ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal: Appointment Scheduling Solution

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Tired of the endless email threads and frustrating back-and-forth just to schedule a meeting? ACE Meetings is here to save the day.

Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of email and hello to streamlined collaboration with ACE Meetings. This handy app takes the pain out of scheduling your meetings by simplifying the entire process, giving you more time to focus on what really matters.

Designed to make your life easier, ACE Meetings is your go-to for booking meetings with ease. It maximizes your precious time and minimizes the hassle, allowing you to fine-tune your calendar with precision and flexibility.

With ACE Meetings, you can choose your preferred meeting times within your available slots, set multiple durations, and even select the perfect meeting format – whether it’s a one-on-one chat, a group meeting, or a recurring Round Robin session for your team.

And when life throws a curveball, ACE Meetings has your back. You can easily request reschedules and stay on top of your calendar without missing a beat.

Product Highlights

  • Multiple meeting types and meeting durations for the same meeting
  • Custom email and SMS notifications to guests
  • Custom meeting questionnaire to route your leads to the right calendar and person from your team
  • Use ACE in multiple languages
  • Multiple users & workspaces

Key Features of ACE Meetings

Preferred times within your available days

Booking Page

In ACE Meetings, you have the power to set not only your available days and hours but also highlight preferred times. This dual functionality ensures clarity for guests – they know when you’re generally available and can see your preferred slots for more efficient interactions. Plus, each meeting type can have its own availability and time preferences, giving you the freedom to tailor your schedule precisely.

Custom domain and confirmation pages

Once guests book a call, you’re in control of what happens next. Whether you want to keep them on the same page for more information or redirect them elsewhere, ACE Meetings lets you customize the confirmation screen. Additionally, you can easily customize the domain link for all your public meetings, making the process seamless for your guests.

Themes for booking pages

Themes for Booking Pages

Impress potential clients by showcasing your identity through your calendar. With ACE Meetings, you can customize your booking pages with one of nine unique themes. Want full ownership? No problem – remove ACE Meetings branding and add your own touch for a personalized experience.


ACE Meetings helps users manage their time better, be more productive, and communicate seamlessly with clients and teams.

The platform has many features that make scheduling appointments easy. Users can choose their preferred times, ask guests to change dates if needed, use custom forms to learn about the purpose of the call upfront, get personalized confirmation pages, and customize booking page themes.

Overall, ACE Meetings makes it easy for users to control their calendars.

Check out ACE Meetings Lifetime Deal

  • Get lifetime access starting at just $49 one-time payment.
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