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Subscribers Lifetime Deal

Smarter Push Notifications for Desktop & Mobile
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Subscribers Lifetime Deal

Do you want to engage with prospective clients intelligently?

Here’s the right method – Web Push Notifications

Spam filters or an overflowing inbox can catch even great marketing messages.

You won’t have to wait for mails to get opened or configure third-party messaging applications with Subscribers because you’ll never deal with inbox. Web push notifications allow you to stay in touch with the consumers any time, day or night.


  • You won’t have to be concerned that your messages might get deleted or sent to spam since email’s conversion rate is four times higher.
  • Shopify, WordPress, Thinkific, Squarespace, and more – just install the add-on and begin sending notifications.
  • Send out web push notifications to promote sales, offers, exciting updates, and new arrivals without creating a mobile application.
  • Is your email list loaded with junk mail addresses & duplicate contact info? Get real users to subscribe to the brand.

Subscribers Features

  • 1,000 things to do between 9 and 5? You don’t have time to waste! Set Your Notifications On Auto-Pilot. To guarantee that your most vital marketing messages are sent on time, every time, you’ll have all the resources you need.
  • Make a good first impression (and be read) with the Drip Series. With welcome messages delivered straight to your subscribers’ desktop, skip the long queue of the mail inbox. Hours, minutes, and days apart, these messages were sent. Our welcome droplets are a fantastic strategy to attract traffic to the most valuable promotions and CTR.
  • Don’t send the same generic message to everyone on your list. Segment Your Messaging: Each user approaches your website and your services in a different manner. Geolocation, browser, device, and behavior can all be customized.
  • You may automate as much or as small as you need. So you can concentrate your attention where it counts the most, even in the middle of your biggest marketing campaign yet, schedule the push notifications as far in front as you want.
  • When a product goes on sale or an item returns in stock, set up automatic pushes depending on certain triggers like abandoned cart.

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