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Morningscore Review and Discount
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Morningscore Discount & Review – SEO Tool

All-in-One SEO Tool
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Morningscore Discount & Review – SEO Tool

Morningscore is a 360° SEO tool meaning you can do competitor analysis, monitor SEO activities, audit site, track keywords, and build backlinks.

Morningscore Review for Pros

Morningscore Review & Coupon - Best All in One SEO Tool Software?

Morningscore Review for Beginners

Morningscore - Best Beginner SEO Tool in 2022?

Highlights (TL;DR):

Got an agency working on your SEO? Or maybe an internal team? Yes, keeping up can be difficult. Track your SEO progress and get estimates on input efforts and costs.

Analyze, track and monitor your competitors in just a few clicks. Morningscore shows you exactly what they are doing – so that you can be one step ahead.

Is your website underperforming because of technical errors? Find out if Google likes you by checking your 0-100 Health Score – it’s that simple! So what’s yours?

Track your progress and ROI on SEO. See exactly what your Google traffic is worth. Monitor and manage all of your SEO in one place.

See all keywords you appear for in Google and track their daily position changes with great precision. Group them easily in Folders and focus on your Favorite ones.

Check your backlinks and the effects they play on your SEO. See all the websites linking to you and find out immediately when you lose or gain a link.

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There are lots of tools that exist for SEO, such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Mangools, Moz, Majestic, and SE Ranking. It means to track the keywords; you will have a tool to build links, another for competitor research, another one, etc.

Well, what about having all those in a single SEO tool? That is what the Morningscore system is. In this article, we’ll talk about this new tool in the market.

We will try and give an honest Morningscore Review as it is now, which we utilize on a nearly daily basis. Let us get started!


  • Their big pro is it comes with a monetary worth for your rankings.
  • The UI is user-friendly to look at and very modern.
  • Built-in keyword research, tracking, and grouping capabilities.
  • Their integration with Moz provides you the top backlink data.
  • It got an excellent health check report which monitors complete SEO.
  • Missions dashboard useful, particularly as you may create goals.
  • Either improvement or new tools to current ones are getting released regularly.
  • White-label customizable PDF reports.
  • Backed from a team that listens as well as is adding functions other tools lack.
  • The SEO information is reliable and stable at the price range unmatched by anybody else.


  • The rank tracker does not have lots of sophisticated features.
  • Suppose all you require is basic SERP tracking, this is fine.
  • Still, somewhat early on, thus, they might lack some features.
  • Apart from those, no other cons really at this time.

How to Register an Account?

To begin, we will show you how to register an account on Morningscore. But before that, let us tell you that no credit card is required and there are no hidden charges. You get to use a 14-day free trial with full features.

Type your website URL in the field (preferably without HTTPS version) and click on the button that says “Check Site.”

Select the country you wish to target. You can always include more countries later. Remember, this is where the tool looks for your keywords. Click the “Next” button to proceed to the next tab.

This step is pretty much self-explanatory. Enter your email address & click the “Confirm” button.

You will get redirected to the dashboard. Also, Morningscore will mail you the login details. You can change the password in settings.

Getting Started with Morningscore

In our day-to-day job, we use almost all the popular tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. We all can agree these systems have a vast number of features that go far over the most simple SEO works.

The massive distinction between Morningscore & other SEO packages out there is the method in how the SEO value is measured and displayed.

What you view in the above picture is the dashboard of Morningscore. It provides an unambiguous and clear figure of what the organic traffic value is at the moment.

In the meantime, we receive insight into how competitors’ scores are coming along.

Morningscore Features

Since it’s a new tool for SEO, most people do not know its features still. And that is why we’ve made this section.

We’ll explain to you the functions provided on the Morningscore tool.

Competition Analysis

Once we started a brand-new site, we probably cannot rank our articles higher in the search engines at the start.

You will find so many competitors based on your industry and niche. Therefore, how we shall use those competitors to our good?

With Morningscore at your disposal, you could spy out on the competition and can find their competitors. In case they have low-difficulty keywords, these could get used on our project.

Should your work be good, we may rank quicker for those long-tail phrases. Also, you shall spy on the competitor’s links.

Mission Suggestions

Correct SEO suggestions can give you an improved result on search engine listings. It is what SEO professionals do.

They bill hundreds of bucks every hour to analyze your site for technical SEO errors, point these to you.

Anyhow, with Morningscore’s Missions tab, you can receive these suggestions straight before you.

You have the below sections to explore:

  • Current Missions
  • Suggested Missions
  • Completed Missions

They will display to you every single SEO suggestion you have to take care of. They group it as Keywords, Links, On-Site, and On-Boarding.

The great thing is, it will present you with the Return On Investment (ROI) on display. It will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the issue, where it occurs, and how to resolve it.

This feature is excellent if you’re alone on SEO work and don’t have a structure to work with. The Missions challenge you plus allow you to zero in your energy correctly.

An extra small fact is that you could add missions too. So, should you have a few tasks from your chief that you should achieve, you can directly set them up in the tool and track your progress.

Keyword Rank Tracking

Well, after posting the content, it is essential to track all of them to check the position. Morningscore has this feature.

You will find all keyword your site ranks, your position, the total of monthly search, CPC, traffic receives by search engines, plus your value.

If you notice improved traffic and search positions, that is awesome. If you notice down arrows, please update your posts and better them.

Once we build backlinks, we may want to look at tracking those. Hence, we can find how many backlinks are getting directed to our posts, homepage, etc.

And, what domains are pointing to our website. Morningscore includes a Backlink analysis feature.

Morningscore’s links overview has become gradually right and delivers reasonably accurate info. They pull information straight through Moz and helps you monitor each of your domain’s progress and your rivals. It helps you to discover when competitors are building strong new links.

