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Social Champ Discount – Social Media Tool

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Social Champ Discount – Social Media Tool

Social champ is full all in one social media marketing and automation platform to organize, manage, schedule, post, and track under one SaaS service.

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Social Champ Review & Social Marketing Walk-through

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Hi guys, it’s Alston.

Today I’m back with another lifetime deal.

This time it’s a social media optimization. It’s called Social Champ review.

It’s currently on lifetime the from peach ground. They’re selling it for $49. Now for 15 profiles, you can check the details they have listed.

I have got myself a lifetime account now. Now let me go through the whole process on the system.

This is this dashboard, which is the easiest and straightforward dashboard I have ever used.

With social champ, you can see it’s straightforward. There are not a lot of options. They are clearly emphasized on the important parts of it, and it’s a minimal approach, and it looks great on all the modern devices does not matter the size.

For example, You can see as soon as I can see it automatically adjust to the perfect view of the dashboard itself. It’s really good. They also have apps for an Android app and as well as a cool Chrome extension, which I’ll show in a bit later.

Okay, you can see, this is the main dashboard. You can see you can add that code for any our any of our social media profiles. From here, go here. Go to if you want another account, all you need to do is click on Create. Let’s say I wanted a Twitter account.

Click on it. And let me either sign into my Twitter account. I’m showing the old poses so you guys can hear me See what’s happening and our routing works. You can see I have accessible at the two profiles I have added my Twitter account. Let me also add my facebook group will click on it.

It asked me to provide permission for asking us to choose which group I want to post it to let me click on a group and it asking us for the permission that authorizes. This authorization is mandatory for social media tools now; please repeat. All you need to do is you can add as you can see, we have added it to the permission list.

Now let’s go back it automatically refreshes the guy, and you can see we are added the group as the novel it’s a corporate add let’s add a page also go to the Facebook page and choose the page we want to add and click Done.

We can select multiple pages at the same time also. Okay, now you can see we have added the Twitter profile and Facebook group and Facebook page. Now what we can do is either we can select, and we can post. Another neat trick I’d like is, all we need to do is go here, and we can create a new group based on the selected accomplish.

So, for example, I’ll create a new group collection and click on Save. Now I have created a group every time I come here. Coming you to post something to my lifetime the platforms with twitter facebook all in two ways come here and select on the group in it will automatically select the profile.

If you want to select another set of the group already to do is come here and click on that it will choose that particular profile. So it’s straightforward guys if you want to delete any other option is your zoom year and you click on it, and you can see this is the main area to post on the social media post.

I have copied an example consent let me paste it here. You can see I have added the social media content now automatically as soon as I have entered it, it automatically generates a preview. So if the preview looks good, we can take it from here itself, and there is also show where we can Similarly, if you want, for example, we wanted a similar year.

Okay, that looks good. And we also have the option to add images and video from our computer, and if you haven’t had a message from a link, we can add from your screen last. We can use this particular generated from the social champ.

If you want to use this as an image, we can do that from you.

So after that, we are several options to post one to directly post it now it says you can click on it.

If you want to post it on a particular time, future date, we can do Was that to a time date everything is selected selectable from here.

When we add it will automatically be added to the bottom of the list on that particular campaign we have set, next means rather than adding to the bottom of the queue, now what it will do is it will add to the top posts it will be the basically it will be the next post, it will post according to the shared now, for the sake of it let’s post it again directly now, and click on access.

You can see I have just posted it. So, let’s go and check it out looks first in the group loading this load the Twitter profile as well.

Okay, I can see it does all automatically posted the tweet here; you can see use that preview it tells you this email is I posted it everything is done.

You’re also you can see it as posted it clearly without with all the content and say take the page also receive a test posted it coming you forgot to mention one thing about posting guys at the I told only to trick we are we can do it will automatically suggest hashtag ask me Typing, for example, you can see to us automatically shows the popular hashtags options for this. So we can try a different one.

Let’s say, for example, politics; it shows the hashtag.

So it’s cool rather than coming with the hashtag over the top of your head, now we can look at the suggestions, and we can create a hashtag based post.

Now let’s look into some additional functions. The second tab, which we look into is now who options now this will be the key option when we set up campaigns and the rules for each profiles it will show us where we’ll be able to see in this format that social media posts which are going and also in be able to see it calendar option we are all the post will be issuing mark for us to be able to see clearly for so on what is happening every day.

There is also an option for setting a week by the view and also by day. So it makes us an easy option. The third time which we can look into this solution. This is another cool function guys if you don’t turn any ideas on what to post on social media, but let’s say we want to look for something accessible trending on this particular niche.

