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Firstbase Discount Deal

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Firstbase Discount Deal

With the launch of Firstbase, Founders can readily create, administer, and expand a US company from anywhere in the globe.

We’re the only incorporation firm that enables entrepreneurs to automate and administer their activities from one online home after formation, and we’re the worldwide leader in US incorporation volume.

However, Firstbase is much more than just a company. With particular emphasis on, our team is committed to resolving some of the hardest concerns for startups.

Highlights (TL;DR):

For your company, choose between a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a Corporation. If you aren’t sure, we’ll help you choose between the options.

With our collaboration with Carta, you may construct a cap table simply by incorporating. We’ll draft all the necessary post-incorporation papers, do your legal paperwork, and file it all.

Don’t wait for the IRS to collect your money. Without an EIN, we’ll provide you with a bank account faster. If needed, we’re also allowed by the IRS to provide fast EIN services.

There are no forms to fill out or any legal hassles. With compliance and 24/7 worldwide customer support, our online platform streamlines the whole company formation process.

Firstbase Pricing Overview

Firstbase Start:

  • Formation of company in Delaware or Wyoming
  • All filing fees & expedited processing
  • Expedited Tax ID (EIN) setup
  • All essential and important documents
  • Business bank account, payment processing, payroll, accounting via Loop™
  • $200K in deals and rewards
  • Lifetime expert support
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Use code “PARTNER10” to get a 10% discount

Get lifetime access for just $399 one-time payment.

Firstbase Agent:

  • Registered Agent available in all 50 states
  • Automated compliance reminders
  • Annual Report and Franchise Tax (additional filing fees per state apply)
  • Compliance dashboard & document access
  • Service of process
  • Use code “AGENT10PS” to get a 10% discount

Get access for just $99 per year.

Firstbase Mailroom:

  • One business address in your state of choice
  • Unlimited incoming mail, scans, recycling
  • Unlimited digital storage
  • Shipping available from all major carriers
  • Use code “MAILROOM10PS” for a 10% discount

Get access for just $350 per year.

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