XSplit VCam Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

XSplit VCam Lifetime Deal

Remove, Replace, & Blur Your BG Without a Green Screen.
Expired April 13, 2022

XSplit VCam Lifetime Deal

XSplit VCam is an easy-to-use background removal service that enables you to replace backgrounds.

It lets you remove, replace, or blur your background to make it look like you’re using a green screen without the expense of renting one. With this software, you can create a virtual green screen or blue screen in no time.

It’s perfect for any video creator that doesn’t want to mess around with expensive green screens and complex editing software. It’s also great for video game streamers who want to appear like they’re in the game world while still making it seem like they’re playing live.

If you’ve ever wanted to get rid of your pesky window behind your desk while broadcasting on Twitch or YouTube Live, this is your chance!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Remove and replace the background for vlogs, podcasts, talk shows, game streaming, etc.

Get lifetime updates & 24/7 support.

Replace the background using a video, image, YouTube video, or webpage.

Use the mobile device as a webcam through the app.

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