Virusdie Security Lifetime Deal
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Virusdie Lifetime Deal

One-Click Website Security
Expired December 18, 2022
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Virusdie Lifetime Deal

Get ready for your customers to stay and enjoy more time on your website. Make use of the best defense against hackers, malware, and botnets.

Virusdie Lifetime Deal is Finally Here! It is full of all-in-one web security software that automatically scans & cleans your website for viruses & malware.

This security tool works with every kind of CMS: WordPress blogs, Joomla websites, Drupal websites, PrestaShop, DLE, and all other well-known platforms are supported.

With one click, scan any webpage and determine the potential harm it could inflict on your online business. For one-click malware removal and website security, you can’t go wrong with Virusdie.

If you’re a small business owner, site administrator, or web host looking for protection from malicious hacking and ransomware attacks, then Virusdie is a no-brainer!

Highlights (TL;DR):

A friendly user interface that’s truly easy to use.

Remove malware with 1 click – no more infected scripts, backdoors, trojans, & other malicious code.

Timeline diagram to find out malware detection history.

Blacklist/un-blacklist sites easily in seconds.

Automatic backup so you don’t have to sweat on the deleted files.

One dashboard. All your sites. All your tools.

Switch to automatic website cleanup for instant action.

Malware scan & removal reports at your disposal.

Scans sites not just internally but also externally for ultimate protection.

A built-in file manager for navigating your website’s structure.

Virusdie Lifetime Deal & Review - Website Security & Firewall Protection

Read Transcript of video

Hi, guys it Alston with another great lifetime this time is from PitchGround.

It’s online with a security and malware scanning system, which you can use with pretty much any website platform; its called virusdie.

Let’s say let’s now take a look into the actual page of the website of them. This is their website you can see they give all the necessary information you want on these things.

Currently, they offer a free solution, and as well as a premium solution that charges 0.5 dollars a day, you can try it out that in case this lifetime deal is expired by the time you check out the video.

There is an option for you guys to get into a normal regular plan.

Okay, now, let’s take a look into the main features of this security platform. First, they allow us to schedule and malware scan the website to check for viruses, and those kinds of security issues they have both manual and automatic.

The second option is in case you know your website as been infected, but for some reason, that system is not picking up your virus or malware, you can directly ask the support to take a look at your website. They will do it for you.

The third feature, we can see the infected code of the file other than showing you found a problem in your website the security vulnerability and fixing it it will actually show you the piece of code where the problem actually is so you can manually go to them without even leaving the system to be able to see the code which as me infected cold and you can they also provide an excellent take view information like the severity of the threat and also the information how it is known as an explanation, so it makes our job easier to clean & secure our website.

Fourth they also have a firewall option, which means they will prevent bad IPS and Bad Bots; moreover, they will prevent DoS attacks and everything they also have an active firewall option too.

They also offer auto and manual cleaning; if you are someone who many website and you are not able to take care of individual sites each day, there is an option for auto cleaning as well.

If you are someone who is more careful on-site and you want to keep everything under your control, there’s a manual cleaning so it won’t touch your file automatically it will only let you know if it found anything and you can be based on that, decide on what to do with that.

Another feature was the also integrated blacklist monitoring, which means I think they are currently they say have around 60 plus database where they will actively monitor to keep on checking to see whether your website has been blacklisted on those databases as well.

If they did, they would show it to you in a nice graphical be like an in Skull Mark I think in their dashboard, so you can check it out and see if how you can fix the actual problem or you can resolve it.

Another great feature is that ability to share client portal with our clients regarding the website security status for example, they allow the option to invite a client with an email address and the client can see the project or the website we invited and how threats cleaned, what is this current status of it even they have a messaging platform where they can type their responses. You can respond to the platform for guys.

Okay, that is the most of the feature now. Let’s take a look at the real-life example of how the system works.

So you can see I am logged into my account. This is the dashboard that you will be able to see before getting into the actual reason it’s taken into the menu the support manual has have been a support.

They also have a referral program, and you can edit the profile details; if you’re building clients, you do the clients’ data when you invite the different clients to different groups that you will be able to see all the clients.

When we inviting your customers into the dashboard, be prepared for them, the dashboard will contain these agency details, so it’s almost like a white label option.

You can see this is the dashboard. If you want to add a website, all you need to do is come here and click on the plus icon and copy the site. You want to add it to the system now; it will give a file to upload it into our server.

Okay, you can see I have successfully activated the PHP code they gave now there are optional tasks in which I want to scan the website.

Every six hours, 12 hours, or one day, let’s say one day because also asking whether you choose to clean up the platform or not automatically.

