Gigrove eCommerce Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Gigrove Lifetime Deal

WordPress as a Service web store and payments platform that makes it easy to sell your professional products and services through a custom domain.
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Gigrove Lifetime Deal

Gigrove is a WordPress as a Service web store and payments platform that makes it easy to sell your professional products and services through a custom domain.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create a ready-to-shop online store on a custom domain in minutes.

Best for: Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses looking to grow their online business with customizable e-commerce tools.

Sell digital or physical products, or let clients book services by the week/day/hour.

Manage marketing, billing, customer support, and your team right in the dashboard.

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Gigrove is a WordPress as something online store and repayments platform, which means it is easy to market your professional products and services by way of a custom domain.

Creating products and offering services is your strength. Developing? Ehhh.

With Gigrove, you can create a shop with a custom domain and begin selling in minutes. (No technical skills, rentals deals, or HR training required!)

And unlike an offline location, Business Hours don’t apply.

Your online store is open 24/7; therefore, you can technically earn a living 24/7. Late-night consumers, where you at?

Whether you’re supplying a product or something, there’s no limit to what you can sell in your Gigrove online store: art, kittens, hats with punny quotes on them (Hat hair, don’t care), talents, time-you name it!

Instantly deliver digital work like designs, software, music, videos, e-books, PDFs, etc.

Product flying off your virtual shelf? With Gigrove, save yourself a trip (or ten) to the post office.

Manage shipments and inventory, and even print packing slips easily. You’re welcome.

You can even offer services and solutions. Your time and effort are money, and today clients can book it by the week, day, or hour.

Now, for your chosen part: gettin’ paid.

Gigrove accepts PayPal and everything major bank cards so that customers can pay safely and securely.

You can also connect your payment gateway and accept cards from all over the world. Ca-ching!

The less glamorous side of the business enterprise happens in the backroom (aka the dashboard).

Access sales, order background, and customer data.

Plus, you can collect store guidelines, manage associates and clients, track analytics, and control everything customer-related.

Gigrove Features

Online payments

Receives a commission quickly from your audience via a checkout. Connect your gateway or use our very own.

Sell downloadable files

Start offering designs, photos, catalogs, software, music, videos, etc. – almost any type of file.

Sell bookable services

Enable clients to book your services by renting out your professional time, by week, days, or hours.

Sell shipping products

Reselling physical products on Gigrove – control shipments, inventory, and printing packing slip easily.


Create and manage custom inventory for your products.

Automated invoicing

Your clients are certain to get invoiced through automated invoicing. Customize this content of the invoice.


Completely manage the orders – set the order status, find billing and shipping information, set order notes.


Add or edit information in regards to a product or something such as its price, description, availability.


View and edit customer details, find reports for every single customer, send direct announcements.

Web store

Manage information about your online store, fast and straightforward.

Custom policies

Have freedom in the way you sell services and products to your audience by setting up custom product regulations.


Your web store includes three different kinds of notifications: email notifications, dashboard notifications, and SMS notifications.

Direct messaging

Talk to customers via direct messaging on your dashboard.

Coupon management

Increase sales by offering coupons to your visitors. Set specific coupon usage rules.

Team members

The particular team member will only get access to the features and parts of your dashboard that you allow.

Import/Export products

Transfer products from other e-commerce platforms via .csv document. You can even export your Gigrove products in the same format.


Stay current with stats on who’s browsing your store and from where.

Advanced reports

Start to see the transactions for a particular time period at a glance or length.


Accept payments via your Stripe account by integrating it into your Gigrove online store.


Hook up your PayPal account to directly accept payments via PayPal checkout.

FedEx Shipping (Just around the corner)

Automate your transport by getting automatic creation of shipping rates and packing slips through FedEx integration.

Custom website name

Point a custom website name like to provide custom URL usage of your web store and products.

Put in a custom store logo to your online store.

SEO Management (Just around the corner)

Upload a custom cover image to your web store to fit your brand.

Branded emails

Customize messages that are being sent to your visitors (e.g., order notifications) with the addition of your business logo, custom text, and URL.

About us page

Tell the planet who you are by adding information to the About us page.

Branded checkout

Customize the checkout page by adding your company logo – so that your audience is sure that these are buying from you.

Product site tabs

Make your product web site look unique with the addition of custom tabs that may be a field with content.

Item visibility

Collection custom availability for your products with the addition of item visibility. Show products only in your web store, browsing results, or higher the link.

Product attributes

Set different variations for your products, e.g., like colors, size, weight, etc.

Purchase note

Put in a purchase note that customers can easily see after they complete the orders.

About us page

Tell the planet who you are with the addition of information to the About us page.

Per product shipping

In case your products have different shipping and delivery rates and policies, you can include them in each product.

View recent orders

Your clients can easily see their recent orders and purchasing history.

Download .pdf invoices

When the customer makes an order to you, they will be in a position to export the order invoice to .pdf.

Download files

Any files that clients bought from you will be accessible for download off their dashboard.

Edit address

Customers can manage delivery & billing addresses.

Open support ticket

When the client buys from you, they’ll be in a position to send you to support obtain that particular order.


Customers can manage cancellations for subscriptions and bookings. After they cancel, the order automatically gets canceled.

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