the free version if you’re going to see whether this tool is for you or not. Okay, now let’s go into the dashboard. This is the dashboard in which you will see all the projects. At first, when you logged in. If you don’t have any project, you won’t see it here.

Now let me go through each and each model.

Which is important in this dashboard. First, this is the project place; this is where you will understand the different projects. What project is each project is a separate website we are you want to optimize it. This will show you the account details. These are specific tools boys to you. I’ll explain it to you later. And these are in full guides and contact options.

All the things to learn and understand is your ability much better. The menu section contains all the settings, my account settings, and other notification you can change the language.

So basically, this is just an account-related setting. These are tools I will be explaining a bit later in the cycle. Now let’s get started with a full hour you can use this tool I have already done a project.

So now, I explained it Do you can create a project first to analyze it. First, you click on add new project.

Give your site URL, and you can give a project.

You don’t need to know to understand this to now click on a project and start crawling now; you can see the project be launched. And you can see it already beginning to work.

It’s crawling; let me show you another crawl, which I just did for another website of mine.

Now let’s go into this other website, which I’ve already run this crawl.

Let us open that project.

So this crawl was for this website. So we are looking at SEO optimization and factors for this website specifically, you can see at a glance It divided this SEO optimization into four main categories one, its overview, and on-page backlinks and rankings.

I will go through each of its overviews; it just gives you a summary and overview idea and what has been done.

You can see use this the project detail, it also gives us the option to delete the scroll, and generate a PDF report.

You can come here to keyword One thing, and you can update the email address on which email to receive notification verification you can do it there is also an option to show the project to someone to let them know what it’s been done.

It’s a fully interactive sharing; you are an option. So basically, all you use all the basic factors after the SEO crawling.

The most significant use functions of these tools are these days. The on-page is what contains all the SEO optimization and features which you need to optimize inside your website to make sure that your site is fully optimized for search engines. The on-page is divided into three different categories.

It shows the technical and meta it shows the graph, which means if your performance of crawl each time, then it will automatically show you the progress and everything. It also shows you the overall optimizations crawl and the crawling detail.

You can see any of these things, if you want to know more about it, you can go here, and it will show you the detail and insight on what this is regarding. And it will give you the full data.

You can also export these things either in PDF or CSV. And there is another cool thing which I liked about this tool. If you’re looking for stats on some specific URL on your website, what you can do is you can always come to what is the URL you want your stats, and click here.

It will give you the full analysis of that particular URL itself. Like for example, it’s showing all the metadata is for this URL, and it shows me the search engine results review. It gives you all the other techniques details relating to this particular you page.

When we go into content now, it will show you the content factors inside this page, like keywords that were used in most.

That page for that particular keyword like that gives us all these details, and it also provides this ID on the structure of our content on that page. It also analyzes the paragraph or the text which has been found on the page.

If we were, if it found any duplicate content, it will let you know, and if there were a typing error, it would show you here. In this section, it shows all the media information from this to this page and what other all text these are the text will be adding into the page to improve the SEO for the majors on this website.

You can write that has If you found the particular keyword you’re trying to rank for is getting a score value or below 50 then you need to optimize it to replace the percentage and this link section will show you all the links pointing to that page on which internal links are coming out learner links going from this page is full technical SEO audit on how to understand so if you found any links which are not supposed to be on this page, you can remove that all these things are possible from link section.

Again the same thing gives us see keyword values and the keyword you can either without clicking here; if you have a specific keyword, you can select it here and click on keyword optimization check to understand more backlinks if there are any backlinks for this page efficiently.

You’re right Similarly, if there was a ranking keyword for that page here, so you can do with just this function, you can do a full SEO audit and understand what it is, you’re not doing correctly, and you can fix it.

You it will all these all these are linkable guy can view it, I tortious shows all the statistics on all the details and if you hover over any of this, it will also give you the detailed instruction on what that means all these hyperlinks so if you open up in a new tab, it will show you all the data behind that particular record it will show you a year.

Similarly, it shows you are in detail, Mater and page it shows for if you are a non-technical person can see it shows pages with problematic page titles. So you know there are four pages with the problematic page title if there are five pages with problematic meta descriptions.

It says the problem here as well, and you need to either download and fix one by one by that means I need to reduce the meta description content, then it will be automatically fixed. So it shows all these different ones here.

It also gives some other page optimization like there was a problem with page optimization, so it found 200 plus errors, so I need to go your way.

Yeah, and trying to fix this to make sure that my on-site optimization is To the standard, this is for response time you are saying where you can go here and learn more about it to make sure the website loads fast.

You can see it shows all the problems it does found with the structural issues in your website. Similarly, you can go, we understand what it is and can fix it. And it also shows you the most frequently link, anchor text in your page and page level.