You can select email notification here, and it’s another feature to another website firewall; if we want to another, we can enable it and click on finish.

Let’s click start now. Now you can see it has automatically started the new scanning of the website you can see all the details go into all the files on our website.

Until this scan finishes, let’s look into another site that has already performed the scan.

You can see how it’s showing the progress you’re showing an arrow mark which means whenever you click on this icon, it will restart the scan so does not necessarily have to be that scan runs on the time you said let’s say for example, you come down, and you want to check it now.

Click on this, and it will automatically start scanning now.

This is an auto-scan feature you can see we are; we can change the details of the frequency.

Now you can change back to one day, and you can change the email notification as well.

This is the auto-clean option; if you want to change the way we have set up the auto-clean option, you can do it from here.

This is the firewall option; you can see all the platforms the supported and more information you can go through the hyperlinks are available throughout the system, and you can see the last scan.

This is a graphical interface where it says when the scan completed, for example, if it found any threats while scanning, it will show visual indicators.

This is the details dashboard you can see there is no threat found.

So good. In case you know for a fact, there is a virus or malware on your website, but the system didn’t find anything.

You can ask the experts to investigated manually, and you can see they’re creating and clean up the rules at no additional cost.

It’s really good guys. Click on it. Close the window. Now you can see this is the cleanup report.

It shows when it has been completed, and it shows the infected list of the file names and takes what it found and whether it’s curable or not with a link to file editor where I can do that in the file itself.

Since no virus was found here, there are no details.

You can also have a sorting ability year by different by clean status, date, and size.

It shows how many numbers of files it was able to scan in our system and also the total size of our website.

All you need to do is click here and enter an email and click on share.

We’ll get this report shared with that email he will be able to see it.

This is the overview that is the detail view for the particular scan. This is the only of the own website; you can see only numbers of the scam brand, and if you found any issues during those scans, it will let you know.

You can see the shows also the last 30 days statistic in a graphical interface since I just started this website today; nothing is showing like that.

You can see it’s asking whether to clean up the website automatically or not.

Let’s take a look into the website files for when you click on the website full it will give us the option of the website usage and the block everything and also know that we feature like for each tab it will show will be do the idea of explained by the developers gives you the option in case I miss some elements or you actually want to see all their input localize.

You can see the statistic for the last 30 days we can disable it or not shows different traffic views, and also, it shows us the IP whitelist if we are whitelisted any IP, we can do that from here.

This is another big function guys, especially if you’re working with clients who you are providing excellent security managing this without even FTP access or the Cpanel access.

We can see all our website files from yourself; not just see we can make anything that is possible from this area. So, for example, you can see it shows we can add to the excluded five we can deliver Some files, and we can even see more details on that file.

If you click on the file, it will open the next window with the I choose the actual content of the data.

You download the file or save it after making some items. And within you will be able to see the info, that file can see the name of the file, the path is stored on the secret server and the size of the file and when it was last modified, and file permissions also additional on what kind of permission we can change the thing.

So mostly, when you can have security services for your customer, you have all the things you need it on a single platform. Finally, the sorting also available here also these pretty much in within, and you can see the settings are so this is setting is gives us the overall API.

Let’s say, for example, let’s click on a scan. Let me show you all that to do report will look like this possible.

Now, let me show you another cool thing up. See, there’s a link here which says invite your client to see this site.

I’m not logged into my account, so it is showing how the guest will see this report. You can see it displays our details and everything.

If the client is involved with multiple websites, it will show all the sites and also the monthly report viewable from here you can see an excellent looking report show the timeline and more.

Please let me know in the comments so I’ll be able to answer it and also if and if you think this deal is suitable for you, I will appreciate if you bought through my affiliate link which is currently under the Link below the video.

Thank you so much for watching this review, and I hope to see you guys in another tremendous digital marketing video.

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VirusDie Features

Remove Malware with 1 Click

Scan sites and remove infected files, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts, and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files, and even binary files. Virusdie uses its anti-malware database to remove malware from files accurately. It keeps your websites stable after cleanup. And whatever happens, Virusdie makes automated backups that you can restore in a single click. If Virusdie detects malware which it can’t cure on its own, you can investigate the issue yourself, which consists of a built-in file editor.

Malware Scan & Cleaning Panel

This is the primary panel of the web site antivirus. Malware and blacklist statuses, scan dates and times, reports, and the timeline are shown here. The top block at the very top is red when infected files are detected and white when no infections have been detected on your website. If there is a sync issue with your website, it’ll turn yellow.

Automatic Website Cleanup

Flip the switch to clean your website automatically completely. It’s green when programmed cleaning is on.

