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CallHero Lifetime Deal – Spam Call Blocker

Block spam calls, let clients book appointments, or just sound professional with AI digital secretary app.
Expired April 29, 2020
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CallHero Lifetime Deal – Spam Call Blocker

CallHero is a digital secretary app that screens your calls for you when you’re busy.

Whether you’re trying to block spam calls, let clients book appointments, or just sound professional.

Telemarketers and spammers make it hard to use our phones. You have been getting calls from time to time.

Not only do they waste your valuable time, but they also place your data security in danger.

CallHero is a secretary that is digital that you are called for by displays. Rather than blocking telephone numbers, the AI filters of CallHero calls based on what the caller says.

This innovative technology makes sure that your phone only rings when it should. CallHero uses safety measures when handling your data and stored on your device.

Highlights (TL;DR):

First-ever Digital Bouncer on the market.

The only app on the App Store with an AI screening service.

Set keywords that automatically pass the screening procedure.

Blocks nearly 100% of spam calls through call filtering.

Your phone will only ring when the call is legit.

Automatically declines unknown & fake calls.

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How can CallHero work?

  1. One of your contacts is calling? No worries, the telephone will ring as normal.
  2. A number not on your contacts is calling? The AI of callHero learns more information for you and will answer the call.
  3. CallHero’s AI finds if the telephone is legit or not.
  4. Your phone rings and you are also given information about who’s calling and why.

Why Pick CallHero?

The Marketplace is saturated with robocall blocking solutions. Most of those apps have a database that has numbers marked as not spam or spam. Because scammers are smarter than that, these methods do not work.

They are continually creating new numbers and trying new procedures. Where CallHero comes in, this is. Our AI can detect whether a telephone is not having 90 percent or spam accuracy. This means that your phone rings when it is a reason at stake.

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