All we need to do is come here and search for it a keyword. It will automatically find relevant sources we can make an excellent social media post come up with these are the suggestion from the sources. You can see the iPhone around London good quality sources that can see potential right social media.

Host we can choose from yeah and also there is option to add our RSS feed they say for example we have for loving good from not from you I think from here Yeah, we feel good blocks we are we follow for certain posted everything already to will we speak as insert the title year and paste the artist is out that block year. It will add an RSS feed also into the system.

Now, if I say, for example, I’m excited about this particular post, I want to make make a post out of it. I can click on here, and we also give the options to read more PC although post. Let’s click on make a post.

You can see it automatically open What is up without leaving the interface now it’s opening up in a pop up easy for us. All you need to do is the select profile we are we want to post, and it automatically has generated that preview; all we need to do is type message what we know to do, let’s say, for example.

We can replace the image here as well. And once you’ve done all we need to do is if you want to pause now Select option. That’s also an option which I forget to mention on the previous slide. If you click on a year, we can make this read the social chat to be posted a couple of times as long as we want, we can select the number of repetition we want, and the number of hours between each separate petition.

You can see it uses the option to select a different option quickly, and it is also asking whether for incrementer it wants to do he wanted me to eat or do you want the ability to delete the existing one and post this as a new one.

So it will be like utterly new to it. If you don’t want any of this lesson, take three, take it and let’s say for the sake of video-based access and post it to see how it looks. Now let me go to my Twitter social profile, and you can see for each sir

Okay, you can see it has automatically posted the tweet now with the thumbnail from the suggestions it has posted it, so you see how it’s easy to go and make social media tweets and everything.

For this situation, I just selected one Twitter profile. Still, you can choose pages profiles, Facebook profile groups; everything is possible from this end, and that is the second or third tab; the fourth tab is analytic.

Now you can see I have posted this one; they give the options to link for this read and also view the Publish post. They also will show you some statistics on What is there a petition I have chosen several favorites this has gained several retweets in Facebook it will be like like shares everything.

If you wanted, you should see the details it will show the features based on the repetition everything’s possible here. They all told you options to solve this function based on favorite retweets and everything.

Okay, that isn’t the dashboard, guys. Now let’s look into some advanced features and function settings. You will be able to see all the accounts we have added so far. You can click on it, and we can remove it, and we can add a shell for this particular account.

For example, for my Twitter profile, let me try to add a shell you can see it’s asking me to select a time zone or it will or if you don’t want to feel anything. Manually, we can ask the platform itself to suggest a good time is during our time zone, so it makes it easy to share with everything nowadays, for example, is it is. I try to add it manually, all we need to do is click on Add time slot, select the time slot we want, for example, is if I am a morning person, choose on the days which we wish to post on 5 am It’s a Friday, and after that lets me take 9 am to post on Saturday Sunday, all we need to do is this and click on Save.

Now I have successfully created the shader whenever I create content. For this particular profile, as soon as I see the sheer selected q option, it will automatically take this post and upload it into my share.

So whenever the time I mentioned, if you post the social media post Like that, we can set up a different schedule for each profile or page or group, so not the same time for the things that one can make differentiate for different one great features guys.

Okay, that covers the main part of it now received into some other available functions. For me, it’s not possible; I think because I purchased only one code, so it’s not available for me. But there are options to stack the code when you stack the code there is there will be options to add more team members to your account.

You can invite more people. Let’s say go to the next option. Recycle, and this is another great function guys via this sort of like a feature from social be like evergreen content in social media. In the same post, you can recycle the content we can create collection innovating.

We can add for two, and there’s also an option to add bulk upload to the CSV template. They provide the samples the CSV, or let’s say create a post. I can see I have created an evergreen post; I can add another one once I created it, we go to the campaign.

Now I can create a campaign based on this collection. For example, let me see if I test and make me select the account I want this one to report and let me choose the selection I chose.

This is paused with I want to make it active or not because before making it productive, I need to select the time slot. Once it’s done, I can either select Copy time from you, or I can say make separate time slots for a year, specifically for this collection was let’s say, for example, I want this to be posted a 3 am. But I want to post it on Tuesday and Friday.

I can do it from here, guys. Rather than making the same thing, we can mix it up from recycled content is the same features. So we can create our unlimited collections, and based on that, we can create campaigns to we can spice up our social media post as well.

