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MailTag Annual Deal

Email tracking and automation tool for Gmail and GSuite that helps you make more sales.
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MailTag Annual Deal

Mailtag for Gmail: Free email tracker, schedule (send later), Automated email followups and more.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Get insights into exactly when, where, and how many times someone opened your email.

Best for: Freelancers, agencies, and marketers who want to know exactly what happens after they hit ‘send’.

Automate your follow-up emails and personalize templates to maximize replies and conversions.

Schedule emails and set reminders to have them go out at the optimal time.

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MailTag is an email tracking and automation tool for Gmail and GSuite that can help you make increased sales, in less time.

Sumo-ling, you put a lot of time into that email to let your hard work go untracked.

With MailTag, you can track your email messages as soon as you hit ‘send.’

But you’ve got a business to perform. You can’t afford to waste time “just examining in to be sure to acquired my email” 100 times.

That’s why MailTag does it for you. Program automatic follow-up emails watching your productivity-and reply rates-go up.

You can even customize your follow-up templates to build a non-spammy email that gets a reply.

With regards to sending a contact, timing is everything-right right down to your day of the week and period.

Even the catchiest subject line on the globe won’t save you if your message is delivered at a time that your recipient is not engaged.

MailTag enables you to schedule your emails and collection reminders, so you can have your emails delivered at the perfect time, every time, which comes in handy whenever your customers are in different time zones.

As soon as it’s all said and sent, you can record the success of your email messages in the dashboard-view open up rates, link-click rates, and much more.

As an electronic internet entrepreneur, you can’t afford to be clueless about what happens once you hit send.

With MailTag, spend less time wondering and more time selling.

MailTag Features


Know what happens once you click send

  • Know precisely when recipients open your emails.
  • Know when recipients click links within your emails.
  • Keep tabs on the performance of your open-rates, link-click rates, and even more.


Make your email messages reach the perfect time.

  • Increase your open-rates by choosing enough time your emails are delivered.
  • Perfect for multi-time zone communication.
  • Perfect for scheduling email reminders to yourself & others.


Automate your email auto-followup

  • Save hard work through automation.
  • Improve email reply-rates and increase sales.
  • Customize your programmed follow-ups.


Make your email arrive at the perfect time.

  • Boost your open rates by choosing enough time your email messages are delivered.
  • Perfect for multi-time zone communication.
  • Perfect for scheduling email reminders to yourself & others.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • 1 Year Subscription
  • All Standard Deal Features
  • Use with Gmail Accounts Only
  • All Future Plan Updates
  • Free Email Support

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