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Social listening platform to monitor your brand on the Internet & social media.
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Websignals Lifetime Deal – Social Mention Tool

Welcome to Websignals Review & Leadcart lifetime deal offer – Web Monitoring Tool & Social Media Monitoring Tool,

Web monitoring tool to track your brand mentions. Learn walkthrough and best use cases for the social monitoring app.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Explore your target audience’s needs through real-time web alerts and deliver them.

Before planning your social strategies, listen to what your audience is saying through real-time social media monitoring.

Explore what’s trending in your industry and create data-driven marketing strategies that bear high results.

Through constant, round-the-clock web monitoring, find and connect with websites that have mentioned you but did not link back.

From radio to social mentions, discover what people are talking about your competitors online and plan killer competitive strategies to beat them.

WebSignals Review & Tutorial – Quick Walkthrough of Web Monitoring Tool

WebSignals Review & Tutorial - Quick Walkthrough of Web Monitoring Tool

Hi, guys, It’s Alston in this video, we are going to take a look into Websignals

Saas, I’m going to do a quick overview to show all the features

and functionalities inside the system to give you a better sense

of understanding on what in terms of app features and functionality,

which you can use and what you can get inside this application.

Before I go into that, I want to share a couple of things.

First, there is a deal going for the SaaS. I will leave the affiliate and non-affiliated link.

You can choose whichever link you want if you decided to try it out.

But if you click on my referral link and make a purchase, I will get a small commission.

But it helps me to create more content like this.

But it does not affect your purchase price.

And also, if you are interested in more.

videos like this, please make sure to subscribe and hit bell notification.

OK, let’s jump into the video, First.

What is Web signals?

It’s a SAS application which automatically tracks whenever a keyword or phrase or the particular word you mention is automatically mentioned anywhere in the web or webspace, on various networks, it will automatically track and give all the data for you.

I will explain in a separate video top use cases.

The top five uses cases for which the the video link will be on the description.

But in this video, I’m just going to focus on the tool itself.

So if you want, you can check out that video as well.

But after watching this, if I go into the dashboard, this is how the dashboard will look like.

You can see I have already.

Reached the limit of my account.

Because I have been doing a lot of testing on this. First.

It’s a straightforward interface, which you can get started.

There is no complexity involved.

Anyone can use it within a ten minutes or something like that.

All you need to do is come here and you can create a new project.

And once you clicked on here,

all you need to do is it will show you the plan limits.

According to your current account, you I need to give a project name, for example.

In this case, let me do it.

And it can anything & depends on your use case, and you just select all.

Since I have already have the five limitations, I can’t add.

And once you clicked on here and Click on Save, then once it’s done is what happens is it will go out.

For example, let me show you one of the example which I created.

It will go out to the web and it will try to grab all the

existing mentions, which I already found out.

For example, now it can see it automatically able to found around “Alston Antony” and name itself.

Three hundred and three mentioned and it automatically categorizes them.

For example, we have the option to highlight all these things, and these are filters.

But these are the main stuff where here when you click View all post it takes from all the different sources and showing it in one single list but for example.

I only want to view all the mentions that “Alston Antony” is mentioned on Twitter.

I just click here, and it will only show. the data which it was able to collected from Twitter itself.

And similarly,

Web where they are generally like sites, all
the different websites and everything.

Facebook from the Facebook social media.

I need to re-click it if I don’t want that particular
and wish to view this data.

And the video is there; let me show all
the sources first and Quora

Questions/Answering platform, Reddit is there, and Forums is there.

You can see different Forum profiles.

I am a member of Stack Overflow, and you.

I can see my details are showing with local classified websites.

Also, it was able to gather my details.

Instagram is the I’m not an Instagram
The news section does not matter.

Whenever this word is mentioned
on a public place inside this particular

thing, it will show you here News,
Podcast, TV, Radio sites & Local quality post.

I’ll show you guys an example
with the established one,

but basically will categorize all
of these things into a different area.

And also, we can sort this data,
whatever the data.

For example, let me open
a different project.

Let me go into one of the examples
which I know with a lot of mentions are there.

For example, this one has
thirty thousand mentioned.

And if I go here and I can view the data.

for let’s say, for example, last week,
last seven days, the previous fifteen days.

Let me do that.

And also you can see up to yesterday,
let me do the last fifteen days, and you can

see automatically
got into six thousand seven hundred

results and now I can see all the results
from different websites and it should show

all the data from different
sections so you can control it.

