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What is it? Pro Live Streaming & Recording with Your Mobile Devices

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Are you looking to create amazing video content without breaking the bank?

Is your current video production process too time-consuming, expensive, and difficult to manage?

Look no further than the RECnGO Lifetime Deal – and get ready to transform the way you create studio-quality video content with your mobile devices!

With RECnGO, you can stream live or create and store a library of viral videos, all while getting the most out of the time, money, and resources you have.

Learn how to get the most out of your videos today!


On-the-Fly Video Production with iOS and Android Devices

This feature enables users to quickly and easily create video streams from their phones or tablets using a strong internet connection. Users can mix and match their devices, regardless of the operating system, allowing for quick and efficient video production with the devices they already have on-hand.

Live Editing: Allows for Quick and Efficient Post-Production

This feature allows users to edit their footage while they are streaming or recording, eliminating the need for lengthy post-production processes and allowing users to instantly publish their content. This saves users time and energy, while still providing high-quality footage.

Stream to Multiple Platforms with Ease

This feature allows users to easily stream their content to multiple platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, with just a few clicks.

You can log into your Facebook account from within the app and stream directly to your page or wall, or to a group where you’re an admin. For YouTube, simply enter a stream key and start streaming, regardless of the number of subscribers.

Enhance Your Broadcast with Multimedia Content

This feature allows you to take your broadcast-quality productions to the next level by incorporating multimedia content such as images, logos, videos, and presentations in addition to the cameras and angles. It adds a level of depth and detail to the production that can truly take it to the next level, engaging and entertaining your audience.

Enhancing Video Production Through Multiple Camera Angles

Adding extra camera angles to video production can help create a more engaging and interesting experience for viewers by allowing for shots to be changed frequently, much like those seen in TV shows and films.

This helps to keep viewers interested and prevents them from getting bored by long, drawn-out single camera shots. By switching between different angles, directors can showcase their creative vision and capture the most interesting parts of a scene.

Localized Recording and Storage

This feature allows each camera used to record footage to save the video locally on the device. Additionally, the edited production will also be saved in the same manner, allowing for easy access and back-up in the event of any technical difficulties.


What is needed to start a stream using iOS and Android devices?

A strong internet connection (15 Mbps upload speed) and phones/tablets linked up on the same Wi-fi network or shared 4G/5G.

Can the stream be edited live?

Yes, the stream can be edited live and footage can be published right away to save time on post-production.

Where can the stream be broadcasted to?

The stream can be broadcasted to Facebook pages, walls, groups, or a private test stream. For YouTube, simply enter a YT stream key and start the live stream.

Can additional media be added to the stream?

Yes, images, logos, videos, and presentations can be added in addition to the cameras/angles for stunning broadcast-quality productions.

Can extra camera angles be added to the stream?

Yes, extra camera angles can be added to keep viewers engaged by switching between camera angles as often as TV productions would do instead of using single camera footage.


In conclusion, RECnGO is a powerful live video studio app that allows content creators and live streamers to produce studio-quality videos and live streams without the need for expensive videography gear, studio setup, or a large team.

With features such as multi-angle streaming, on-brand creatives, and easy live-streaming to social media platforms, RECnGO is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals looking to create professional content at a reasonable cost.

Say goodbye to poor-quality live streams and hello to a seamless and professional live video production experience with RECnGO.

Try it today and take your content creation game to the next level!

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