This means a page or page of the subpage like this more for advance. If you are an advanced this year user, you will know all these things importance without even explaining it.

It will show you a brief explanation of what it is and what needs to be fixed, then you have to fix it, and you will be good to go.

If you are an advanced person, you can use this to optimize your page to more keywords optimized for your target keywords. So basically, those three contain what comes under on-page.

Okay, now let’s take a look into the second important thing. It’s called backlinks. These are the optimization that you will need to do outside your website to gain more ranking for your web pages. You should see we will show you graphs on the number of backlinks you have.

I just added mine this project today, so it’s giving a straight line. Otherwise, it will provide you with a graph based on whether you’re gaining backlinks or you’re losing.

It also shows you a basic summary, or in a quick way you can find out how many backlinks you have for your website. How much is it, a do-follow and no follow backlink and basic. Our backlinks are divided based on extensions.

If you click here, it will open up the analysis for this particular URL. If you open up your, it will analyze the site will directly go to that page so you can find out where the backlink comes from.

It will also show you the anchor text, whether it’s a nofollow or to follow that link. And what type of that babysitter text backlink or image backlinks Is it raining like any sort of metallic it will show you the label, and you can see all these things I showed you, .

You can export this as well if you want and you can see new backlinks These are what these are the new backlinks which your website game during this week so it can understand when this link was discovered and what kind of link it is.

Last link the same if there was any backlink that you previously gained you lost. Those records will be shown your anchor text it will give you an anchor text on what are the most common anchor text based on your backlinks with that, in this case, it shows in the anchor text is the most backlinks it will show which backlinks contributed towards that anchor text all these details are you this, you feel that if you want to keep track Your backlink profile this section is entirely perfect because we know what your backlinks, what is your new backlinks, what are the last backlink? What is the anchor text you are receiving? On pages of pages you these factors are really important.

I will create a separate video on how you can use this to understand and how you can use it to effectively optimize your off-page campaigns in a later video, we are just showing you what are the things available in this tool to make you help you to make a decision whether this tool is useful for you or not.

In this tool, where you do not only have the ability to track your data, it also gives you the ability to track all your competitors as well. So if you have a competitor, all you need to do is come here. You open up another site so I can show you a safe out traveling competitor.

Let’s copy this. I want to add a competitor come here, click here, and it’s a competitor. And it you can also see gives me some suggestions also so in case I want to add these also I can do it, for example, let me add a couple more. So you can see how good this idea is actual competitors for me, so I know this tool is giving me great solutions also.

Once I click on Add Selected competitors now, you can see the competitor, which I just added it already listed here. So we know how many backlinks they have how many referring domains there and if you want to see detail information on them.

For example, let me open one of these. You are us. It will give me the detailed information for that particular comp. Competitor, it will let me know what is the competition between my website and the competitor website number of backlinks and the number of things.

It also used to be the visual indicator on this test, which one was one and it also shows me all the backlinks the competitor, so it’s really a great tool if you want to take this and find the top-performing backlinks, the competitor us, then we can try to create that backlink into our website. So we can give that particular link benefit to our website also. So you can go through it. We can see the top backlinks this website; we can open it and find out how this all day again the backlink. You can try to gain a backlink similar to them also from here.

So, you can see all these links are showing up to 10 pages, and you can export this also here, and if you want only to see the following link, you can select here, and no follow year follow means these links will give you more power compared to a nofollow backlink.

Okay. So those are the competitive sections; similarly, you can add up to 20 competitors, and you can track the backlinks you can use this to find best performing backlinks to them, then you can use it on your project as well.

I told you a manual way to now go and find other backlink opportunities and create one year they are given an automated option also to identify the best link opportunities. So you can see if I click Near calculate link building opportunities.

This is where you can keep track of all the keyword rankings and what progress you are doing. If you are doing good on the page you are doing good backlinks you need some way to track whether what you’re working is not what is the poll percentage of your growth. All of these can be monitored here.

You can see shows the visibility of my website based on the ranking. It shows how many of my keywords in top three position top 10 Top 20 hundred all these things are shown here there is an option to generate a ranking report and you can add the keywords you want to track for example, you come here, click here if what choose what is the country you wish to follow from you feel the niche-specific city you are going after then you can use this to fill up your city yet clicking on here it will automatically try to identify your city. If you don’t have a town, you can select the Google extension based on the country you’re going after.

It automatically gives me solution guys, so if I like something that I see, I need to click this one. And if I am something particular, also I can either do and click on Add.

You can see it automatically shows me the search volume and CPC value also; we can change these things individually for each keyword as well on which place to track the ranking from.

Now click on Save selected search terms, then you can see does automatically added the searching the tramp tracking for this keyword also into this dashboard.

It already started working this means it’s not currently taking the keyword ranking value for this. And you’re also like you did for the link, backlink link off-page SEO. You can add competitors, so it will help you to understand the total visibility for the target keywords for other companies.