And the cool thing is it not only allows
you to see all the data,

but you can take a step further and see
a much more in-depth example.

Let me see whether I can
find any good example for this.

Let me see.
I put “SaaS” as the keyword here.

So let’s see what I can see.

any good examples

If it picked up any spams.

If you found any spam.
You can do it.

Come here & either you can click on trash or Spam.

And automatically, it will mark it as Spam
and it will remove, for example,

if I don’t want this and you can see Mark,
all post of this particular person as Spam or

only this so we can have the option also if we
don’t or for example,

if I see something of low quality,
let me go back here so I can see. I think I

can give you a much better example if I go
here and you can see it shows the let’s

say, for example,
this one is a spam website.

We can identify it as Spam.

And if I click here.

It should open up
much more in-depth details

inside that, it will try to load
that particular Web page that I found.

That particular thing, In this case, it looks like a

spam virus kind of website, which I
don’t want anything to do with it.

Then I will do come here and click on Spam

and you can see that I want to mark only
this URL or any post from this particular

website, then I if I click here
automatically, all those things will be

spam you can see automatically
moved into Spam.

Let me refresh it so
it’s not going to show.

And you can see this folder has been
updated once, and if I go here.

And you can see that it is automatically.

gone away so we can do the Spam
filtering options available.

any posts do not matter
Twitter or anything like that.

For example, if I go into this,

Click here, and it will open up
that particular details, for example,

there are other options like reply,
for example, you can see you’re OK.

I need to reply to this tweet.

Then that is what you can do.
So you can click here.

It will open up Twitter, and you
can reply to it here, and you can mark it.

OK, I have replied so
I have automatically done it.

So just click here, and you can
post reply successfully added.

So if now refresh this page and let me do that.

And if I go into the reply section,
it says I have replied.

So it’s really easy for us
to keep track of it.

All the things you can see,
I can even add a note.

For example, I replied,
here then I can paste my reply to whatever

The message which I did & add notes, then click submit.

So it’s really easy to keep track of it.

And let’s see if I
missed some other stuff.

Also, if I go below.

And what are the other stuff?

Let me see here,

I saw, I think.

Replied-Done, Notes-Done, You can do edit notes.

and more

You can star the items also; for example, you are
working with a team member or something.

You want to mark it or
want to comment.

Sometimes you can start it and it will

automatically show up
in this particular filter.

For example, if I do that and let me
refresh it, and it should appear here.

And if I go into the stats and can see it automatically stared those.

items so you can do these things and also
you can apply a label,

you can customize it from you can add
new label according to the way you want.

You can do that pretty much.

You choose all these data.

You can also export all these posts.

For example, if I do that, it will try
to download all the posts into a CSV.

Let’s see.
I can whether I can open it.

So you can how the data will look like

You can see all the data here.

So I think pretty much I covered

everything related
to this extremely simple.

So if you are interested.

Feel free to check it out.

And if you are interested in use cases
video, please check into that video as well.

But I hope this was useful once again.

Thank you so much for checking out
And I hope you have a great day.


WebSignals Top 5 Use Cases For Your Brand or Website

WebSignals Top 5 Use Cases For Your Brand or Website

Hi guys, It’s Alston.

I just wanted to create a video to
share the use of cases for Websignals.

I have a dedicated video showcasing.

app functionality, features
and everything as an overview.

But I thought of creating use cases where if I had this tool.

What are the use cases which I would use
it so just to share the experiences

and what other possibilities
with you and also there is a deal.

If you want, you can check it out.

And the link in the description,

it contains both the referral
and non-referral link.

If you decide to make a purchase,
then if you use that affiliate link,

I will get a small commission but does
not affect its purchase price.

But helps me to create more content like this,
you can now let go into use cases the first

Websignal is a tool which monitors all
the mentions for a particular word, phrases

or keyword, which you enter in all
the different outlets on the Internet,

like social media, website, video sites,
blogging, all this different stuff.

But how you can essentially use this.

That’s what I thought of creating.

I came up with five different after a bit.

of research and also from my personal
experience, the first thing I would use it

as a great SEO tool
because it’s no longer where.

you just create backlinks
on automatically generated websites.

All it’s getting competitive
nowadays, to create backlinks

from a comment or link opportunity, link
mentions of reaching out to the partners

Reaching all this stuff is difficult for what I would do in this case.

