FullSession Lifetime Deal
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FullSession Lifetime Deal

Best Behavioral Analytic Tool.
Expired March 15, 2022
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FullSession Lifetime Deal

Are you one of the people who believe that more traffic means more sales?

Do not… The only thing you have to know is what your visitors are seeing when they navigate through your site.

If you can pinpoint the reason your visitors leave your website without buying any products with you, then it’s much easier for you to make changes or improve things, isn’t it?

Say Hello to FullSession!

FullSession is an ingenuous platform for tracking visitors that helps you comprehend how your customers interact on your site, analyse important data, and develop valuable customer experience.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Improve your CX using behavioral analytics

Customer Feedback, Interactive Heatmaps, & Session Recording

Alternative for: FullStory

Perfect for: Product Managers, UI/UX Designers, Marketers, & Web Designers

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Begin by it as a Full Session snippet to your web page’s header by hand or through Google Tag Manager, and check your website (Don’t be concerned! It shouldn’t take more than just a few minutes). …)

Create segments using advanced filters such as Email Id or Browser IP address, OS Clicked Text (coming in the near future) and Referral URL etc. to track the activities of your website’s visitors as different groups.

On your Sessions listing on the Segment Dashboard you can view all of the Session replays and see the average time per page and the total time spent on pages scrolls, clicks, moves and scrolls.

With FullSession It allows you to easily avoid inactivity, and browse the session timeline (of both online users as well as those who have previously visited) to identify issues, bugs and problems.

On the tab called Insights, you can analyze level of engagement among users and look up KPIs like the percent of sessions that are on Mobile Devices as well as the average speed of loading pages etc. Additionally, you can view negative metrics such as Dead Clicks or Error Clicks and top Page Rage Click pages.

Explore interactive heat maps for an entire time period and track the number of clicks, visits, scrolls and so on. happened in multiple devices (Mobile/Desktop/Tablet)

By using real-time heat maps you can observe the performance of each webpage on your website learn about how to understand the UX complexity and identify what elements draw the interest of your visitors.

Create feedback widgets that provide immediate feedback. You can pretty much modify the appearance, position on page, reactions style(emojis), questions/information you want to ask your users.

Select the devices and the pages where you’ll need to collect feedback . You can also set whether feedback should be forwarded through an email.

Check out the comments of your clients (for each page as well as through custom customer segments) when you click on a particular widget. Also, check the sessions of those who give negative ratings (NPS) score.

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