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Residential, mobile, and datacenter proxy plans that are tailored to meet your needs for bandwidth, speed, anonymity, and economy.
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Infatica is a global proxy network created for professional usage. It could be virtually used in countless use cases.

Scraping anything is impossible without a real private proxy since it will prevent repeated requests.

Infatica is a proxy hub that is used around dozens of nations. They provide a premium proxy service that allows customers to send out requests through residential, mobile, or datacenter proxies.

In this article, we’ll talk about Infatica that is a global peer-to-business proxy network. We’ve discussed an in-depth analysis of its pros, cons, features, pricing, FAQs, and so on.

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Infatica Review - My testing of proxies & 15% Discount Coupon

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Pros & Cons of Infatica


  • Their user dashboard and website is clean and minimal.
  • Brags a global selection of private IP addresses from almost every country.
  • Can use their proxies with whatever application which facilitates HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Offers versatile pricing plans; thus, you can spend on what you want.
  • It comes with a rotating choice so you can switch IP addresses frequently.
  • Proxies are linked to the highest anonymity as well as is scraper-friendly.
  • Accepts anonymous payments and free trial available.
  • Has a Chrome extension for making things somewhat effortless.


  • Infatica is yet a new item on the market.
  • It can be used only after setting up a security certificate.
  • Periodic error messages might appear.
  • No list of all the precise locations it provides proxies from.

Getting Started With Infatica

It’s the first thing you’d notice and feel when you begin using Infatica. So, we will address it. Here is what welcomes you as you initially login:

No rocket science there. The left sidebar presents all of the navigation links. You could get to your services, billing details, tickets, etc. with the links provided. The majority of the remaining screen displays your invoices, services, tickets, quotes, etc. Overall, we’d state the UI is pretty beginner-friendly plus can get utilized by about just anyone.

Infatica employs IP-authorization to permit its proxies. You may simply click at your product next “Add IP” to include your IP to the database. Once finished, the list of proxy can get copied by clicking the “Proxy List” button.

However, some users still choose to make use of the password/username type of authentication, so it is better should they consider it.

Note that Infatica provides rotating proxies. Therefore, your proxies IP addresses will get changed once a pre-specified period. It is ideal when you need new locations/identities for every request.

3 Types of Proxies Offered

Although Infatica began as a residential proxies provider, it currently offers much more than merely that. The present proxies types which you can order include residential, data center, and mobile proxies.

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are the legit-looking and most authentic proxies. They are designated to an actual household through a reliable ISP. Also, they have a physical location fixed.

For any reason, from data-scraping to anonymity, a residential proxy is the top option. Because of their natural-looking patterns, they’re less likely to mark as spam or being blocked.

Mobile Proxies

If you require data as it is shown in mobile devices, this, too, could be achieved using Infatica mobile proxies.

Datacenter Proxies

These days, a brand cannot be too careful. Forgers are not the main problem. Frustrated providers, malevolent contenders – even disappointed customers can spoil your name on the internet.

Infatica datacenter proxy is the best option for brands such as yours to check their notices on the web.

Infatica data center proxies allow you to surf namelessly in datacenter speeds out of your desired place. Solely surfing means nobody, but you may get into the proxy.

You’re not going for bandwidth. You will not get punished due to a neighbor’s dangerous behavior.

With datacenter proxies, you will receive widest pipes that let your company scrape GBs of data each month. It provides budget-friendly plans to its consumers so they may access a worldwide IP address pool.

Website Access Test

Netflix has among the most sophisticated VPN/proxy software detection methods in the world. So, if a proxy sidesteps Netflix, it will probably bypass many other websites.

Thankfully (and to our small shock), we weren’t just able to avoid the detection of the proxy, yet also stream footage without buffering.

Other than Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, too can be accessed with no issue.

Even the platforms and sites generally limited for proxies appear to be reachable using Infatica proxies.

Though note that browsing websites through Google Ads got detected.

So, always visit the non-advertisement results, or type in the addresses manually.

Speed Test

Is Infatica proxy quick? The speed impacts everything in the net, does not it? Let it be ad-monitoring, data scraping, social media management, or whatever else.

For this speed testing, we used And, here is our result using one of many proxies enabled:

Did the pace drop? Of course. But even that, we would say it is more than adequate. Even in personal use, the speed did not look all that poor. It is good enough for streaming videos.

It is hard to arrive at a verdict about the performance and the speed of the Infatica proxies because of the forever rotating system.

Nevertheless, provided that we could test, download speed was excellent, and that connection steady.

Features & Functions

Massive IP Pool Size

The first thing you’ll come to love regarding Infatica is its IP pool size. It currently has over 2.5 million residential IPs of actual devices.

What is exciting about this amount is the point that they could gather it in under a year of launch.

High Level of Security

One thing you’ll come to like about Infatica proxies is your safety. They aren’t resellers; they have their infrastructures.

