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Cogency Lifetime Deal

Scheduling a meeting is a necessity, but not if you have to spend hours emailing back and forth with your remote team members. 

In addition, you know that each day is limited in the number of hours. 

When it comes to scheduling a meeting, email can be a pain. It’s then a matter of finding a time that works for everyone, then hoping that they all respond in a timely manner.

As manual work is required when it can be automated, it is slow, inefficient, and often leads to multiple rounds of back-and-forth communication.

Meet the Cogency Lifetime Deal

You can solve all your scheduling problems with Cogency. Video conferencing software makes it easy to see when people are available and book meetings that are convenient for everyone.

Task management functions can also keep everyone on track and prepared for meetings by keeping track of what needs to be done beforehand. Taking notes or brainstorming ideas is easy with a whiteboard.

Cogency Features

For every occasion, create a booking page. Various backgrounds, durations, video or in-person options are available.

Collaborate and brainstorm in real-time with your clients or team using a real-time collaborative whiteboard.

Keep track of all your progress with meeting notes, sketches, or recordings.

You can use this tool to create documentation, custom questionnaires, proposals, newsletters, or even single-page guides.

Using custom questionnaires, you can better understand your users’ needs and create an efficient meeting agenda by asking them to fill out questionnaires.

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