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WP Security Audit Log Discount

WordPress activity log plugin to keep a record of user changes, ease troubleshooting & identify suspicious behavior early to thwart malicious hacks.
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WP Security Audit Log Discount

Welcome to WordPress WP security audit log plugin discount deal which is an activity log plugin for WordPress.

More than 100,000 WordPress enthusiasts chose it because it has the most extensive coverage and very comprehensive activity logs.

The plugin has out of the box support for WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and other widely used WordPress plugins.

The WP Security Audit Log keeps a log of every little detail in the log. It reports if the URL, category, date, status, visibility, author, or anything else is changed in a post.

For each and every change in the log, the WP Security Audit Log plugin also reports the user who did the change, when the change happened with millisecond precision and the Ip from where the difference originated.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Track WordPress user activity on your website & multisite network.

Quickly troubleshoot & identify problems.

The most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin.

Spot suspicious behaviour & avoid getting hacked.

Meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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WP Security Audit Log was created with security in mind; therefore, there is give attention to coverage. It is the WordPress activity plugin with the broadest coverage and keeps a log of changes such as:

  • Content (posts, pages, posts with custom post types)
  • Comments
  • WordPress users profiles & activities
  • Plugins & Themes
  • Menus & Widgets
  • File uploads, deletion, and file Changes
  • WordPress settings & multisite networks
  • WordPress Database
  • Popular WordPress plugins such as WooCommerce and Yoast SEO

Why WP Security Audit Log?


Track WordPress User Activity on your Website & Multisite Network


Spot Suspicious Behaviour & Avoid Getting Hacked


Quickly Troubleshoot & Identify Problems


Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements


ESSENTIALLY THE MOST Comprehensive WordPress Audit Trail Plugin

WP Security Audit Log Features

Comprehensive activity logs

Keep an in-depth log of all users and under the hood website and multisite network changes using the plugin with the broadest coverage.

Activity logs for alternative party plugins

Activity logs of changes on WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and a great many other alternative party plugins.

Activity logs of file changes

Keep a log of most file changes that happen on your WordPress website and any alternative party code running onto it.

Fully configurable activity log

Fine-tune the logs to your requirement. You could disable individual event IDs, configure logs’ degree of detail, retention policies, permissions, and even more.

Instant Email & SMS notifications

Get instantly alerted of critical site changes with the built-in email & SMS notifications or configure your notifications with the trigger builder.

Search & filters for the experience log

Search for data in the experience log and use the filters to fine-tune your search results to find what you are interested in within seconds.

User & site activity reports

Generate any report from the activity logs with the user-friendly reporting engine. Export the reports to HTML or CSV format.

Automated scheduled reports

Configure the plugin to automatically send you daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of your decision.

Users sessions management

See who’s logged in to your website in real-time and their latest change. Limit the number of concurrent sessions and remotely terminate logged-in sessions.

Automatically log out inactive users

Automatically terminate idle user sessions to safeguard your site if users leave their sessions unattended.

External activity log database

Store the experience sign in an external database to increase the security & performance of your website. You can also archive old data to retain blazing-fast logs.

Integration with Slack & others

Configure integration with alternative party services such as Slack, Syslog, and Papertrail and mirror the logs to your central logging system. You can even configure filters to regulate which logs should be mirrored and which not.

Premium support

Get email support within just a few hours. Our knowledgeable support team is proud of their average response time: 6 hours.


In the WP Security Audit Log premium, there are no adverts.

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