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Pathfndr Yearly Deal

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Pathfndr Yearly Deal

“Pathfndr” can be described as “Shopify for Travel” that includes a No-Code AI-powered System that lets you run your own travel business using your own site that is more effective than the most popular travel booking sites in the world.

Pathfndr is an editor for websites which allows you to build an online travel site with real-time booking features in under 15 minutes.

The system is location-agnostic that means that customers from anywhere in the globe can visit and make a reservation on your website in local Currency.

Additionally, Pathfndr comes with a Global Distribution Marketplace that allows you to offer your exclusive hotels rates or tours to the 400+ network of Pathfndr websites in 35+ countries. (Enterprise Feature)

You can start your own online travel business with minimal cost of capital.

Highlights (TL;DR):

A no-code interface allows you to modify the appearance and feel of your site.

Earn money from your travel-related public to earn revenue.

Make trips anywhere in the globe in just 60 seconds.

Back-end interface that will keep track of your clients and create an online booking platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can embed the search form as a widget for my website?

Yes, it is possible for an additional cost of 55 USD. contact us when you sign up the customer success team will be able to assist you in this.

Can my Country specific tax settings be added?

Yes, you are able to apply the GST/VAT setting in your Backend Panel. Not only that, you can also define the commissions you want to apply per cent as well as in the form of a a flat fee.

What do I need to know about the Domain name?

Yes, you can assign the domain to match any you own, or even create it as a subdomain of pathfndr in case you don’t have an own domain.

What are the translation options?

There’s no information at present Unfortunately, none at the moment. We hope that by the mid-year in 2022 we’ll get started to the process of tackling this seriously.

What can I do to remove “Powered by Pathfndr” on the footer?

There’s an additional fee of USD 350 for the removal of the ‘Powered by Pathfndr’. We ask you to reply to the welcome email you receive after the sign-up process to move this step forward.

How long has Pathfndr been for?

As as a company as a company, the product has been created over the last five years (data pipelines and algorithms for intelligent search and more. We introduced Pathfndr as a plug-and-play system in the month of October in 2020.

Can Prices be cheaper then Airbnb and

This platform will offer prices from many B2B providers. It will offer inventory comparable to the other platforms, however it is priced in a different manner, usually 5 to 15% cheaper.

What is the best general markup percentage one can apply to their price and still be in the market?

It is contingent on the market conditions, but generally, you will be able to achieve more than 10% for any non-flight product and remain at a competitive level.

Do you manage customer service concerns?

Most cancellations can be completed on the internet without the need for us. If needed we are available.

Do you gather any customer data to be used for marketing?

The booking form is always required to include names, email addresses and phone number. They must be recorded so that we can create invoices or vouchers. As an online owner of the site “owner”, you will be able to access all of the information.

Does this GDPR-compliant?

We’re not officially registered, but we do have the tools to permit the deletion of all personal information. We’ll have our official Compliance checklist in the coming year’s.

If you are using your preferred payment method Do you know the approximate date of commission payment?

Most of the time, it is within 15 working days due to the necessity of sending the money to multiple countries.

Our Honest Deal Discussion

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What’s included in this deal:

  • Yearly Access to Pathfndr Lite
  • Your Own Online Travel Agency in 15 Minutes
  • Access to B2B Rates, Savings up to 2-10%
  • 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Get an exclusive discount 40% for $99/yearly

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