I would go inside my web signals
and I would try to create a project.

For example, I am on a “treadmill” niche
where I’m trying to create a “treadmill” store

and trying to sell exercise
equipment, and everything.

And I would create project-based

on keywords like treadmill, exercise,
fitness, all of these things.

Then what happens is it will keep
on coming up with all these suggestions.

whenever a new content or
A new opportunity is posted.

For example, if I’m keeping track of Web
the site, it will now start to show all

the new blog post, articles,
resources are mentioning my niche.

So in that event, I can practically go out.

and leave a relevant comment on the article,

or I can reach out to the editor,
if that makes sense, to reach out and make

any partnership and everything of that
great way to find out new content.

The problem with the SEO is once
the content is established; it’s really

hard to form partnerships or do
any sort of comment all day.

Sometimes the comment will be closed also
or in this case, what happens is as soon

as the content is fresh out of the oven,
something like that that they have just

published, and just got discovered, so the potential
of getting a link,

opportunity or link mention or anything
like a partnership is much greater.

So you can use Web models, Facebook model,

where you can see, identify even though you
are not getting an SEO benefit directly.

What happens is whenever a website owner.

or blog owner creates a blog post or
the article, they will immediately go out

and publish it on their Twitter medium,
Facebook medium and they will essentially

be providing you all
of that particular blog post.

The article also, for example,

it’s not here, but if I keep scrolling,
you might see it in your niche.

For example, you can see a link if you go.

inside this link that there is a good
amount of chance that is a new

content, which you can either use it
to create better content for an SEO to rank

for that particular keyword
or anything like that.

All you can use it for a link opportunity

so you can use it for link opportunity
to create content which others are creating

to get an idea of all the different
keywords and industry ideas are available.

So the first use case was an SEO.

You can use all these different stuff.

The second use case is “Brand Reputation Management,” is very
critical when it comes to

online presence does not matter what is
the business you are doing or service.

You are selling a product.
You are selling

brand reputation as a critical point where
a positive can immediately do much more,

increase the conversation rate,
increase sales and everything.

But a negative can cause serious
problems with your business.

So what happens, you need to come here.

and inside your project, for example,
what I have done,

you can see I have created a brand
name as the campaign keyword.

Now, what happens is as soon as, let’s say,
for example, in this case,

my Internet marketing blog “ClickTug,”
as soon as someone mentioned.

And if you just keep.

Note on Twitter, Facebook,

because essentially whenever users have
any negative experiences or even

a positive or anything like that,
they generally tend to share it on their

personal social media sites like Twitter,
Facebook and everything and Reddit it also.

And finally, they will all if they are

they might go out and comment, create
blog post and everything so you can keep

essentially track of this
using your brand keywords.

Whenever you see us seeing problems,
which is related to your brand reputation,

you can directly engage through this,
keep track of it, find new things.

If it’s a positive,

you can find a way to spotlight those
into much more detail to your audience.

If it’s negative, you can try to figure.

it out as soon as possible
to get an idea of that.

So that is also an excellent way to use this.

The third opportunity is
“Engage with customers.”

This is a critical point because
customers expect to make the communication

much easier when it comes to the modern-day,
when it comes to service or product,

because communication with your customer is

the key to success or communication
with your target audience because

you need to make the communication
effective and easy to be able to reach.

So if you put your brand name here now,

you’re not only looking for this
the situation, we are concerned with your

reputation or anything like when
your brand name is mentioned,

questions, doubts, comparisons, asking a
recommendation and others now you have

the valuable data with this type of tool
where you get the data

someone is mentioning our brand,
someone is talking about.

So if I am the brand owner or the person.

Responsible for marketing, I would need to know what are they discussing?

Or so we can use this data either
to contact them or

communicate them to increase
the opportunities and everything.

All I can use that particular data
to improve myself, my products, services,

or I do the marketing
or anything like that.

So it provides a very unique way.

of tracking and engaging your
customer or target audience.

The photo opportunity is “Competitor Spying,”
let’s say, for example,

just assume the “SaaSpirate,”
which is my website, is a competitor.

In this case.
What I can do is I come here and place

my competitor brand name or domain name
or anything like that inside a project.

Now, what it will do is it will keep

on monitoring your competitors,
It will keep on spying on your

competitors, on all the progress
he/she’s making on the website,

through social media, website, like backlinks,
SEO approach, PR, News media or

Twitter, TV ads, Press releases, and more.

