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What is it? Pluggable Voice & Video Chat for Websites

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Are you looking for a way to take your customer service to the next level? Are you struggling to keep up with customer inquiries and requests?

With Video Service Desk Lifetime Deal, you can provide an unprecedented level of customer service that will revolutionize the way you interact with your website visitors.

Video Service Desk offers voice chat, video chat, screen sharing, file sharing, advanced call routing, and live demos – all on your website.

Say goodbye to customer frustration, and experience the power of Video Service Desk today!

Video Service Desk Features

Live Voice and Video Chat Button

The Live Voice and Video Chat Button For Your Website Visitors To Call You feature gives website visitors direct access to communicate with you via instant voice or video chat. This feature allows website owners to provide personalized customer service, answer questions quickly, and build relationships with their website visitors.

Dynamic Contact Forms

This feature allows businesses to quickly and easily create custom contact forms tailored to their specific needs. This provides a great way to capture all the details that are necessary for customer service, sales, or other purposes.

Additionally, it allows businesses to provide a custom message to website visitors in case they are not online, ensuring that customers can still reach out and get the information they need.

Customizable Branding

Video Service Desk allows businesses to customize the branding of their customer service desks, including logo placement, size, button text, and color, to create a cohesive customer experience that reflects their brand. This ensures a professional and consistent look and feel, and helps customers quickly identify the company when seeking customer support.

Automated Call Routing

This feature allows for automated call routing based on the page of your website that a customer is visiting. This allows for customers to be directed to the most appropriate team for their needs, resulting in improved customer support and a better customer experience.

Real-Time Call Tracking & Monitoring

This feature allows users to stay up-to-date on all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as monitor the status of their agents. Email notifications are sent out for each call, allowing users to be instantly alerted of any new activity. The dashboard also provides an overview of agent status, enabling users to easily monitor and manage their team. This feature is invaluable for optimizing customer service and efficiency.

Improved Documentation of Customer Interactions

This feature allows customer service agents to document key points in the conversation with customers, creating a record of the conversation that can be easily referenced in the call history.

This improves the overall customer experience, as agents can quickly recall details of prior conversations and provide more accurate and personalized service. Additionally, it can be used to provide training material to agents, allowing them to better understand customer needs and provide more consistent service.

Real-Time Call Tracking and Agent Monitoring

This feature allows supervisors to keep an eye on their agents’ activities by monitoring which ones are online and tracking the calls they receive, complete, and miss in real-time. This helps supervisors quickly identify and intervene in any issues that arise and ensure that their call center operates efficiently.


What are the features of Video Service Desk?

Video Service Desk comes with features such as dynamic contact forms tailored to business needs, custom messages to website visitors in case the user is not online, customizable look and feel, position, size, button text and color to match the brand, routing calls to different teams automatically, email notifications for all calls, monitoring calls and agent status within the dashboard, taking notes within the call, monitoring which agents are online and tracking ongoing, completed and missed calls in real-time.

How can I customize the look and feel of Video Service Desk?

Video Service Desk can be customized with its logo and look and feel, position, size, button text and color to match the brand.

What kind of notifications can I get with Video Service Desk?

Video Service Desk provides email notifications for all calls and monitors the calls and agent status within the dashboard.

Can I route calls to different teams automatically?

Yes, Video Service Desk allows different buttons on different pages of the website to be used to route calls to different teams automatically.

Can agents take notes within the call?

Yes, agents can take notes within the call which can be later viewed in the call history.


In conclusion, Video Service Desk is a powerful customer service tool that offers tremendous benefits to businesses. It allows them to provide faster and more efficient customer service, all from the comfort of their own website.

With Video Service Desk, businesses can create stronger customer relationships and improve customer satisfaction. So, if you’re ready to take your customer service to the next level, Video Service Desk is the ideal solution.

Try it out today and start revolutionizing the way you interact with your website visitors!

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