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Kuiqlink Lifetime Deal

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Kuiqlink Lifetime Deal

Are you stuck trying to design and code your own Micro-Landing site using Scratch?

Popular Social Media platform is making it difficult to add more than one link on your account?

You’ve got way numerous Social accounts, but you don’t know how to present it all your customers?

Are you trying to highlight and showcase your web presence on a easy page?

Kuiqlink will be your tool of choice that does everything for you!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create smart pages with lots of features in minutes.

Use your unique URL anyplace and network like a true boss.

Not just shorten long URLs; control them as well.

Deep insights of your clicks and views.

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Kuiqlink is a more effective tool for displaying and highlighting all your web presence under an integrated Smart Page with the distinct URL (with your domain or ours) Upload, upload and edit, add, remove…etc all the content in one simple but effective dashboard. It also has the option of keeping your dashboard in order by creating various projects.

It’s also a Smart URL shortener that will not just assist in making longer URLs shorter, but also take care of them in a efficient method.

Kuiqlink Features

Increase the number of followers on your social media accounts: With the possibility of adding one link that will include all of your social media accounts.

Create pages that include all the content you can imagine: Beginning by incorporating Web URLs, videos RSS feeds, and even forms that can be integrated into your site using the HTML Block.

Expand your audience and gain more info: About the in-depth analysis of the number of clicks you get from every link you include; to retarget and target visitors by including many of the most well-known pixels available (Facebook, Quora, Analytics …etc)

Complete control: It’s your website, it’s your name. We don’t restrict you to things like changing the colors, backgrounds, fonts, colors as well as SEO-related details. You can even create your own domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Smart Page?

They’re referred to as Smart pages since you can build one using just a few Links and Drag&Drop!

Do I have the freedom to play around with the design as well as feel of the Page?

Absolutely. Kuiqlink is different from other providers. It allows you to fully control your site including colors and images through branding to SEO … Everything is yours

Kuiqlink can be a substitute for?

Being famous doesn’t mean that you’re the best. Kuiqlink is a comparable tool to linktree, but it has all the features absent from linktree.

Deal Group Discussion

We have not discussed this deal on our private Facebook group. If you are interested, you can join and start a discussion at https://www.facebook.com/groups/alstonantony

What’s included in this deal:

  • Unlimited Biolink Blocks
  • Unlimited Shortened Links
  • Unlimited Pixels
  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Custom Branding

Get lifetime access for just $29 one-time payment.

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