Internxt Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Internxt Lifetime Deal

Secure Blockchain-based Cloud Storage.
Expired August 1, 2021

Internxt Lifetime Deal

With the increasing frequency of hacking, data breaches, and general security threats, more and more people are looking for a way to keep their information safer.

One way to make sure your data is safe is by using a secure cloud storage service. However, there are tons of service providers. So, what is your best option?

Enter Internxt. A decentralized blockchain-based cloud storage system that is secure and affordable for everyone. Is your data safe with Internxt? Of Course.

Plus, their platform utilizes blockchain technology to ensure that only you have access to your files and that you can never be censored by anyone else.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Access your details from anyplace, on any device using the web app, Android app, & iOS app.

Alternative to: Sync and Tresorit.

Securely store & share pictures and documents in the cloud using no-knowledge encryption.

Perfect for: entrepreneurs, finance teams, and photographers who want safe cloud storage to their sensitive details.

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