Virusdie detects suspicious and infected files on your website. Suspicious files will not be cleaned automatically. If it can, Virusdie cleans infected files automatically when it detects them (by deleting them or removing malicious code fragments from within the file). Otherwise, it marks them as incurable.

Timeline Diagram

Find out if malware was detected on your website with an easy-to-read timeline. Red blocks show that your website was infected that day. Green blocks show that no infected files were found on your site that day. Yellow blocks display that your website had not been synchronized with Virusdie that day. Lastly, grey blocks show that no scans were performed that day.

Malware Scan & Removal Reports

You will see malware scan and removal reports for the last thirty days. They’re available from a straightforward list at the bottom of the web site antivirus panel. Just click on a report to view additional information.

Detailed Malware Scan & Removal Reports

View malware scan and removal reports. Reports list all the files that were detected as infected or suspicious by Virusdie’s website antivirus. You can easily view malicious code in the files by clicking a file block. Add files to the exclusion list to ignore them in future scans.

Protect Sites in Seconds – You could deploy Virusdie Website Firewall (an online application firewall) automatically in under one second to safeguard sites from the most frequent attacks. It guards against hacking, malware, harmful requests, and content grabbing, XSS attacks, SQL injections, malicious code uploads, suspicious activities, and blacklists. Installation is programmed and takes just a second.

Magic in the Blink of an Eye!

Just turn on the website firewall to safeguard your website with a single click. Watch it deploy to your website is simply a second. The Virusdie website firewall installs and works automatically. It loads before your website and serves as a shield. It receives every request to your internet site. The web site firewall is connected to your Virusdie servers, which analyze requests because they are received. In case a problem occurs while installing the WAF on your website or syncing the WAF to Virusdie’s anti-malware network, you will see an error message.

Pie Chart

The WAF tracks and monitors traffic on your website. The pie chart taught you the difference between regular traffic to your internet site and blocked traffic (malicious or suspicious traffic).

Detailed Traffic Statistics

The line graph shows detailed traffic statistics on your website for the last thirty days. The red line shows blocked traffic, and the blue one shows regular (unblocked) traffic on your website.

Blocked Threats Distribution by Type

The bar graph shows you how the web site firewall blocked many threats of every type during the last 30 days.

Detailed Daily Blocked IP Reports

View detailed daily reports for each blocked Ip. Analyze blocked requests quickly, and add IPs to your whitelist by clicking a straightforward plus icon.

Check 60+ Blacklists

Virusdie can help you see when a site has been blacklisted and can help you un-blacklist sites quickly. If one of your websites is blacklisted, usage of that site will be restricted by a number of services (e.g., Google), and therefore customers will eventually lose visitors.

Scan Internet Pages

In addition to a complete internal antivirus scan, Virusdie scans sites externally, too. The external scanning engine checks HTML pages and linked JS files, as well as analyzing site behavior and checking links for phishing characteristics. All this means that you get more comprehensive malware detection – no server access needed. If you visit a flag in your dashboard, that means some problems by external scan were detected. Click on it to obtain additional details.

Automatic Backup

You can restore cleaned or deleted files using the switcher (Current file / Backup) in the built-in File editor by clicking it from the malware removal report. You could restore cleaned or deleted files over the last 30 days. Neutralized copies of infected files to be restored are stored in the repository on your server.

File Permissions

It helps you set the permissions to files on your website with a built-in file editor. Click to a switch to enable or disable specific file permissions. Then save changes by clicking the Save Permissions button at the bottom. A powerful search tool is available too.

File Info

Detailed file info shows all file’s data you need (file path, size, date of last modification, etc.), including last scan or malware removal report summary.

Navigate Files Easily

A built-in file manager helps you navigate the structure of your websites. Infected files are marked with red dots in the file manager. It’s an incredible way to visit a clear “infection map” of any site.

Virusdie Highlights

  • Automatic and manual scanning of the site for security threats
  • Option for manual and auto-clean of threats found on the website
  • Expert security help on cleaning the virus & malware from your website
  • Ability to see infected files and lines of code where the problem exists
  • Threat information, level, and explanation are provided
  • They have a firewall option to block bad ips, bots, and prevent DDoS attacks
  • File recovery option with 30 days time duration
  • Blacklist is monitoring for your website of around 60+ databases
  • Share personalized client portal which shows the report, status, and messaging platform
  • Ability excluded files, whitelist IP, & blacklist IP


Overall, it looks like a great security platform for people who wants a security solution on an one-time fee. Also, with the current lifetime deal price starting at $97 (95% OFF) for 1 Website; it simply is a no-brainer deal.

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