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TopicMojo Review & Lifetime Deal

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TopicMojo Review & Lifetime Deal

The problem is, you could spend hours looking for writing topics but not know which questions will be popular or if you are losing your time.

It can be confusing to figure out which research tool is the best and which one you can use. TopicMojo is a tool created by Ahmed Qureshi.

We all look for new content ideas now and then to cash in on that potential audience, and that is when TopicMojo can help.

With TopicMojo, you’ll be able to discover every helpful question or phrase people are searching for around your keyword on popular search engines like Google. For those who are serious about content, items, and services, this tool is invaluable.

The full review of TopicMojo is below!


Your potential customers are asking these questions already, and it displays them all in one place.

Data export in CSV format and a promising roadmap.

212 location-based results are available to you exclusively in 23 languages.

Research with it is seamless because of the fantastic graphical display of data.

Besides searching through Google, you can also search Quora and Reddit.


Alphabet keyword suggestion isn’t as precise as AnswerThePublic.

The lifetime deal does not include SEO data. Separately, you can purchase this add-on.

Our Video Review

TopicMojo Review - AnswerThePublic Alternative in 2022

TopicMojo Features

  • The TopicMojo tool is an excellent alternative to AnswerThePublic for anyone who can’t afford it. You can use it to search multiple key phrases so that you know what your customer is thinking.
  • By analyzing what the generalists in your industry are writing about in the field, TopicMojo helps you gain insight into which niches you should focus on. Moreover, it suggests several high-value topics rather than writing the apparent.
  • TopicMojo helps users find relevant information about their research by generating schema around products and brands. Extensive collections of data can be understood and organized with this feature.
  • With the topic modeling feature, you could even capture your customers’ interests as phrases, shopping, comparisons, questions, local, and research. Your topic can be alerted when new suggestions relevant to it are made when you use the search listening feature.
  • We like how it goes above Google to extract suitable topics & questions, e.g., from websites like Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, Insta, Forums, Updates, and YouTube.
  • We found it easy to navigate and had a neat interface to work with. We appreciate how easy it is to compare the information with time to find the most current information. Easy-to-digest data is presented.
  • The newly added forums, videos, tweets, news, & grouping updates improve the worth. You can use this as an opportunity to introduce your students to question structure and to bring cross-domain learning.
  • In addition, it is also very affordable since it is available in stacks. Therefore, you can buy up to 20 stacks based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TopicMojo?

A topic expert software, TopicMojo, helps you gain deep insights regarding your topic instantly. You can get exciting keyword ideas around your brand by using the automated intent generator and a detailed keyword exploration tool. The same people behind BrandOverflow created TopicMojo.

What if I Have Frase and WriterZen?

While Frase and WriterZen provide you with questions across a broad spectrum of topics, TopicMojo could add value if you’d like to see what questions have been asked surrounding your niche.

How to Do Topic Research in TopicMojo?

You need to follow these steps to use it:

The first step is to create a report. Then you should enter the topic > select the respective country > pick language > send your query.

Your report should include a chart of the search volume from the last twelve months and the overall trends.

How is TopicMojo Different from AnswerThePublic?

The depth of TopicMojo’s topic research has grown considerably in the last two years, while their data on search volumes remains up-to-date. Unlike AnswerThePublic, it offers a question finder. To provide a better experience, the team is constantly updating and adding keywords.

Why SEO Data is Not a Part of Lifetime Deal?

TopicMojo is all on topic modeling & structuring, plus it offers in-depth info, keyword relations & variations, regular updates, questions module, etc. To support SEO data, they need a recurring charge for monthly/yearly recurring expenses.

TopicMojo Review – Conclusion

For writing rank-able content, this tool may be the best. Ahmed Qureshi designed TopicMojo to be the only research platform you’ll want to cover all angles of a topic.

Despite its simplicity, it is mighty. Creating quality content is made much easier with this tool. The way it works was quite impressive. A must-have tool for everyone.

It does only have one disadvantage: displaying the SEO data requires the SEO Data add-on. The rest of the product seems acceptable to us. In addition, it appears to have a good reputation and is backed by the BrandOverflow team.

Our team would like your thoughts on this tool, and we would appreciate your feedback. Any questions or comments regarding our TopicMojo review are welcome.

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