The next fear add one function is the ring shortening current The support weekly you can be connected and rather than posting directly for URLs you now you can use basically the only thing I’m concerned currently the only supporting basically hopefully they will add more link shorteners, for example currently social be supporting around three to four platforms. They are also trying to integrate switch Lee my favorite link shortener into their system.

So I will be looking forward to more. Still, it is a big one guys if you know weekly, it’s easy for you and also another function which I couldn’t find this function socially but it’s really in here is the ability to improve your tracking into the social media post.

We can enable or disable it, and we can set all these up, and factors and everything are available here. I think smartly available on social media; I have not yet used it. Okay. That is a Link shortening listicle into the automaticity, post archive.

These are the RSS links which they give us, and also we can add our RSS details here. And if you want some real following some great blogger and does not matter what contents he publish, it’s always an excellent quality content; you can, in that case, we can make now an auto-post option, for example, you can auto-post option and choose the post and put our account.

It’s ours; we want to post all the things that the social media profiles we want, and the game is some variables like title and link.

This means it will take the title of the post, and it will also take the link, and it will try to post if you want to include a description. All you need to do is click on the description, and it will take that link description of your survey.

If you want to add a previous Find hashtags or mention it, we can add it to let’s say for example see the new what will happen is every time there’s a new post, it will grab the title and the link and as well as the Ashton which I mentioned earlier, then it will make the post. We can also make a repeat post from for this available you can mention here.

Bulk uploader the same concept if you download the CSV push away the template you need to follow. After that. All you need to do is fill out the model according to the art specification and upload, and you can do the same sign auto post for social profiles as you wish.

This is the calendar option. Which I showed you earlier, so browsing is cool, I think I covered everything are finally this is the social chrome extension now, to be honest, whenever we are browsing something exciting and everything we will rally reluctant to go to a website and share it.

Here it automatically shares it from the Social Champ chrome extension.

Now you can see it has automatically taken a picture from the article. And it’s also considered a text.

Once you select the group, or all you need to do is type what you want to say and click on the post for you, and you will be able to share the social media post without even leaving the tab you are in.

So basically, those things and an Android app are available to route; you’ll be able to share anything you read on a browser on a mobile device through social champ app itself.

So everything looks great and another great feature which here It’s on the roadmap.

We manage around 10 to 15 profiles for each client, and it totally and clients different profiles password isn’t impossible for us to go into each one to check the comments, replies reviews, and everybody individually.

What they are working is a centralized app for all this a common social inbox we are within the dashboard itself will be able to see all the information from messages we receive reviews and the comments, and we can reply from the panel.

I have a few suggestions for the tools and everything to make it even better given to the team.

The developer is also a great Guy and answers all the questions, and you can get into touch with them anytime from here you can see I have asked lead out on the feature they immediately in person with all the questions we are so try out social champ you can see they also have a trial option for seven days you can try it out if you want.

Overall this looks like an excellent social media optimization for anyone boost social profiles.

Okay, thanks a lot for watching it, and I hope to see you guys in another great video.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Simple and straight forward social software which is beginner-friendly.

Easy system to organize and group profiles and auto select abilities too.

Auto suggestions generation with title, description, and URLs.

Shortening with link shortener and UTM support with analytics.

A superfast user interface which is responsive to all devices, apps for Andriod & iPhone and finally also provides social extensions for chrome and firefox.

Ability to bulk upload social media content, scheduling options, and an easy to view calendar mode.

RSS feed monitoring with auto RSS post.

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Social Champ Pros

  • Simple and straight forward social software which is beginner-friendly.
  • A superfast user interface that is responsive to all devices, apps for Andriod & iPhone and finally also provides social extensions for chrome and firefox.
  • Easy system to organize and group profiles and auto select abilities too.
  • Ability to bulk upload social media content, scheduling options, and an easy to view calendar mode.
  • Auto suggestions generation with title, description, and URLs.
  • RSS feed monitoring with auto RSS post.
  • Shortening with link shortener and UTM support with analytics.
  • (Upcoming) Social inbox with the feature to reply to messages, comments, and reviews from one place.

Social Champ Cons & Suggestions

  • Spintax support for recycling content so instead of posting duplicate content it can take spinner version to post it.
  • Ability to post google business profiles which are important for the brand and local SEO
  • Ability to well-performing posts on public pages and groups and as well as search for top-performing posts on social media from keyword. They can also include filters like 24 hours, past month, year, etc.
  • Ability to upload images and videos from the web itself through a web link.
  • Analytics includes charts and graphs for a more graphical view that can be shown to clients. (export to pdf option too.)

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