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LeadCart Lifetime Deal – eCommerce Cart Solution

Shopping cart software allows you to sell digital & physical products without requiring any websites or apps.
Expired September 24, 2020

LeadCart Lifetime Deal – eCommerce Cart Solution

Leadcart is a standalone checkout and cart solution to help you sell phyiscal and digital products.

They support both Paypal & Stripe for payments and they plan integrating RazorPay soon into their platform for Indian customers.

They previously came in lifetime deal last year in SaaSMantra and this time they are coming in another lifetime deal through DigitalThink.

It has turn into a fiercely competing area when it comes to selling or promoting your services or products online. It’s where the usage of an excellent shopping cart tool can do plenty of good.

You will find a lot of shopping cart solutions out there. In this article, we will take a look at the LeadCart which is among the new players, yet looks really promising.

LeadCart can increase your income with one-click sales funnels, high-converting cart pages, monthly subscriptions, affiliate campaigns, bump offer, down sells, upsells, and monitor your whole business.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Sell E-Books, Webinars, Workshops, PDFs, Crash Courses, Full Online Course, Membership.

Sell all sorts of physical products, pet products, tshirts, accessories whether you deliver.

Sell Consulting Services, Marketing Packages, Advertising Services.

If you are a software founder, building an MVP, save the hassle of integrating.

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All Steps You Need to Know to Use LeadCart

Whenever you’ll log into your LeadCart acc, look to the left sidebar then follow the initial option called “Products.” Then you should land to your account’s product page.

By clicking the choice “+New Product” at the top-right edge, you will find 4 options (product types) to make a new product on your account.

For instance, when you’ll go deeper with the “One Step Checkout” product type, you can use drag and drop builder.

You may easily switch the template and colors in the appearance tab (the first choice in the left sidebar).

Coming to the 2nd section on the left sidebar that is named “conversion boosters.” Here you could see we are receiving options to hide/show testimonials, shipping details, guarantee message, terms & conditions, and features.

Now let us come to the 3rd section that is labeled “Pricing.” In this section, you may choose the product’s currency, set the cost, and choose the payment mode as split payment, recurring price, or one-time price.

Let us check the 4th option marked “fulfillment.” In this tab, you can pick the built fulfillment to product fulfillment from funnel rules.

Now we need you to understand the 5th section on the left sidebar known as “Bump Offer.” From our experience, this bump offer feature is always supporting to boost the average purchase value and generate a decent revenue with the base product.

Conversion Boosters in LeadCart

  • 1-Click Upsells
  • Coupon Codes
  • Subscription Saver
  • Cart Recovery
  • Pre-Filled Checkout Pages
  • Address Auto Complete
  • Retargeting & Tracking Pixels
  • Funnel Builder (Upsells & Downsells)
  • Custom Domain (CName)
  • Removal of Branding
  • Addition of Leadcart affiliate link

Best Use Cases and Features of LeadCart

Whether you are using Teachable, Podia, Thinkific, Kajabi, or you own a membership website, LeadCart integrates along with merely some clicks, or perhaps you may automate this procedure with any mail automation solution.

If you got any idea to promote your online courses, then LeadCart seamlessly works with course online platforms as well as you can start easily making cash quickly with course selling.

Do you own a service or product that needs monthly rebilling? No issue. LeadCart will handle split payments, monthly recurring subscription/payments, and one-time payments.

If you wish to begin selling e-books in that case, LeadCart will make it simple to automatize your complete e-book sales selling funnel by incorporation with autoresponders plus with payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe.

Setting up the Stripe and PayPal with LeadCart is easy. Once you got it set up, you can create products to each one of your offerings and send these to your customer checkout pages (you could brand in your invoices as well).

LeadCart could integrate fully with the Shopify accounts. This incorporation will push every single sale that arrives from LeadCart into your Shopify stores; thus, you can monitor your sales.

LeadCart has all the things you require to start creating checkout pages to your physical items. You can gather names, shipping information, and also phone numbers on the checkout page if you’d want.

FAQs About LeadCart

What is LeadCart?

LeadCart is a shopping cart solution that is powerful yet simple. It was explicitly designed to assist you in maximizing profits & convert more sales as an online entrepreneur.

Is it Easy to Use?

Credits to LeadCart’s easy navigation and features, new users will get effective with the system straight away. The learn curve is almost non-existent, plus the platform is itself intuitive and fast.

How Does its Funnel Builder Works?

Its visual funnel builder is user-friendly that too, with both vertical and horizontal layouts made available. You can then connect every step on the funnel for a specific item you have created. It is also possible to put up conditions for specific triggers like cart abandonment, order completion, etc.

Can I Buy This Tool For a Lifetime Price?

If you use LeadCart in the long-run, you may cut the yearly or monthly price with a lifetime deal by Clicking Here.

How is LeadCart’s Customer Support Like?

Live chat service is available both on the site and within the application dashboard, and the response duration was pretty fast. Support & help documentation is pretty decent as well going through all the functions.

What About Their Roadmap?

LeadCart is getting better each and every day, and it is also providing value to customers’ feedback. Their roadmap continuously extends the set of upcoming functions, ensuring that it will become the industry’s top converting cart product.

Final Thoughts

Alright – We believe we have covered all it is to talk about LeadCart.

Overall, it is an excellent tool for online entrepreneurs to establish monthly subscriptions, downsells, upsells, and bump offers effectively without knowing to code.

You cannot fail with the LeadCart solution, whether you are an e-book seller, freelancer, dropshipper, course seller, or a firm owner. It’s among the most trustworthy and flexible smart cart solutions in the marketplace.

For suggestions, feedback, and questions about this LeadCart review, please leave your comment below. We are looking forward to your input!

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