Thunderdrive Cloud Storage Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Thunderdrive Storage Lifetime Deal

Easy and intuitive way to securely store, share and access your files from anywhere in the world from nearly any device.
Expired March 30, 2020
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Thunderdrive Storage Lifetime Deal

Thunderdrive Review & Lifetime Subscription – Cloud Storage App Scam?

Thunder Drive is a secure and easy-to-use cloud storage service that allows that you create folders, manage files and share private links from the convenience of your selected device.

Enjoy fast access to significantly faster and larger storage than other providers and use it with any web browser, like the one on your phone. The Thunder Drive service is also hosted in premier Tier IV data center facilities, giving you robust security and reliability.

  • Use a storage service 6x faster than Amazon storage
  • Easily set up Thunder Drive & use it w/ any web or mobile browser
  • Have access to 2TB of storage
  • Secure files with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Enjoy an extremely affordable lifetime storage plan

There are a great number of reasons to choose Thunder Drive LTD, and one’s reasons are generally different for everybody. Here are some things we’ve heard from our users:

Easy to create and Use: Your Thunder Drive can be set up in seconds, and you can begin using it immediately. Our service is fully compatible with any browser, like the one on your phone.

LASTING Savings: You’ll observe that any Thunder Drive plan is extremely affordable, but it’s exceptionally affordable when you have no ongoing payments. That is one of the most common things we hear from our users.

Robust Security and Reliability: We’ve multiple data centers for maximum service availability, enterprise-grade durability, and encryption, and permanent storage to safeguard against malicious changes.

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How it works

Securely store your files and access them from anywhere in the world!

Thunder Drive is insanely easy to use. Drag your file into the web browser, and the upload will begin automatically. Create folders, highlight or rename files, even share a private link with a friend!

  • Store and share large files
  • Share private links
  • Access anywhere in the world


The Thunder Drive service is hosted in premier Tier IV data center facilities that are highly secure, fully redundant, and certified for SOC-2 and ISO 27001 compliance.

Each site is staffed 24/7/365 with on-site security personnel to protect against unauthorized entry. Security cameras continuously monitor the complete facility-both indoors and outdoors. Biometric readers and two-factor or even more significant authentication mechanisms secure usage of the building. Each facility is unmarked so as never to draw attention from the exterior.

Thunder Drive employs advanced network security elements, including firewalls and other boundary protection devices, to monitor and control communications at internal and external network borders.

These border security devices segregate customers and regulate the flow of communications between networks to avoid unauthorized access to Thunder Drive infrastructure and services.

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20 thoughts on “Thunderdrive Storage Lifetime Deal”

  1. Slow, buggy, not really any good for 2TB upload.

    I signed up for the special offer which was very cheap, around £20 or £30 I do not remember. 2TB of storage for lifetime use.
    I had numerous issues with it, firstly google chrome would not upload at all, so I tried edge. I found it would let me upload 1 item at a time and it takes hours to upload a GB.

    It wont let you select folders to upload so you have to drag and drop, if you select more than one or two folders it does not upload all of them and cocks up before they are done. Sometimes it said uploads were complete but they were not on the server when refreshed.

    It has taken me about 3 days to upload 25GB.

    This means the 2TB that I am going to upload will take about 240 days I think. Do yourself a favor and get a 8TB backup drive from ebay and save your data to that, I got one for around £130. It transferred 2TB in a couple of hours over usb 3.0.

    Since posting this review on trustpilot, they have completely shut me out of my account and successfully lobbied to get the review taken down, its disgusting, they are thieves.

    • Hi John,

      Sorry for the delay in approving this comment.

      Thanks for sharing your experience here, and yes, I have heard it’s is a bad product from other buyers too.

      That’s why I given a personal rating of 1 out of 10 and also posted other member’s complaints on the above review and will add yours too. This page is ranking on the bottom of page 1 for the keyword “thunderdrive review,” and I hope it will get more exposure so others can also see your experience with them.

      I will not delete your comment or this review because, in SaaSpirate, I believe in honest discussions.

      PS: I also posted your review in my FB group: (I hope it’s ok with you)
      PS: Did you take a look at Polarbackup (it’s on lifetime deal) I have got a copy myself for personal use, and they seem transparent and helpful too.

      Anytime if you require any help, feel free to contact me.


  2. I’ve had ThunderDrive 2TB account for almost a year and haven’t had any issues with the storage. It seems fast enough for file uploads.

    I’ve used it without any flaws on Chrome and Firefox. New folders are easy to create. I haven’t shared files yet so I will update this when I do. I’ve not had to use any support functions because everything I’ve used the storage for has worked without a hitch.

