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Streann Studio is a cutting-edge browser-based streaming platform designed to facilitate the creation and sharing of captivating live and pre-recorded videos online.


Browser-Based Technology

This powerful platform offers full control over your content and seamlessly integrates with the web and social media. Whether you’re hosting a video podcast, seminar, or sports commentary, Streann Studio’s user-friendly studio allows you to launch live or pre-recorded broadcasts effortlessly. The best part? You don’t need to grapple with complicated software or coding – everything you need is accessible directly from your browser.

Portrait mode orientation streaming tailored to TikTok and Instagram stories

One of the standout features of Streann Studio is its versatility in catering to different formats, including portrait mode for Instagram and TikTok, thus maximizing your audience reach. Furthermore, you can perfect your broadcasts before going live and even make real-time adjustments during the stream.

Customization is key, and Streann Studio enables you to add personalized colors, logos, and visual elements, ensuring your broadcasts stand out with a branded touch. If you wish to experiment or rebrand, the editor offers a convenient way to test various elements.

Enhancing engagement is effortless with Streann Studio. You can add your graphics, text overlays, and fun backgrounds, and interact with your audience through live chat. The platform also provides multiple layout options, allowing you to tailor your content as per your preferences.

Collaboration becomes seamless with Streann Studio’s easy-to-use invite system for guests, eliminating the need for complex software downloads. Furthermore, you can communicate privately with guests during the stream, separate from your public audience.

Stream to social media (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitch, RTMP, and HLS) or use iFrame to add the show to your web page

When it comes to reaching your target audience, Streann Studio has got you covered. The platform supports streaming on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, amplifying your content’s reach. Additionally, you can pre-record and share broadcasts online, even embedding them on any webpage using iFrame.

Apart from video content, Streann Studio allows you to effortlessly create podcasts in no time, adding further diversity to your media offerings. It also give you a place to host the content and monetize it!

Introducing MyChannel: Your Personalized Video Channel

Imagine having a Wix-like experience but for your videos with live streaming capabilities, where you have complete control over your brand, monetization strategies, and even own the valuable subscriber data. With MyChannel, you can now make this a reality! We believe that content creators like you should have the freedom to curate and present your videos in a way that reflects your unique style and vision.

With MyChannel, you will be able to:

  • White Label: Showcase your personal brand by easily changing the logo and design elements of your video channel. Make it truly yours!
  • Monetization Strategies: Explore various monetization options that suit your goals. Whether it’s through subscriptions, or pay-per-view, you can now maximize your revenue potential. We are adding more!


With Streann Studio, you can confidently create high-quality video content without any hassle, making it accessible to audiences worldwide. Stream like a pro with Streann Studio, and let your content shine on the global stage.

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