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SimilarContent Lifetime Deal

SEO content optimization tool that helps you analyze the content score of top search results, find high-potential keywords and write content that ranks in Google.
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SimilarContent Lifetime Deal

The Ultimate SEO Content Optimization Tool that helps: Create SEO optimized Content, Check Keyword Difficulty based on content not backlinks and predict chances of google rankings.

Tool that helps you to write better content with LSI, Semantic, Related, and Ranking Words & Phrases into Articles to Write SEO Optimized Articles.

These articles will have the potential to rank without backlinks for low to medium competition keywords, and it will provide an extra boost for difficult keywords.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Optimize the Content Score and keywords for your copy in real-time with a live text editor that supports 15 languages.

Best for: Bloggers, writers, SEO agencies and content marketers who want to top the search rankings with more relevant content.

Analyze topic difficulty based on LSI calculations and boost your content relevancy score to outrank your competition.

Rank with few to no backlinks by maximizing for content relevancy.

Video review

SimilarContent Review SEO Content Optimization Lifetime Deal

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Hey guys, it’s Alston from SaaSPirate.

Today I’m bringing you a lifetime deal review for similarcontent.

I’ll explain to you what it is and why you need it and how you can use it for full potential in a bit.

But currently, this deal is some lifetime deal for just $79. The regular pricing for this tool is $49 per month to $79 per month, but it’s currently on a lifetime deal.

So if you decide any time during this video and want to check it out, the link is on the video description, and it will give me a small affiliate commission, but it won’t affect any sales price.

It just will help me to create more videos like this.

OK, without further ado, let me go into what is similarcontent.

Similar content, anyone who’s doing an SEO or anything Who knows about SEO even have a website or write articles they know is SEO is the most significant referral traffic generation source.

Most of the time, if you go into any website, you will be getting more than 75 percent to the website from SEO.

SEO is the most significant traffic so so when it comes to SEO, we all know that content is the king because, based on the content you write for your website, you will be able to rank.

Content used to be something pretty basic from like five to four years ago. You need to take the content you can spin it through spinners available, or you can even copy-paste it and include exact match keywords like we call that as keyword stuffing contained in the content.

You would rank for top positions in search engines by That’s not the case any more guys, as the technology develops that ability to understand the content algorithm that is processing all for the search engine also been improved a lot.

So if you’re writing an average piece of content, it will not give the result of exposure you could have gained if you have written a well-optimized content.

There are many updates such as Google BERT, which released last week, where they are using natural language processing to identify what search query is asked and what content is showing.

Is it relevant or not? How we can identify all these things are getting analyzed.

So it’s no longer works where you take an article and exact match keywords where you need to understand the topic of it, and what is the list of keywords to include what the semantic keywords to use are? What kind of related keywords what kind of structure you should focus on what is the title, what is the meta description, all these things are essential.

If you do all these Well, for low to medium competition keyword, you will be able to rank without even having a backlinks guys and also when you optimize the article, all these factors included what essentially will happen is rather than not only ranking for your key main target keyword, you also will be ranking for all the long-tail keywords, related keywords & all these things are possible.

That’s why this tool which I’m going to review now I think will be really important for you if you’re writing articles, blog post, review post, guides, etc. in order to get more visitors from search engine so sorry I took too long I wanted to clearly explain it to the importance of it before even going into the tool.

You can see this is the tool guys; it’s called similar content; what the primary purposes it will help you to find and write is Seo optimized content for your needs.

There are many tools similar to this but remember those are expensive, and some tools I try to leave a link in the description they cost $350 a month.

There is another tool that costs around $149 a month. So all these are super expensive, but they work. So when I learned about a lifetime on this particular tool, I was interested in checking out, and I’m glad I got one for myself.

I’m sure I’m going to be using this on my projects and also for my client works, OK without further ado, this is the dashboard guys for the similar content you can see dashboard just gives us a brief information on what each of these things and I also like the user interface is not perfect guys.