They will trace every new backlink and update those on the list. So, you could see all of the lost links and new links from the site report.

Tracking links lost are essential. If you missed a few links from whatever high-authority blog, try and reach the webmaster, tell them about the problem.

You got the choice of forcing a scanning of the post if you realize that new backlinks are added. Also, you get a tab with every single link for the post, the date when they first were found, and rows also can be expanded for providing even more info about every link.

Overall, we gain the majority of the data we require for our website’s links. When you really ought to work seriously on link building, it’s almost a should have an entry for Ahrefs, yet if you’re an e-commerce store manager or perhaps have your business, it could be an ideal alternative.

Site Health Checking

You will find a lot of SEO tools that attempt to perform health checks to identify on-page optimizations and technical errors. Just in this area, Morningscore has positively surprised us.

Are you doing SEO yet not getting outcomes? Morningscore has a health check functionality that will examine the site for you then pull results.

They will display your Basic Health Report, Technical Health Report, and Optimization Ideas Report. It will provide you with a score from 100 – also issues.

You can view the problems from there, resolve them straight away to better results and rankings. Fixing these errors and issues will provide you an improved score.

Most importantly, after you have fixed a problem, you can request the tool to re-check just the single error, and after that, you can notice your score going in the correct direction.

In the top-right part, you see we have got the option to run an entire checking of the post.

It means we can opt for ourselves once we are ready for reviewing, which is pretty cool.

Below you can find two sections for general performance and landing pages.

Once you change the tab, all content below changes.

It means the suggestions are either typical for the site or for individual landing pages.

Organic Traffic Overview

As you are aware, Google Analytics will show only your site stats. They do not give your competitor websites stats.

Here, team Morningscore shows up with an organic traffic overview feature.

Once you have added your site to the tool, they crawl your site, show you the precise data.

And, they’ll show your competitor’s share on the key terms. In case, your rival is getting extra traffic over you, effectively do the right things such as adding infographics, building links, updating your content, etc.

Pricing & Discount Details

As you could notice in the image above, every plan includes all the features available.

They will just limit each plan usage. So, select a plan sensibly.

If you’re simply getting started, the Growth plan provides you with the fundamentals. Should you need the necessary info, the Professional plan is decent enough.

That is created for the advanced user; thus, you shall track about 1000 keywords.

For more tracking, you may want to look at upgrading your subscription to a Master or Agency plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Morningscore.io?

Morningscore is an all-in-one SEO tool. It’s a cost-effective platform that helps you check the precise monetary worth of your SEO actions.

Also, it evaluates your competitors, tracks the keywords, and offers a full summary of your backlinks.

You get a specific recommendation on how you could use the information and the way to boost your SEO.

Who is Morningscore SEO Tool For?

If you consider yourself already an SEO expert and you operate in a big company, you’re likely better off having access to either SEMrush or Ahrefs.

On the flip aspect, if you’re a little trained or a beginner and you’re in a small organization, then Morningscore.io is probably an excellent option for you.

How is Morningscore Different Compared to Tools Like Ahrefs & SEMrush?

Tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs work as a database. Effectively, you gain access to their data, plus it is all on you to decide what you may do with this data.

In contrast, Morningscore functions by helping you throughout your SEO projects.

It’s a system for doing because they accurately show you what is to be fixed, and there is no guesswork associated.

What Does Morningscore Stand For?

Morningscore is the score of your SEO activities. They measure it by checking how your site’s keywords are doing on the Google network.

Your Morningscore is the sum of cash that you will be using in your traffic via Google Ads.

There are downs and ups to showing SEO score with one metric, yet it is a good entry for people who are not familiar with organic searching techniques and pressured to prove project value.

Do I Get Money-Back Guarantee From Morningscore?

You’re free to test the Morningscore tool for the initial 14 days. And, you do not even require to enter the credit card information when signing up on the website.

How Often Does Morningscore Update the Data?

A few SEO products will update their database every seven days.

In case you own any of those, you have delayed the tracking.

Morningscore would update its tracking database and keyword position daily.

You will find every new refresh on the following day.

Top 5 Morningscore Alternatives


SEMrush truly made a reputation for itself in the last few years. They pretty much took competitor analysis to the next level.

The good thing regarding this tool is you will find many methods to analyze your competitors.

You can discover their best content, best keywords, best backlinks, and so on.


Mangools is dubbed as the top value for cash with regards to SEO tools.

They take a brand-new method to just how SEO systems should seem like plus made it simple to use products with excellent design.

They aren’t confusing and don’t have lots of functionality you would perhaps never use.


Moz is an SEO system with every possible feature which you may need to boost your SEO activities.

With targeted search suggestions, you could increase your rankings on the search engine platforms.

Also, it audits and crawls your blog to find the SEO errors on your website.


Anytime one or two SEOs begin having a discussion, it will not take long till you listen to the term Ahrefs. We like this system and use it nearly every day.

They got excellent backlink tracking and keyword research features. And of course, they also do rank tracking.

SE Ranking

This Ukrainian business offers SEO capabilities at affordable prices. Together with the rank tracking, you receive a whole range of tools: backlink checking & monitoring, website audit, and also, makes a marketing report for you.

They boast of having 1000s of clients, making them among the best SEO tools on the market.


Overall, the entire tool is designed around gamification, plus does this in a method that does not become cheesy, yet inspires you to care more for your SEO.

As we previously mentioned, they do provide a 14 days money-back guarantee.

Should you feel Morningscore isn’t the right choice for you, you may quickly cancel your plan.

Anyway, we’re pretty confident that you would love the tool.

We wish you found our Morningscore review guide helpful and loved the stay. If you do, kindly consider sharing the article with your fellow bloggers and friends on social channels.

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