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WordPigeon App Lifetime Deal

Export your Google docs to a WordPress post or page now and a simple application to make creating content in Google Docs and exporting it to WordPress in a one-step process.
Expired March 11, 2020
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WordPigeon App Lifetime Deal

Simplify your content-exporting game from Google docs to WordPress in a One-Step Process!

WordPigeon app lifetime deal and simplify your content-exporting game from Google docs to WordPress in a one-step process!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Compose in Google Docs.

Fine tune on your WordPress Site.

Export from WordPigeon.

And, Share it with the world!

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This is an early-stage product and yes I did have some issues logging in at the start. However, they were able to get me up and running quickly. The product is simple but works well. The ability to quickly convert a google doc into a fully-fledged blog post in WordPress is amazing.

That means your freelance writers can use a free tool (make sure they use the free GDoc SEO Assistant add-on too 😎) to create and send you their articles. You can quickly import these articles into WordPress without having to give your freelancers access to the site. And these imported articles look great. Is the tool perfect? Well, of course not it is early in development for them.

I would love to see the ability to export straight to Gutenburg. I use this for all my blog posts, and the results are a little funky when converting to blocks from classic. Also, you can add collaborators for your website, allowing other team members to contribute to the exporting to your site. However, at present these people also need a word pigeon account. It would be good if we could somehow add a number of team members to the account included in the deal, especially for the $79 deal.

It seems a bit weird to buy a new account for your editor for example. Yes, they could have a free account, but then will they be limited to exporting 5 articles to your site? or do they use your limits? It starts to get confusing! They are also slightly limited by some features on Google Docs. For example, I use a lot of custom HTML in my articles, which physically cannot be added with Google Docs.

Therefore, I need to go in and add these manually. Even if it is not possible to do this on Google, maybe they could add MS Word integrations that allow you to add custom HTML that will export.

Anyway, I love this tool and will use it daily. For the price, I am very happy, and my interactions with the people behind the project suggest they will work hard to improve the software.

How WordPigeon Works?


Create your fantastic content in Google Docs in the manner you usually do. Add images and tables. Use H1, H2, H3 (and much more) headings. Put in a Table of Contents. Add the maximum amount of content as you prefer; Word Pigeon is designed for it all.

And don’t worry, you can still use those comments, edits, and ideas that produce collaborating in Google Docs so efficiently, they won’t affect Word Pigeon by any means. Word Pigeon is the perfect tool for many who want to create Google Docs to WordPress without spending hours re-adding images, reformatting links, or recreating tables following a ‘copy and paste’ operation.


All of your Google Docs will be beautifully displayed for you in Word Pigeon. You don’t need to search for them; they’ll need to be there. Hit export, decide whether you will want a page or a post, a published piece or a draft, and then let Word Pigeon do its thing.


Check out your WordPress site, and you’ll find Word Pigeon has already beaten anyone to it. Your articles will be there, in its entirety, ready for you to make any final tweaks before sharing it with the earth!

WordPigeon Features

  • Select to export as a WordPress Page or a Post
  • Select to export as a Draft or published into your WordPress blog
  • Choose Tags for the WordPress post (optional)
  • Images exported across (PNG, GIF, JPG)
  • Animated Gifs supported
  • Choose Categories for your WordPress post(optional)
  • Choose Writer of the WordPress post (optional)
  • Image resizes retained
  • Links retained
  • Colors retained for Text Colour, Highlight Colour and table cell Background-color
  • Tables Exported
  • Embedded Charts Exported
  • Text Alignment on the page and in tables Retained
  • Horizontal Lines inserted from the google doc inserted as hr tags

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