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Are you looking for a way to make the recruitment process more efficient, accurate, and easy?

Is it taking you too long to go through resumes and find the right candidate?

Do you want to eliminate the hassle of scheduling interviews?

Worklis can help.

This AI-powered recruitment software is designed to streamline your recruitment process, save time and reduce costs. With Worklis Lifetime Deal, you can now access all its features with a single, affordable purchase.

Get ready to transform your recruitment process into an effortless, hassle-free experience!


Recruiter Dashboard for Streamlined Recruitment Process

This feature provides a comprehensive platform for recruiters to upload job vacancies, search for skilled candidates, review recorded video interviews, and manage candidate communications all in one place.

This dashboard allows recruiters to quickly and efficiently manage the recruitment process, ensuring they can find the right candidate for the job and streamline their recruitment efforts.

Smart Calendar

The Smart Calendar feature allows users to easily connect their Google and Outlook accounts and simplify the process of scheduling interviews with potential candidates.

By allowing candidates to automatically select times that work for them, users can save time and energy that would normally be spent exchanging emails and trying to find a mutually agreeable time. Smart Calendar also eliminates the need to manually sync two separate calendars, further streamlining the scheduling process.

Customizable Job Templates

Professional job templates provide businesses with access to 500+ customizable templates which are designed to meet their specific needs.

It allows businesses to quickly create job postings that are tailored to the industry or job role, and ensures that the most relevant information is included in the advertisement. This feature saves businesses time and effort and ensures that job postings are up to date, compliant, and reflect their company brand.

Automated CV Analysis with Worklis

Worklis is an AI-driven tool designed to streamline the review process of job applicants.

It reads and indexes key information from each CV it receives, allowing employers to quickly and easily access important data about each candidate. This feature is invaluable for saving time and quickly identifying the most suitable candidates for a job.

Improve Your Job Visibility with Worklis SEO Link

Worklis SEO link is an easy-to-use feature that can help you get your job postings noticed by search engines like Google.

It automatically converts your job descriptions and locations into an indexed job page, increasing the likelihood that potential applicants will find your postings. This is a great way to make sure your job opportunities get seen by the right people.


What can be done on the recruiter dashboard?

Upload job vacancies, search for skilled candidates, view recorded video interviews, and manage candidate communications.

What is the purpose of the smart calendar?

To connect Google and Outlook accounts and allow candidates to choose interview times that suit them automatically.

How many customizable job templates are available on the platform?

500+ customizable job templates are available on the platform.

What does Worklis do with resumes?

Worklis uses a simple and powerful AI to read and index important data from every CV received.

How does Worklis help get jobs found on Google?

Worklis provides an SEO link that automatically converts job descriptions and locations into an indexed job page online.


In conclusion, Worklis is a revolutionary platform that provides recruiters access to a variety of tools and resources to make the recruitment journey easier and more efficient.

From uploading job vacancies, to searching for skilled candidates and utilizing AI to read resumes, to helping jobs get found on Google, Worklis provides recruiters all the necessary tools to facilitate the recruitment process.

Utilizing this platform is an effective way to help find and hire the most qualified candidates with the least amount of effort, making recruiting a breeze.

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