FYI Content Curation Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

FYI Content Curation Lifetime Deal

Fast Way to Curate, Publish, & Distribute Online Content.
Expired February 2, 2022

FYI Content Curation Lifetime Deal

Welcome to lifetime deal is a content curation and publishing platform that works by copying and pasting links. Create a personal website, promote your business and much more!

FYI works with popular web applications – YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, Google Maps, Google Docs, etc. – allowing users to create their domain in seconds, and instantly begin to build and share their unlimited web pages (‘Smartlists’), without the technical knowledge required.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Have kids and concerned about what they watch on the web? You can create your own video playlists in minutes. Patricia uses FYI to curate age appropriate cartoons for her daughter.

Is your online presence important? FYI is an excellent tool to promote content on the web.

Do you love cooking and want your recipes always within “arm’s reach”? You can organize any online content any way you want within your own web page. Video Review Review - Content Curation Smart Pages Demo, Pros & Cons
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:09 lifetime deal
  • 01:40 Smartlist examples & use cases
  • 05:20 Create a smart list
  • 07:50 Customizing smart list (Permalink, Title, Description, Cover image, Color & Media Link)
  • 09:02 How to arrange cards in the smart list 10:03 Filtering and categories
  • 11:15 CTA footer with button & email collection
  • 12:23 Default styling & customization for smart list
  • 13:17 Public, private & collaborate smart list
  • 15:21 Save, Follow smart list, Share to social media & Clone smart list
  • 16:39 Smartlists are do-follow SEO Backlinks
  • 17:34 Create highlighted card in smart list
  • 18:47 Smartlist visitor analytics
  • 19:31 dashboard overview & RSS
  • 20:41 Setup tracking code for Google, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter
  • 21:00 Earn money through smart list through Skimlinks
  • 21:48 Setup smart pages on your domain
  • 22:12 Setup and customize profile settings
  • 22:47 Add custom CSS and Javascript to smart list
  • 23:28 Embed smart lists to your webpages
  • 25:28 FYI chrome extension
  • 25:56 Combine cards in FYI
  • 26:53 FYI integrations and supported services
  • 27:41 FYI API
  • 28:14 FYI members community
  • 28:43 Conclusion

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What is a Smartlist?

A Smartlist is a website, like any other. It carries content (links) beautifully presented as embedded cards in a dynamic grid that optimizes both content and visuals. Its URL is defined by an individual, following a format ‘’. Smartlists can be produced private or public by its creator.

What Kind of Content can I Include in a Smartlist?

You can use almost any web content. NEWS from the most important and famous internet portals, VIDEOS from YouTube, Vimeo, TED, etc., PRESENTATIONS from Google Drive, Google Docs, Slideshare, etc., ARTICLES from LinkedIn, Blogs, and other web sources, MAPS from Google Maps, MUSIC from Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, etc., social media POSTS and content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Can I Customize My Smartlists?

Yes. Becoming a registered user gives you to choose your Smartlist’s name, and also define a title, description, cover image (to maintain the Smartlist’s header and appear on social media), and tags.

FYI is the tool to recreate simplicity, empowering internet users to discover and elegantly organize, share, and promote relevant content. Features


You may create your smartlist and share it with people using the web. From creating landing pages to video playlists, you may easily organize, create, and share them in minutes.


Do you love cooking and want your recipes always within “arm’s reach”? You can organize any online content in any manner you want within your website and share it with the people you want to.


If you’re a Social Influencer or want to promote your service or product, you may use FYI to curate your articles, product, or services and promote it like a pro!


You could customize your smartlist anyhow you want to. Then add an eye-catching description or change color. It’s all up to you.


You can even follow your fellow FYI mates and their smartlists!

FYI teaches you a few of the features smartlists in the tool. This also can help you explore public smartlists!

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