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Pathfix Lifetime Deal

Get instant OAuth connections to any platform without managing servers, building frameworks, or downloading SDKs.
Expired April 16, 2020

Pathfix Lifetime Deal

PATHFIX helps you simplify the entire OAuth integration process so that you can give attention to building your SaaS.

No servers to control, no frameworks to make or SDK’s to download; save over 470+ developer hours per integration.

Pathfix handles the end-user Authorization and Communication between applications.

A platform that is flexible, secure, and the speediest way to hook up and send messages to any company.

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What’s the difference between Pathfix vs. PieSync, SyncSpider & Zapier?

Sure, simply put – Zapier, Syncspyder, and Piesync are all workflow automation tools. Its mainly for internal use, you would need an account to access and set up the automation for all your tools. It’s not designed for your end-users (you can offer the ‘integration’ to Zapier, but your users will need an account with Zapier to set up the automation).

Pathfix enables you to offer native integrations to your users, directly from your SaaS. e.g., offering your users integration to Zapier through your platform.

They have written a detailed blog on how Pathfix is different from Zapier. You can check it out here:

Connect Without Managing Infrastructure

One link with manage all your OAuth integrations Never worry about maintaining servers and data models to store your client id, client secret, and access_tokens.

Pathfix stores and manages them for you within an encrypted data store. They have simplified the entire OAuth complexity with a proxy solution. Add your application and connect to any provider within 5 minutes.

  • Authorize users, push or pull messages from any platform
  • REST API based calls to Pathfix
  • Completely flexible and secure
  • No SDK’s, token management systems or frameworks to control

One Solid System That Handles All Requests

A complete OAuth 2.0 & 1.0 system that handles Method calls Refresh tokens, and stamping API calls from the point your users click on the integration button on your app.

  • Pathfix handles all OAuth related security frameworks and encryptions, allowing you to focus on your core platform.
  • Data Encryption At-Rest And In-Transit
  • Complete Security Management
  • Log monitoring system and notification engine

Dependable, Secure Connections, And Messages

Encryption algorithms set up with stringent penetration and vulnerability audits, ensuring connections are always secure, which means you can rest easy.

  • Pathfix handles the whole maintenance and management of most OAuth provider connections, without ever needing to download SDK.
  • Guaranteed Annual Uptime Percentage of 99.5%
  • Low latency for authorization and message sending
  • Connect to as many providers without worrying about infrastructure
  • See how Pathfix handles Authorization and Communication seamlessly.

Step 1 – PERSON Authorization

Add the auth button and allow your end-users to hook up and authorize the application form to any platform of their choice.

HOOK UP TO Any Platform. – Pathfix Person authorization gives you to offer your users to connect to any platform without writing any extra code. Insert the Pathfix Connect code and provide the button to your users in merely a few seconds.

Step 2 – Communication

Send messages, pull data, or push data in the middle of your SaaS and a Push and the end user’s platform quickly.

TALK TO Any Platform – Once authorized by the end-user, you can quickly push or pull messages between your SaaS platform and the company. Select the code base of your decision and add the code to your platform to permit communication instantly.

Hook up to Any Provider, Instantly

Pathfix is the simplest way that you can offer and manage authorization for your users between applications.

  • Standard approach – Across providers. One response to them all.
  • Pass-through server – Data never resides with Pathfix
  • 99.5% uptime – Guaranteed SLA’s
  • No SDK’s to manage – Simple click-to-connect approach
  • Scales along – Scalable and reliable performance
  • Low Latency – Quick connections

How does it Works?

  1. Select COMPANY – Click to choose a company and connect.
  2. Add ClientID & ClientSecret _ Enter and save the ClientID, and ClientSecret received from the provider.
  3. Insert Code for your SaaS – Add the Pathfix produced code to your SaaS application and instantly offer the connect button.

Security And Monitoring

At Pathfix, security is vital and of the most important to give a secure OAuth solution.

  1. Application Level Firewall – Pathfix permits application-level firewall settings. The settings allow requests generated from specific IP addresses or requests from specified domains as JavaScript Origin to be granted.
  2. IP Firewall – Configurable firewall settings across platforms so that any connection attempts from the internet must pass through the firewall before they are passed onto the service provider.
  3. Whenever a computer tries to make server-side API requests from the web, the firewall first checks the originating Ip of the request contrary to the set IP firewall rules.
  4. JavaScript Origins Firewall – Configurable security setting that allows you to create authorized JavaScript origins of the applications/domains that use JavaScript to make authorized OAuth requests. The origins identify the domains that your users send requests. When an origin tries to make requests, the firewall will first check the foundation of the request resistant to the set JavaScript origins.
  5. Firewall rules set applies to all integrations in the Pathfix application
  6. In the event the address/origin is specified in the firewall rules, the bond is granted.
  7. If the address/origin isn’t specified in virtually any of the firewall rules, the connection request fails.

Data Encryption At-Rest And In-Transit

  1. All Access Tokens and Refresh Tokens associated with user accounts are encrypted and stored on cluster servers made to prevent brute-force attacks even in case there is a breach.
  2. Data-at-rest and in-motion are encrypted with advanced encryption standard, which makes it not only unreadable to human eyes but also inaccessible from any attack.
  3. Security Management – Pathfix servers and encryption algorithms proceed through stringent penetration, and vulnerability audits, making certain our servers and data are always secured.
  4. Monitoring Logs – Additional layer of security is added using data purge. All activity monitoring logs, transactional data, are automatically purged from the system in thirty days.

Get rid of the pain of dealing with OAuth Token Management and OAuth Based Messaging with a reliable and secured OAuth drop-in replacement for your integration needs.


Add Any Provider ON YOUR SaaS – With Pathfix, you can hook up to any OAuth provider in minutes. The open and flexible platform handles all the complexity of OAuth connectivity and gives you control to develop any functionality to your SaaS.

  • DocuSign
  • Firebase
  • GitHub
  • Google Calendar, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Mail, Google Analytics
  • Jira SD
  • Zoho
  • Trello
  • Mailchimp
  • Drift
  • Intercom
  • Hubspot
  • Zero
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • Basecamp
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Microsoft
  • Slack
  • Shopify
  • Instamojo
  • Stripe
  • Zoom
  • and much more…

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