So you can see from my side Choose this competitor as the most disability so I can go after what he is doing to this website I tried to reverse engineer and apply to my website to get more rankings. Similarly with other models, this model need separate all we do to show you guys how to do this fully, I will create a playlist what I will do is I will create a playlist. I’ve tried to include all these videos separately to help you to understand how you can do this in much in the detail. Similarly, if you’re a beginner, it also gives you this same thing they are if it found any problems, you can go away and fix it.

So those are the basic all these functions, which are crucial is to what makes up for this tool. Let’s see if I achieve it. It was able to answer Stand this.

Okay, now can see; it shows based on the competitor, we add more than one competitor linked on one page. So it shows 17 possibilities for those link opportunities from top-ranked pages.

So if you want to find out what it is, go where you are. And it’s showing me things, and it’s seeing this particular URL getting a backlink from all these pages.

This particular link was linked to all these pages. This specific link was linked to all these pages. We know this competitor has received links from this so we can try to reverse engineer these opportunity.

What this section does is pretty much what you will be done manually in the video I’ll be explaining it tried to To do that automatically and give you guys some solutions can see all these things are the year to make it count for potential possibilities.

I just went over this thing very quickly because I wasn’t able to even this video taking too long right now; that’s why I wanted to go through everything fast can see it has already completed the call for the blog, which I have added now. And there are also some single tools to help your SEO progress quickly does not mean you need to have a project to optimize the website of a page.

Let’s see, for example if you come here. If you haven’t adjusted our website without you creating an all the crawling option, you can enter the URL year under analyze the second hundred magically explained the site, and it will return a report.

So you don’t need a project to do the optimization without the optimization project; you can do it from here. Similarly, there is an option for keyword check we are, you enter a particular URL and enter the targeted keyword, and you will analyze and let you know whether that keyword can rank for that page or not. I’ll give you guys an example.

So you can understand it much better. I copy a URL and let me click on the analyze the website. You can see how much time it takes to create this report and everything. You can see you guys done it’s really cool looking report guys shows that A preview excuse me how much progress I have made and what is the target keywords total score it also be sure the indicating what are the problems what it was able to find out what it’s not everything within a few seconds seduced total optimization value that is really exciting.

If I want to get this report, I can export we can even include our logo for white labeling kind of options. If not just click on PDF export, and you can see how the report us download Let’s open it now we can see how cool this report looks.

If I’ve given my logo instead of this, it will show mine, and you can see it shows all the things it has been found out on this page regarding this keyword for this page. That was the keyword tick is Seo compare this is a cool tool which if you want to compare to your Is which is targeting as a keyword to under analyze the which one is performing better for example, with this these are two different side sides which are trying to rank for lifetime deals.

So, let me check and let me compare it. Now you can see the difference; it shows the preview. Thus, according to the results, this one is a winner at 2% it shows on which metrics it has come to this particular understanding. All the things are shown here so we can export it and the next option is ranking check.

You can check to rank for any keywords it will show the link mutation for each day, you can enter a term and click on the Select the domain, and you can select the device and everything and click on the settings, and it will show you the ranking for that keyword. And this one is another tool.

I haven’t used this tool before, so I’m not sure, but it analyzes that text ratio. Let’s give it an example and see what it does. This is the only part of the truth that I didn’t use it before.

Okay, now you can see the report has been completed and looks like it does a lot of work guys. I need to understand this bit more to even explain to you guys what, from my understanding from grief, missing this eternalize.

The top 10 results for that keyword shows the top keywords, what is the word percentage all these values are so much stuff is here. This is what we call content optimization.

I think I covered almost everything. So your We are just looking at the pros and cons of this tool first, it’s a fully detailed tool guys it’s functional It is almost like they understand all the essential things. They try to put it into one I wanted to explain it to you but you can always get to take a trial option and try it out to see whether what you feel but in my experience, all these functions features does it really quickly, without even taking any more time to analyze these things, very professional and clean reports, guys, most of the time, the tool will do perform really well.

So what I would recommend you do it if you are seeing this reviewed and decided this tool is full of value for you, which is it for me, but you make your own decision.

You rather than going through the regular pricing. This tool is currently on a lifetime deal with over 90% discount and an extra Cooper to reduce it even further. But it’s a limited time.

So if you can check out that deal and you can get it that deal. There’s also a refund policy. In case if you’re not sure whether this tool is for you or not, I would recommend getting a trial subscription.

Personally, try out all these things you go with these things and see whether this is good for you or not, then you can make an informed decision on this tool.

This tool will be useful for anyone who’s looking for a SEO tool to make sure youoptimize website for SEO.

So I think it is a great SEO tool, but you make up your mind, and I hope this video was useful. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask me, and I will personally try to help you. And once again, thank you so much for checking out this video.