Still, it’s straightforward to work with, but it’s look bit clunky; that’s the only negative thing. Always, they give all the information you can see; these are the updates which has been released second of November.

You can see all these things they are making changes all the improvements are coming, and you can see upcoming on to the planning on so this tool is currently be still be developed so we can ensure that it’s not just finished to its keep on improving to add new functionalities and features.

OK. There are five main categories for this tool. The topic difficulty, Content optimizer, Brainstorming, Micro niche finder, Content rewriter, and today’s new keywords.

So let me go into by one by one, so you can know what each of these functions will do and how you can use it for the maximum potential.

This is your topic difficulty. What this will do is this will analyze this particular keyword.

Let me first type in a keyword, so I can explain it to you when it’s processing.

Let me insert a keyword, for example. I was searching for something on this line; it will automatically show you some popular suggestions.

So if you are unsure or you are going to want to go even narrow it down, you can choose it.

You can see it shows different keywords if you want to use the root keyword you can use, and here you can select the language of the keyword.

You can see the history recently; all these things are available; you can change the country’s specifications. It’s possible.

This is RTL and what it means is, we call it as a right to left languages where some languages are coming from this way for that particular thing. If you’re on this, it will automatically change these words into that specific format.

So let me click on Search. OK, you can see how it’s searching. What it will do is it will analyze that particular keyword on Google, and it will give us ideas on What is the score and what kind of rating it does and all of you function you can see, based on my keyword, it says the competition level for the keyword is moderate and need backlinks to rank what this function would make.

It will let you know whether it’s easy to rank keyword or moderate or highly competitive, and it will also let you know whether you need a lot of backlinks or a few backlinks or no backlinks at all.

This is an excellent stat to see because sometimes, when we’re writing a blog post for long-tail keywords, it will tell you the competition is natural, and you won’t need any backlinks to rank.

Then we know just by having a well-optimized piece of content, we will able to rank on the top positions of that for that particular search query. So we can focus on marketing based on the score we get it.

Here you can see this choose a what the percentage of optimization needed to get into the top position so you can see minimum score should be 26 is, and the current topical rating of the ranking website goes for 59 59%.

This is another stat that I like what it shows you. It shows each different website currently ranking and their actual score.

You can see this page from the DJI website and other DJI website and Best Buy, and it also shows the score on each of these particular domain domains you can also export this chart and this one. Still, it shows you the Choose the ads, and is any videos are ranking on the first page, any questions are shown on the page and how many websites have been optimized for an AMP primarily for mobiles.

So it shows all the overview data. This is the other advanced stats come to play guys.

It automatically trying to choose a category most of the time; it will take it right, but it will give you a niche-specific category level for essential keywords like cars, dogs, cats, payday loans, something like this, that kind of things.

This is where the important thing where you can export all these things in the future. You can see it will show what to be optimized and what words and what keywords need to be included for different elements.

For example, in the title, these are the one-letter words that need to be included to gain the most visibility you can see this mini word as been included 7.7% and drone and all as it shows all the one word.

If you want to switch it to two words we can do it from here then it will show the two words combination who’s done meta title or the title, HTML elements, you can select my three words, four words so we can identify what are the primary keyword or keyword phrases we need to use not into the title to make sure that our piece of content we are writing is fully optimized on the title tag.

The second one it’s the meta description section here, it analyzes the meta descriptions and shows you what the stats for the words used on that particular element are.

What do you need is that you need to take the relevant words; for example, all these are relevant when we are writing a mini drone, something for the mini drone if it’s something un relevant, you can skip it.

Otherwise, when you’re writing a meta description when you keep a note of all these popular words and key phrases, which are already included on the current ranking, and try to include these things in a natural way where it makes sense, at the same time, it’s not keyword stuffing, you don’t want to copy all these and just paste it on the description because that is a bad SEO practice.

You need to do copy each one of it and try to make it in insert into the description in a sensible way.

That way, you will have your explanation for your article at the same time you also including the content optimized words for other ranking pages on the SEO search engine currently, OK, those are the description it also gives them some specific synonyms.

