KWFinder Black Friday Discount Coupon 2020

kwfinder black friday
25% Lifetime Discount – It’s Valid Between 24th to 26th November 2020 & 1st to 2nd December.

While most site owners now realize the importance of the keywords, most of them see it very hard to discover the correct keywords. Therefore, you will now find many online tools to find the top keywords.

KWFinder is among the top-rated keyword research tools out there right now. This Black Friday, KWFinder is providing a 25% discount on all its lifetime plans.

In case you are an internet marketer counting on SEO to traffic, KWFinder Black Friday 2020 Deals is one you cannot afford to miss. Nothing comes near to it with regards to reliability and accuracy.

The Black Friday sale will be live for a limited time. You just have to visit KWFinder and use the discount. Once the deal is activated, you may finish the checkout either with a PayPal or credit card.

What SEO Tools You Get With Mangools?

Mangools suite includes various tools such as KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler.


KWFinder allows you to research the keywords, their search volumes, CPC, and their competition. It also shows the Majestic, Moz, and other essential metrics of the top-ranking posts for the provided keyword.

It is known for its outstanding accuracy when it comes to keyword difficulty checks. One of the online tools you can rely on to research keywords and understand if they are simple to rank.

You can sort the keywords depending on the number of words, the text in it, CPC, volume, and difficulty. With it, you can list out just the keywords which matter a lot to you.


If you are a professional SEO marketer, you understand that no software can defeat the manual research power. It is proved over and over. To turn manual competition researching a lot quicker, the SERPChecker is of excellent value.

This tool shows you the top-ranking results for a keyword and essential metrics for performing the manual research quicker. By checking the metrics, you could accurately decide whether you shall rank for the provided keyword.


SERPWatcher is another tool that enables you to track your site rankings for the desired keywords. SEO is not exciting if the outcomes are not assessed using reliable rank trackers.

It makes you understand how your website is doing and rank for the keywords you’re targeting. Also, it will display it to you in a visually attractive way.


LinkMiner is an excellent backlink analysis product. With it, you can see the links of all your competitor domains similar to what you get with SEMrush or Ahrefs.

You will find filters to sort out the links by DoFollow, forum links, blog links, and many more. It is an excellent inexpensive backlink checker compared to some other popular tools.


SiteProfiler is another one that is bundled with the Mangools suit. It helps you evaluate the site A-to-Z. It also displays your website’s basic stats, top content pages, traffic, audience, competitors, etc.

Use SiteProfiler to conduct an efficient SEO audit of your blog. Why would you worry about audits? Since they are the quickest way to receive a significant rise in the SERPs to your targeted keywords.

Plans & Pricing

There are 3 subscription plans to select from.

Mangools Basic

With the Basic Plan, you receive KWFinder with 100 searches every day and 200 keyword suggestions with each search. Together with it, you will also receive other SEO Tools, yet the usage of these extra tools is very restricted. Also, you may only use one account in this plan.

Mangools Premium

The Premium Plan includes KWFinder and provides 500 keyword searches every 24 hrs and 700 keyword suggestions every search. All of the other tools provided in the basic package are also offered in the premium package and permits for three simultaneous logins.

Mangools Agency

The most feature-loaded and expensive is the Agency Plan that provides 1200 keyword searches every 24 hrs and 700 keyword suggestions with each search. Also, you receive 1200 SERP lookups every 24 hours, daily rank updates, unlimited tracked domains, 1,200,000 backlink rows monthly, 150 site lookups / 24 h, and ten simultaneous logins.

FAQs About KWFinder

Here are some essential questions and answers you should understand about KWFinder.

What is KWFinder?

KWFinder is one of many of Mangool’s tools for long-tail research. It’s one of the best value keyword research online tools with higher accuracy on the marketplace.

What is Mangools?

Mangools provides an SEO tools collection for backlink analysis, keyword research, SERP analysis, etc. KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, and SiteProfiler are the most well-known SEO programs from them.

Is KWFinder Accurate?

KWFinder claims to offer probably the most precise keyword difficulty to your keywords. You will find many online case studies that prove keyword research using KWFinder is centered on relevant and trustworthy metrics.

Is KWFinder Providing Any Deal on This Black Friday?

Yes, this Nov 2020, the KWFinder Black Friday sale 2020 would be live. Then, you can receive a 25% lifetime deal on any package you buy.

Does KWFinder Offer API Access?

Yes, it offers API access in its premium API subscription packages, yet it’s not available at regular subscription plans.

Do KWFinder Provide a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, they will. They promise a 48-hour cash back guarantee. However, you might also not have to refund the tool because online reviews on aggregator websites are all very positive.


In summary, KWFinder is the correct tool to elevate your online business with the proper search from the top keywords, which will give you ranking in search engines.

In case you are keen about your sites ranking in famous search engines such as Google, KWFinder is one product you definitely should invest in. When the monthly packages look too costly, know with yearly plans, you are sure to save lots of money.

Mangools team will not usually offer such deals; thus, there is no right time to receive the tools aside from this KWFinder Black Friday Sale. If you already have ordered KWFinder, check out the other SEO Black Friday Deals in 2020.

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25% Lifetime Discount – It’s Valid Between 24th to 26th November 2020 & 1st to 2nd December.
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