It allows them to take total control hence make their offerings as safe as much. Traffic routed via Infatica proxy is secured with end-to-end encryption.

Since all are paid proxies, Infatica can check the use to protect these from people with malicious motives.

It reduces the chances IP addresses can get blacklisted, thus harm your job. Additionally, customers get fresh proxies with every request; this also helps users to remain anonymous and guarded.

Excellent Customer Support

The company provides support through live chat. The cooperation of the support staff and response time when available is commendable.

You will not be redirected back to tutorials and links; instead, it is all clear and direct answers. Also, you can contact the team any time any day by tickets.

The response time takes from a few minutes to some hours. Also, you can mail them straight or make them a quick call.

The last is a much instantaneous communication mode, although it might not be free for everybody.

Simultaneous Connections and Bandwidth

You can use Infatica proxies without stressing about running low on bandwidth. When it comes to simultaneous connections, it relies on several threads supported and your plan.

It sure isn’t unlimited. However, with almost each its packages, the amount is large enough to emulate infinite connections.

Keep No Logs Ensuring Privacy

Many VPN and proxy providers boast about their no logs policy. However, the reality is the vendor has to collect a few data solely to function correctly and keep the proxies clear.

Hence, Infatica collects anonymous data such as the approximate location, use of proxies, specs of the devices, and other related data.

The provider collects this data to enhance its offerings, to maintain it safe, and to personal marketing objectives.

Infatica does not use this information to track the end-user and does not share the information collected with any authorities or third parties. So, although it may feel weird that some of your info is getting gathered, it is a normal process.

Pricing & Discounts Details

Infatica presents below the pricing plan to its customers.

Also, you may ask a custom proxy plan which the provider may build for you.

The company looks assured of its products. There is a free-of-charge trial it gives, without demanding cards or some other financial information.

As for the refund policy, it appears to be pro-rated. As a result, you do receive refunds yet only in the unused parts of your plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Proxy and How Does it Work?

The proxy server behaves as an intermediary in between the internet and a user’s computer.

Proxy servers offer a different degree of privacy, security, and functionality that relies upon your requirements. A proxy server got its IP address that is entirely noted by your PC.

In case you are utilizing a proxy server in that case, a web request moves via the proxy host first.

Why Do I Need a Private Proxy?

Working behind a reliable private IP address allows you to look like a true local, for the firewalls and channels that try to fight bots.

Websites are meant to believe private IPs more than other access points, thus getting banned is doubtful.

What is a Residential Proxy?

Residential proxies are the web addresses of an authentic consumer household net account in a particular place on the map.

While you browse the internet with a residential proxy network, your IP is hidden; hence you do not need to bother about your online identity.

What Network Types Do Infatica Offers?

Infatica provides 3 proxies types to their customers: Residential, Mobile & Datacenter proxies. They have more than 10M residential proxies acquired from real users around the globe.

They got 20K+ mobile proxies that give users the power to surf over a mobile client connection. They included datacenter proxies lately, which provide higher speed and are low-cost.

Who Need Infatica Proxies?

Cybersecurity: Infatica’s global dense system of legitimate private IP proxies offers you an opportunity to test unrestrained, on your routine. Demonstrate your clients how malignant botnet might try to distress service by re-creating coordinated DDoS attack.

Brand Protection: With Infatica proxies, customer brand managers could capture different methods of secret promotion via channels such as FB and commercial vendors.

Price Aggregators: The brand-new price aggregators who need to obtain their information by browsing vendor websites just as a user would, without being blocked and blacklisted.

Why Do I Choose Infatica?

You would select Infatica since you require no captcha to access. After starting with Infatica proxies, you can just ignore blacklisting problems.

You can pick any area you need. Infatica safeguards the real identification of the user for their security. It should let you enter the internet via actual residential user IP addresses.

How About Session Control in Infatica?

For a few web activities which demand proxies, session control isn’t required. For example, web scraping, Infatica work best since IP is rotated after every web request.

Nevertheless, in the situation of others who want you to keep the session to time, you may not see Infatica ideal for your usage. Infatica proxies switch IP very often and not appropriate for tasks that need a much longer session.

Do Infatica Provide a Trial to Test Out Proxies?

Yes. To test products, simply fill in the form at their site. Then their manager should contact you quickly to activate the trial. The best thing is it is free. No card needed. Cancel any time.


Without question, Infatica provides high-quality datacenter, mobile, and residential proxy packages that can instantly meet your needs when it comes to bandwidth, speed, economy, and security.

Infatica is a relatively new proxy service that has some things correct and others incorrect. Considering how it was able to collect over 10M residential proxies under a year or so, it is safe to say that they’re a company to watch out.

Overall, we would say go with their trial offers at the minimum. That would let you conclude on your own by your experience.

We believe our Infatica review helped your decision well. And should you loved the article, then please share it on social media.

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