If it found any synonyms for our main keyword, it will show you that it will also show you the related keywords which will be showing on the search engine at the bottom section.

It shows those keywords; these are perfect for finding secondary keywords, and LSI key word topic areas are really good. It also shows the sentiment sections; if you can see questions now, we must have even faq schema and everything that Google uses those so side here we are, we can include these questions into our article to make the relevancy of the website even more exciting.

For example, even in voice searches nowadays such as Alexa and all these things What happens is when you ask a particular question these crawlers search based on that question so when you have an accurate question exact match where the users are searching for when you optimize it correctly, your content will be shown to them your content will be going into those services based on that your performance of the website also can be increased because you’re providing actually what others are looking for.

Entities show categories, or you can say breadcrumb what breadcrumb means how all the content is located on a particular website.

We can see how it categorizes so we can use this idea on how to structure our content on the website.

That is a basic detail, but it is really powerful to get all these details guys. OK, and you can also see another feature that I liked it shows the SERP analytics as you can see export for the SERP is coming soon.

The Google SERP analysis guys we what it shows it shows you all the current ranking pages on the Google for this particular keyword, you can see shows the URL it shows actual meta description.

It also shows the title, and you can see another visual reminder where it finds the keyword it automatically bolds them so we know where they have used the main keyword so you can see all these things. They also give this option to copy it, fetch the link, or open a new tab.

All these things are possible to do even advanced research on their content.

They also show that a general score based on all the factors they have searched for that particular keyword. This is a chart, this is focused, and these are other important stuff.

Where, it shows whether that particular keyword as been used on the URL, title, and description so we can see, for example, this site, they haven’t optimized this properly.

If you find something, they haven’t optimized it properly. So if you’re going after a low competition keyword, just by using the SEO optimized article, and as well as optimizing these URLs, title description factors, you will have more chances to rank on the top position.

So it shows the visual reminder for that. This FB shows the social popularity on Facebook for each URL; let’s not need to worry too much about that result.

Another thing which you can see as you can see, these are what not found, low, good, extremely good these the words & keyword phrases used by this particular website for this topic, which is good.

So based on that, we can do the research, and that is the first functionality just the function of this it gives us all this information is purely an excellent feature for any copywriter or content writer.

You can see it something like this will show up on all the screens what it shows you are “usage” if you want to know the usage of currently how much you have been using and what are the quotas you are exceeding and or not you can go here. It will automatically show all the usage and how much is remaining.

So, anytime you are not unsure about whether you exceeded the limit or not, you can take it by here.

OK, now let me go into this second one; this will be the most important one in this tool. Why it shows the content optimization something which I liked was it shows the video and explains everything on what it is and how you can do it.

They are written a Nice detail guide with optimization percentages where they are showing, how they measure it, and how you can understand this tool, how you can understand these colors, percentages. So even a novice or never used a tool like this, they can easily understand it more.

So I really like they provide an easy to understand with pictures, all this information here. OK, now let’s take a look into actual examples. You can see, let me change to another topic keyword design service.

Let’s go for that. And you can see the same way you can search we can turn off here we can select a different country here. You can see I need to give an input here is the place we are you once you have written or your written a part of the article, you can paste it here to measure the statistic of our well it has been optimized for an SEO or what you can do is you can click on the Fetch link, and you can link give the link.

If you’re already written a blog post an article and you’re trying to improve it, click here and click on fetch. Now what it will do is it will automatically load to that words and get all the content that is available there into this page, so you can easily measure it correctly from here to optimize, so let me try to click on analyze.

You can see now it has been started analyzing the content on the website.

It will take the time; I think because currently, the page content is around 4000 words or something for this page so that it will take a bit of time.

Let’s wait for it you can also see when it’s analyzing it also not only analyzing my particular page, it also took the competitors of my specific page for this keyword and it’s all analyzing everything from them with me and comparing all these things to find the best words and keyword phrases need to be included.

You can see currently I have a relevancy score of 51, but the target score should be ideally 72, and minimum it shows 43%. So I am more than the minimum.

