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What is it? Time & Productivity Tracker for macOS

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Meet timeMaster, your automatic productivity buddy, tracking your time and offering useful insights to boost productivity and cultivate better work habits, all with top-notch data privacy.

timeMaster Highlights

  • Fully automatic time and productivity tracking
  • Focus and distraction metrics
  • In-depth work habits analysis
  • Privacy-centric with local data storage and encryption
  • Weekly and monthly productivity reports
  • Build better work habits

Key Features of timeMaster

timeMaster will automatically categorize your daily work activity to tell you how much time you spend doing what. This includes how long you were able to focus, how long you were distracted, and even how much time you spent on meetings and messaging (amongst a whole host of other information!).

With TimeMaster, you never have to worry about your privacy. All your tracking data is encrypted and stored directly on your local device, never transmitted elsewhere. Your data remains your own, safeguarded and untouched, ensuring peace of mind alongside enhanced productivity.

It automatically adds projects and time entries on your behalf, and it also detects what you’re working on and proactively switches between projects whenever you need to

timeMaster allows you to build better work habits by understanding what it is that makes you more productive (and what keeps you distracted). Discover when your most productive hours are, how often you do context switching, how many times you let social media rob you of precious minutes, and what it is that actually makes up the bulk of your day.

timeMaster helps you fight burnout. Schedule regular automatic breaks, and it helps you set goals, review them and analyze them before your work schedule ends. Get optional notifications when you are overworking or distracted.


Harness the power of AI with TimeMaster, and elevate your productivity to new heights. Say goodbye to manual time logging, and embrace the future where your focus is unbroken, and your work habits are continuously refined for better efficiency and well-being. With TimeMaster, you’re not just tracking time; you’re mastering it.

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timeMaster Yearly Deal

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