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Cogency Lifetime Deal: Custom Meeting Scheduler

Custom Meeting Scheduler
Expired July 25, 2023
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Cogency Lifetime Deal: Custom Meeting Scheduler


Scheduling a meeting is a necessity, but not if you have to spend hours emailing back and forth with your remote team members. 

When it comes to scheduling a meeting, email can be a pain. It’s then a matter of finding a time that works for everyone, then hoping that they all respond in a timely manner.

Meet the Cogency!

You can solve all your scheduling problems with Cogency. Video conferencing software makes it easy to see when people are available and book meetings that are convenient for everyone.

But, with Cogency’s lifetime deal, all this functionality comes at a fraction of the cost. Now you can get the same features, without breaking the bank!


Custom Meeting Scheduler

This feature allows users to easily create a booking page for any occasion and customize it to their specific needs. It includes the ability to adjust background color, set the duration of the booking, choose whether it is held through video or in person, and more.

Real-Time Collaborative Whiteboard

Real-time collaborative whiteboards allow teams and clients to interact and collaborate with each other in real-time while creating sketches, diagrams, drawings, and charts.

This feature is useful for quickly generating ideas, solving problems, and visualizing concepts in order to come to a consensus and make decisions quickly and effectively.

Kanban-Style Task Management

This feature allows users to quickly and easily transfer notes taken during meetings or sketches made into actionable tasks that can be tracked, so they can stay on top of their work and stay organized.

Self-Hosting Pages

This feature provides users with a comprehensive writing tool that can be used for a variety of activities.

It offers an intuitive experience while creating documentation, custom questionnaires, working on a proposal, publishing newsletters, or composing single-page guides.

Custom Forms & Notes

This feature allows users to create custom questionnaires in order to gain valuable insights into their target audience.

By asking users to submit responses to these questionnaires, they can gain a better understanding of their user’s needs and preferences, allowing them to create an effective meeting agenda.


What can be customized on the booking page?

Background color, duration, video or in-person, etc. can be customized.

What can be created using real-time collaborative whiteboards?

Sketches, diagrams, drawings, and charts can be created using real-time collaborative whiteboards.

What can be transferred into actionable tasks?

Meeting notes, sketches, or recordings can be transferred into actionable tasks.

What can be created using the Cogency?

Documentation, custom questionnaires, proposals, newsletters, and single-page guides can be created using the Cogency.

What can custom questionnaires help with?

Custom questionnaires can help to understand users’ needs better and create an efficient meeting agenda.


In conclusion, Cogency can be used to customize booking page backgrounds, create sketches, diagrams, drawings, and charts with real-time collaborative whiteboards, transfer meeting notes and recordings into actionable tasks, and create documentation, custom questionnaires, proposals, newsletters, and single-page guides.

With all these features, the tool can help users to organize their booking process and meetings in an efficient way. Through the use of this tool, users can take the hassle out of booking and meeting management.

And the best part? Grab your lifetime deal today and pay once for Cogency!

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