Virtual Badge Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Virtual Badge Lifetime Deal

Create Virtual Badges & Digital Certificates for Your Events and Courses.
Expired December 17, 2021

Virtual Badge Lifetime Deal

Certificates are a symbol of achievement. But what if you could have digital certificates too? With the rise of online courses and certificate programs, more people want to digitally share their accomplishments.

Certificates are not just for students anymore. They can also be for employees or attendees of events or conferences.

Enter Virtual Badge!

Virtualbadge helps you make digital certificates for your online events, courses, workshops, virtual summits & webinars, that your students could proudly showcase on the internet.

You can include your own text, images, and also shapes for your certificates (or badges) easily without needing to use another software to obtain the output.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Alternative for: Credly

Perfect for Coaches, Event Managers, Enterprises, and Online Academies.

Create & Manage Customized Badges & Certificates.

Participant Management, Certificate Hosting & Management.

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