Still, ideally, I should even re-optimize this page to make sure that I get closer to 72 or more than that, and it also shows you can see we always recommend that the article should be from 55 to 75.

It shows the status of my current content, whether it indicates currently it needs more optimization so it already gives us all the summary information I don’t need to look anything below this just from basic about I can get the idea on what it’s happening.

What’s it been showing all these things are available here, and another thing this it shows the language. It will automatically count the number of words I have pasted it and how many letters, phrases, & sentences all these bits of information are showing here.

Now it shows the score here, but it shows the data for how it got this score and what do you need to do to improve it.

Currently, it is in one word; these are “one-word” words where you should include it if it makes sense into the article to make sure that your content is more optimized for that particular topic.

You can see what kit showing you is not fun found means I have not included that particular word which other sites are mentioning into my content.

“Low” I have included that keyword, but the number of times the word has been added is not according to the ratio, so it needs to be either include more or included less.

Good, those are optimal.

Extremely good, these are best; you don’t need further optimization for these particular words.

These are the words which I haven’t used a single time, which I should probably apply to increase my relevancy. I am not included a word called online. So that is not a good keyword for companies. And so I should use that keyword inside this article.

So it does not only take the data from our website; it makes the data from all the websites which currently ranking on the Google guy, so if Google is ranking, other competitors page on the top position. What that means is it values the backlink and also values the content, which is on the page.

So we can’t do anything about backlinks through this tool, but we can optimize the content. So if Google is ranking those particular pages on the top position, they like the content what they are seeing.

So when we also want to improve our SEO for the current page and outrank these high competitor pages, what we need to do is we need to find all the words which are shown here, which we are not included, and we need to include it in our website.

So when Google re scans the website, it will find all these topical relevancy, it will help you to increase your ranking. That is, the one-word similar same stuff is available for multi-word what year without using the one screen it using the multi-words, questions it also shows the questions and what needs to be optimized all these things are available that is the content optimizer module, guys.

The third tab is called keyword brainstorming. What this is, if you want to let us first put a key word so I can explain it to while it’s loading.

Let me click on Search; it will help you to brainstorm the key word; it will help you to understand more about that particular keyword and everything.

The first one was for the topic difficult to understand the topic; this is to brainstorm that particular keyword to find more relevant related keywords for that.

OK You can see it has been done it shows similar and top one keywords if you click here it shows these are related keywords which you can focus on writing and other separate articles to power up this article or even included within this article as the sections to gain more related keyword rankings.

It shows multiple words. So basically, if you’re looking for some brainstorming of your keyword to identify other related keywords or what is other popular ones, you can do it here.

If you are inserting different keywords, most probably since I chose Sri Lanka, as the target country, you might find the lower results because the search volume is small. Still, actually, for web design in the USA, you would find a lot more combinations and a lot more searches.

So that is keyword brainstorming.

This is micro-niche Finder; this is something to help you to find a focused niche, for example, you want to get into a blog where you write about, let’s say, for example, website.

But it’s a generally focused niche. So you want to drill down into a specific niche, then you need to the main keyword here, it will try to bring you another sub-niches for it.

For example, let me go here. And let me give an example. Let’s see whether this works. Laptop.

Let me change back to the United States you can see, I inserted a word laptop, it shows all the possibilities for it.

When you’re creating a, let’s say, for example, a review site or blog on laptops. You can use these to structure or categorize your content in a user-friendly way. So it will be helpful for the user to go to your site, find what they are looking for, or you can use this.

For example, if you’re writing and review the article, what are the best laptops in 2019. It will be really tough guys because all the big guys in the market are ranking for that. But if you want to drill down and find a specific smaller niche there, it will be very much less competition compared to the bigger one.

You will be targeting the users who are using a laptop so you can either go for structure, or you can use it to find more specific micro niches.

Anytime you interested on something if you click on it, what it will try to find relevant questions I want to promote laptop docking station, so I can write content on any of these topics you can see what is the best docking station for laptop perfect key word if you write for it.

