Paldesk Omnichannel Communication Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Paldesk Lifetime Deal

Communication platform to interact with customers across channels, optimize user journeys, and boost customer retention.
Expired December 5, 2019
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Paldesk Lifetime Deal

Talk to visitors and customers over mutiple channels in real time. Drive all your web and social messages into one dashboard.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Talk to customers from multiple channels (live chat, chatbot, email, social, and Telegram) in a single dashboard.

Keep track of user satisfaction, record user journeys, and gather important feedback across your website.

Automate FAQs using Paldesk chatbot and give your agents an opportunity to deal with more complex tasks.

Best for: Startups and small businesses that want to offer enterprise-level personalized customer support.

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Paldesk is a smart communication platform that can help you easily connect to customers across channels, optimize user journeys, and boost customer retention.

How much time does your team spend trying to react to every customer inquiry coming at you from every direction?

Well, with Paldesk, you can hook up your platforms to answer emails, live chats, and social media messages from an individual web-based dashboard.

Save customer conversations as tickets in the dashboard to obtain a quick overview of their status.

Prioritize, tag, and add notes to tickets to provide amazing, customer-centric support.

You’ll also be able to see statistics about the amount of open and closed conversations, complete conversation history for all of your chats, and weekly reports.

Your chat widget should match your brand.

Customize the chat widget to reflect your brand’s visual identity.

However your chat widget isn’t all looks, it’s smart too.

Automate your chat widget with predefined answers for the most typical customer care scenarios.

Paldesk enables you to build a knowledge base, which means you provide support when customers need it most.

Are you going offline? Use Pal the Assistant, a user-friendly chatbot with a straightforward drag-and-drop builder.

Introduce new customer scenarios as they arrive and improve flows to fit your business needs.

Don’t lose leads in translation.

Talk to customers in their native language with Paldesk’s powerful real-time two-way translation feature.

Paldesk can translate 45 languages!

Announce new promotions, deals, or product upgrades with the easily customizable pop-ups.

Create multiple announcements and switch between them with a single click.

Let your customers know their voice matters!

Collect feedback on a product, service, or overall company experience to boost your business by learning directly from your visitors.

Paldesk integrates with a huge amount of platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, Prestashop, and many more.

Plus, it integrates with Zapier, unlocking usage of 1,000+ other platforms.

Are you prepared to improve engagement at every customer touchpoint and acquire better user feedback?

Professionalize your customer service with an all-in-one dashboard for all of your inbound leads and inquiries.

Paldesk Features

Capture leads

Capture more leads with customized online support and boost your follow-up potential.

Engage visitors

Talk to visitors in one dashboard and through multiple channels, boost your business sales.

Retain customers

Focus on customer needs instantly and improve your current customer service efforts. Ticketing Create, manage, react to, and resolve tickets quickly.

Working Hours

Set your business hours and a predefined offline message.

Predefined Answers

React to FAQ questions faster and have more done.

Visitor Statistics

Statistics regarding the range of open and closed conversations.


Advanced filters by channel, status, and user.

Conversation History

The complete conversation history for all your chats.

Weekly Summary

Report on the number of groups, agents, and conversations by channel.

Feedback form

Gather feedback from people to your website.

Chat Transcript

Send visitors a chat transcript via email.


Chat with your visitors when you’re offline.

Color Select

Modify the widget color to suit your brand.

Position Select

Choose the widget position on your website.

Prechat Question

Define a question that appears before the chat window is opened.

Multi widget Support

Add multiple widgets and install them on more than one website.

Web Application

Talk to visitors above the default web application.

Mobile Application

Speak to your visitors, even while you’re on the road.

Desktop Application

Speak to visitors above the desktop application.

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