I hope to see you guys in another great video. Thank you

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Seobility Pros

  • Amazing & User-Friendly System
  • Full On-page SEO Analysis
  • Full Off-page SEO Analysis
  • Full SEO Rank Checking Module
  • Ability to Identify Competitor Backlinks and Keywords
  • Beautiful and Graphical PDF Reports on Everything.
  • TF*IDF Tool SEO Functionality
  • 5 Extra SEO Tools on (SEO Checker, Keyword Check, SEO Compare, Ranking Check & Backlink Checker)
  • Advanced Crawling and Scheduling Option.

Seobility Cons

  • Less Filtering Options for Column.
  • No Step by Step Process for Beginners.
  • Contain A lot of Advanced SEO Functions Which Can Make You Overwhelmed.

Seobility can be an all-in-one SEO software, recommended for site owners and SEO professionals who shoot for better search engine ranking positions plus more visitors. The cloud-based software tools are powerful yet simple to operate – for beginners and experts as well.

A lot more than 100,000 users worldwide trust Seobility because of their search engine marketing and enjoy it because of its powerful site audit and great usability.
Optimize your website, track your success on engines like google easily, and make your website an SEO ranker.

Who’s Seobility suitable for?

Unlike various other SEO tools, you do not need to be a specialist to work with Seobility in a profitable way. With these sophisticated tests, we provide you precisely with the issues that occur on your site and which you should tackle and solve for a better search engine optimization. A basic understanding of HTML and web technologies is, of course, beneficial.

How does Seobility work?

Seobility crawls your website and analyzes it for errors and potential optimizations. Once you’ve created a project, our crawler visits your website and follows the links on your pages, such as an internet search engine robot does. The results of the crawling are presented in several hundred tests, divided into the regions of technology, site structure, and content. After fixing errors on your pages, you can track the change in the optimization after a new crawling is performed. By using continuous crawling, additionally, you will be informed when new errors occur on your site.

Seobility SEO software

SEO Checker

Test your website’s search engine optimization. Get valuable tips for improved website optimization and higher rankings.

Keyword Checker

Check the on-page optimization for your website and make sure it is appropriately optimized for essential key phrases.

Ranking Checker

Check your website rankings for just about any keyword in Google’s SERP’s for different countries or at the city level. Desktop and Mobile as well.

To guarantee the long-term success of your site with search engines, it is necessary to monitor rankings with regard to key vital phrases continually. Seobility combines on-page analysis of your website with the monitoring and evaluation of your rating browsing engines such as Google.

You aren’t just kept up-to-date on the rankings of your website; you are also shown concrete types of optimization potential so that you can improve specific rankings. Seobility also allows you to automatically monitor the rankings of mobile se’s.

All analyses, evaluations, and reports are available for both desktop and mobile SERP’s, and likewise, incorporate the rankings of your competition.

React quickly to changes browsing results and rework your website’s SEO to make sure you achieve the best rankings and leave your competitors behind!


Analyze the most notable ranked content on Google and optimize your pages for topical relevance using the TF*IDF tool.

Backlink Analysis

Furthermore, to useful content, backlinks are one of the most critical factors for the search engine results positioning. A website with valuable backlinks is usually displayed on top of the serp’s, especially when we live discussing very competitive areas. Google itself has confirmed several times that backlinks are among the main ranking factors next to content and user behavior (RankBrain).

Since backlinks represent relevant suggestions of other websites, they directly affect the reputation and need for a site for SE’s. Links are a key point in online marketing not only as a ranking criterion but also as a good traffic source for targeted visitors from other websites.

Seobility backlink analysis can help you monitor the hyperlink profile of your website as well as your competitors and discover opportunities for new and useful backlinks.

Seobility Lifetime Deal Benefits

  • Site Audit: unlimited crawls for websites with up to 5,000 pages; full on-page analysis of 300+ SEO and website issues
  • Included projects/domains: 1
  • Rank Tracking: 25 tracked keywords; daily ranking updates; Google’s top 100 organic and natural search results; desktop & Mobile; tracking on country and city/region level; support for 180+ Google countries
  • Backlink Analysis: up to 400 results per backlink report; current, new & lost links, as well as anchor text analysis; weekly updates
  • Link Building Tool: individual link building opportunities suggested for your website
  • SEO Content Creation Tool: 5 checks each day w/ the TF*IDF tool for professional SEO article marketing
  • Competitor Monitoring & Research: spy on Google rankings and links for 10 competitors
  • Custom PDF Reports w/ your branding
  • Share SEO data w/ colleagues & customers


Overall it’s a fantastic all-in-one SEO Software to help your website rank top pages in Google. Get insights to improve your search engine optimization. Also, for the price of less than $40 Lifetime deal on Seobility, it’s a great steal.

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