KIWI Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

KIWI Lifetime Deal

Get clients that have issues and need them fixed immediately.
Expired November 26, 2020
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KIWI Lifetime Deal

KIWI is a freelancing platform that strips the freelancing process of all its hassle. For clients and freelancers alike, Kiwi is simpler, faster, and more forgiving of a busy schedule.

Highlights (TL;DR):

KIWI is a web extension. Just download it and sign up as an expert freelancer. As long as your web extension is online, you will be connected to clients who need your help immediately.

KIWI’s detailed freelancer profiles means prospective clients will be told how recently a particular freelancer completed the exact task they need help with.

As part of KIWI’s commitment to being the best platform for freelancers, all payments are settled within 60 minutes of task completion.

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