    + PROS:
    Easy, drag and drop functions. 2TB of storage for a one time payment.

    – CONS:
    Haven’t found any yet.

    • Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I am surprised to see a positive review since the user reviews are mostly negative.

      However, if it’s working for then it’s great.

      Yes please do update us when you shared something 🙂

      Once again thank you for taking the time to share your experience.

      Alston Antony

  3. Pretty much everything about this service is a horror show. I paid for a lifetime subscription with a promo nearly a year ago and there have been exactly zero updates since then.

    No app, no desktop client, no web service updates to speak of. The speeds are ungodly slow, and the site interface reliably crashes when you attempt to upload more than a couple files at a time.

    This makes it all but impossible to utilize the space you are given, even if you supposedly have terabytes free – because you have to upload files in batches of two or three, completely manually.

    The only action I’ve seen by these ‘developers’ is on message boards trying to remove negative reviews, which makes me think this service has transitioned to a full-on scam.

    They wrote to TrustPilot to get my review taken down, and TrustPilot only republished it after I showed them proof of my active Thunderdrive account. I don’t entirely know if this is all due to malice or incompetence, but either way, it’s a site you should avoid like covid.

    + PROS:
    Very cheap lifetime plan.

    – CONS:
    The entire service is a scam.

  4. I bought this service via a coupon for a lifetime subscription 2+2 TB.

    Everything worked fine at first (even though the speed of the upload wasn’t the best). Then, I did not accessed my account for a few months and when I went back to it in 2020, my email was not recognized from the system (not even possible to recover the password).

    I sent countless emails to the only email they show on the landing page or via the contact form or even waiting with the bot that never connects you with an operator.

    I never had a single helpful response.

    Their customer support denies that my email was ever associated with an account even though I accessed it before. Total scam, wish there was a way to get money back.

  5. Hi Alston,

    I have emails with proof of payment and email in it as you mentioned.

    I have shared with their useless staff, and they simply claim that the email is “not associated with any account and they can’t reset or grant me access to the 4 TB service for life” that they already collected the money for.

    It’s one of the most frustrating scam, especially because many Review websites and YouTube interview with the “CEO” gave me a false assurance of a genuine business.

    + PROS:

    – CONS:
    Lose your money
    No service
    No response

  6. I just want to explain why trustpilot took my review down.

    Basically they asked for proof of purchase, so I searched my credit/debit card statements and there was no mention of thunderdrive. I also do not remember the exact amount I paid so I cannot deduce which of 100’s of transactions is the right one.

    They clearly play on this tactic and it means any bad review can be taken down because hardly anyone will remember the transaction details.

  7. That’s a s*itty service. All your data is publicly accessible, f.e. here is someones private photo [link hidden by SaaSPirate admin since it revealed someone’s personal data]

    You can just increment number in last url segment and you will get someone’s files


    Carefully, Never BuyThuderDrive, even cheap price on promotion, you can’t work of this then loosed money, never get a refund.
    This is a VERY BAD SOLUTION for those who choose them.

    If you want I have recommended you to buy a DEGOO drive, the best for data cloud store up to 10TB, Cheaper, and a lifetime subscription.

    Here is a status I request them then get a reply from Thunderdrive:

    -Your (THUNDER DRIVE Customer support) action looks like Scam Phishing, I have to post report all bad status THUNDER DRIVE to Social media.

    The credit bureau provided me credit if you did not refund, they said I have been a Scam trapped, now I have permission to go straight by Law of the United States. Any sale services, if it can’t service by a customer required they have permitted to return and get a full refund.

    -Product your sale is a SERVICES, NOT work with us, not as you adv. I never used it when I can look into the service by you provide the code access.

    In this case, If I purchase the Software program. I can believe them. A lot of the software companies for customers try to use 30 days before buying or can return 14 or 30 days. LOOKING YOU A SCAM, MY CREDIT CARD PROVIDE ME REFUND IF YOU NOT, Then THE INSURANCE CREDIT WILL COME TO INVOLVE THIS CASE, You’re buying your Business Name just small buck: $39. WOW! You can’t make more money or build up your name all the big market, just withdraw $39 from your customer, you sell cheaper you name.

    -Here is the reply :\Wade (Support Heroes) Mar 4, 2021, 2:57 PM PST
    As previously stated on the terms, once a license is claimed the all sales final policy applies. I am very sorry that there is not more I am able to do with regard to this instance as I am unable to alter our policies to accommodate your request.

  9. The website for seems to be down now. There’s an error message that says “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”, can’t get to my files. This has been like this for 4 days now


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