It will keep monitoring them.

So 24 hours you will know
what is going to happen?

Let’s say, for example, if he publishes
a new blog post, you can get identified.

If a new Backlinks is created,
you can get it.

And if there are social media,

shares or post, if you let, for example,
five different competitors,

if you think of doing it manually,
you won’t be able to do it manually.

Check all the different
sources at the same time.

But using a tool like this,

even though it is not fully accurate,
does not gather every single thing done.

But you get the most of the work automated
in terms of identifying all

the competitors, tracking your competitors
every day on multiple sources,

Helps you to keep you
in competitive with your competitor.

And if they are doing a tremendous job.

on a link building,
you can also try to gain that link.

If they are creating a new content

the piece, you can try to create
opportunities out there, and this tool

provides a great way to spy
on your competitors.

And finally, I would say for “Any marketing,
PR or media opportunities” because

this toolset provides like a person
who is keep on tracking, marketing,

a press release, PR media you can keep
I need to track everything on a website.

That does not matter for what purpose you
are going to be using a tool like this.

What it does is it shows all the things.

you need to know whenever
your particular keyword,

which you are going to track all marketing
the aspect of it, which is mentioned in that.

So this gives you a general idea.

on an eagle eye vision on all the things
which you can see and you can not only

see, but you can just engage through them,
mark it down and everything.

So it generally works as a way to

help you with digital
marketing and all this stuff.

So these are the uses which I came
up immediately thinking about.

I would use this tool for my project
or my client project and everything.

And if you have any other suggestions,
please let me know in the comments.

I will also love
see your suggestion,

because this is just a toolkit,
How we are going to use it.

It’s solely based on our mindset and how

the products and services
working in the industry.

So I hope this video was useful.

If you are interested in a tutorial video

of how to use this platform, please do
check my other video, which I created.

And if it was helpful, please give
alike and thumbs up once again.

Thank you so much for checking out, and I hope you have a great day. Cheers

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Updates to Websignals LTD From Launch

Here is a list of features we are going to launch this week:

1. Team management

Details: This was a big one, and one of the most important features where you will be able to add your teams and clients to web signals and assign them their own quotas (We have not been able to do a nice looking UX for this yet, but it will follow soon).
Launch: Later today (Yes we are even working on a Sunday)

2. Daily update emails

Details: As the name suggests, a brief email containing new mentions we found for your keywords in a given day. Screen shot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/060prhin0o5bv54/Screenshot%202020-11-01%20at%202.58.48%20PM.png
Launch: Monday

3. Advanced keyword addition

Details: A lot of users asked for a way to limit the sources of data fetching to prevent the new mentions quota going waste on sources you don’t really want to see data from. So we went ahead and built an advanced keyword addition functionality which does exactly this.
Design: https://xd.adobe.com/view/beb88de5-a7f3-4dae-9cc5-a9149b7cda4c-ebeb/screen/dc2ae2ca-fdef-4696-9fad-780dff2fd7ea/?fullscreen
Launch: Tuesday

4. Keyword/Project Deletion

Details: This has been one of the most asked query, How to delete keywords/projects? When we built WS we thought people might want to keep projects where they have acquired the mentions for, as the limits we have is for active keywords only, but that is not the case and for various reasons a lot of users want to delete both keywords and projects. We have gone ahead and built this functionality.
Launch: Tuesday

5. Linkedin as a separate listening platform

Details: This is the second most voted feature, so we went ahead and built it as well!
Launch: Wednesday

6. Unlinked mentions

Details: For all the SEO friends here, this feature will be a Gem! It will track all the places on the web where you get mentioned without a link!
Launch: Thursday

7. Sentiment analysis

This is the most voted for feature, so we have really pulled up our socks and we are going to launch this within this week!! Our team has already spent multiple sleep less nights on this and will continue to do so to get it to you this week.
Launch: Friday/Saturday

8. Dashboard

A dashboard to show analysis of all the mentions for a keyword, the graphs, trends and more!
Launch: Saturday

9. Weekly update mails

An email with summary of all major mentions and updates which happened during the week.
Design: https://feedback.websignals.com/posts/20/listen-for-keywords-on-linkedin
Launch: Saturday

Deal group discussion

We have discussed this SaaS on our private Facebook group. If you are interested, you can join in the discussion at https://www.facebook.com/groups/alstonantony/permalink/514244456125432

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