If I click here, it now analyzes that particular keyword and automatically analyzes that competition.

So I can show you the result. OK, you can see I just dropped us some keywords laptop, and you can see within one minute I was able to find an easy keyword to rank without even backlinks.

So you can see out powerful this tool can be for your particular niche site where you can be easily able to find relevant keywords within a matter of time.

So you can see easy to rank without backlinks. You can see all the data here in the category.

It’s easy to find keywords; that’s why I wanted to show you that you can find it easy to rank keywords through this tool easily.

The next one which he can focus on content rewriter, this is something work really well back two to three years ago, or you don’t need to write anything, you just find some piece of content, paste it and spin it through your favorite spinners tools, and you can actually rank for that nowadays, it has been improved a lot.

So I wouldn’t recommend using this particular function to just rewriting something and pasting it. What I would recommend you can use it is if you are unable to revise something and you are looking for some suggestions on how you can rewrite it or to get a different perspective of that particular paragraph to improve it, you can use it.

What he can do is, let’s say let me copy it then you need to select the language and you can see and you can protect some key words what happens if you have certain keyword where you don’t want to spin it, or you don’t want any alternatives for that keyword, you want actual keyword to appear.

For example, if you’re trying to rank for web design service, I want to keep the web design service as it is I don’t want to change like that.

What will happens it won’t spin these words; you can include more keywords. Once you’re done that if you click rewrite what it will do is it will try to find an alternative way to write the same sentence.

Sometimes it will not write all the sentences only the one which makes sense.

You don’t need to insert the whole article; you include some paragraphs try to rewrite it to get a different idea.

If you want to copy it, always you can copy it by clicking on this link.

Finally, today’s fresh this is not suitable for everyone, who it ideal for it if you have a content writer or have a blog where you focus on what’s popular today, and you want to write something content for it.

Let’s say, for example, you on a particular niche and you are just wondering whether you can make content-based what is popular happening on that specific day, and you can make content based on that they are you can try to find what’s currently popular today.

For example, all you need to do is select a country to let us choose the “US,” and it will show some hot stuff currently happening today.

These are the popular stuff happening which people are searching for.

So those are the basic stuff that I wanted to go through everything in depth guys so you can understand the tool rather than just showing you this is something.

I wanted to explain each one of these to show real potential and how you can use it. That’s why this video has been long.

Sorry guys, but I hope this was useful, and apart from that, it shows notification here basic history support settings chat.

I think I have covered everything that it if you have any doubts or any question, feel free to ask me on the video below and I will personally reply to you.

Currently, this tool is on lifetime for $79 I don’t think they will be offering anything like this again if you miss this deal so if you are someone who writes content or looking to optimize, I will encourage you to check it out.

If you are interested in purchasing it, please try to use the affiliate link below this video. So it will give me a small affiliate commission to create more in-depth videos like this for you in the future.

Thank you so much, and I hope this was useful. Have a great day. Bye

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What it Can Do?

  • Check your Content Relevancy Score and Compare it to Similar Content on the web.
  • Find the Exact LSI that Your Content Is Missing to Rank Higher.
  • Start Ranking in Semantic Keywords that your customers are searching for when they are not familiar with your topic.
  • Start ranking with fewer or even without Backlinks!

Pros of SimilarContent

  • Deep analysis and results.
  • Very useful help, documentation & videos.
  • The topic analyzer provides all the info from the top 10 to stats and information.
  • Brainstorming keywords to find easy and related keywords.
  • Multiple export options everywhere to save all the data.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • The tool is continually being developed and updated.

What I Thought Could Improve

  • UI can be made a bit more responsive and modern.
  • Saving article function.
  • Basic off-page SEO stats can be included to measure the keyword difficulty as a whole.Export the content optimizer found data with filters.


Overall for me, it’s the best buy lifetime deal of 2019 since SEO is a primary traffic source for my projects and at the same time for my clients, so I have glad I purchased.

Already I found it very useful, and this will be a permanent member of my content writing toolkit.

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