ContactInBio Social Media Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

ContactInBio Lifetime Deal

Turn your Instagram bio into a micro-landing page that drives traffic.
Expired December 16, 2019
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ContactInBio Lifetime Deal

ContactInBio helps you get the most out of your Instagram bio link with a content-rich micro landing page that shows off everything you’re doing and selling.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Win micro-moments and drive social media sales by adding calls to action: text, multimedia, product links, or contact forms.

Best for: Influencers and brand marketers looking to drive more sales and traffic from social media.

Showcase your services and products with images, videos, or with a carousel of images.

Track your visitors with Google Analytics, retarget with Facebook Pixel, and get in-depth analytics.

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ContactInBio helps you get the most out of your Instagram bio link with a content-rich micro squeeze page that presents everything you’re doing and selling.

That one link you’re allowed to have in your bio? It’s *critical* real estate.

This means you should be using that space to link out to a landing page that’s first got it all.

You know, such as a landing page that enables you to add whatever you want: text, a graphic carousel, videos, signup/contact forms, products with a cart to check out, URLs, and much more.

Over the backend, ContactInBio’s dashboard enables you to view all your website landing page statistics.

That’s right, ContactInBio gives you in-depth analytics and demographics – like country, date, and language – for each and every site visitor.

You can also integrate your landing pages with Google Analytics to accumulate visitor data and Facebook Pixel for retargeting.

You can also add contact and subscribe forms to assemble even more info from each visitor. (“Sign up to my newsletter-all my mom’s friends think it’s great.”)

Plus, you can fine-tune your website landing page to fit your personality or brand.

Pick from premium themes or create your design by uploading a graphic, adding a video background from Pexel’s integrated library, and setting up a color gradient.

Customize the scale, type, text color, background color, font size, plus more to make it pop.

ContactInBio is customizable to suit your industry as well.

If you’re an e-commerce startup, for example, you can create your store directly on the ContactInBio page.

Food bloggers can share recipes with a linked image carousel, all using one page.

Don’t make your IG followers work to buy products, sign up to your list, or connect to you.

ContactInBio removes the platform roadblock between you as well as your followers, which makes it seamless to allow them to get more involved in your latest projects.

Make every social media post go further.

ContactInBio Features


ContactInBio solves an issue of multiple links for Instagram bio with one link that contains a band of other links and content as contact page, text, video, images, and so many more.

Customize Design

Your links can be changed in size, width, background color, link text color, font size, and can have a transparent background. The background of your page can be considered a gradient color, image, or video.


Messenger quick links are useful because when your followers click onto it, it’ll automatically switch from the Instagram iPhone app into the messenger app with an already pre-entered mobile number in the app. With Whatsapp, for example, it will automatically enter the quantity into the software and will generate the chat, saving a lot of time for your followers. Create a smart link for the software as “Whatsapp,” “Skype,” “Telegram,” “Facebook Messenger,” or “Viber.”


With ContactInBio, you can include 103+ types of social media links. You could customize the hyperlink to be in various sizes and colors.

Payment Link

You could create links to Paypal, Stripe, and other payment gateways.

Contact Form

Place the contact page anywhere on your page and receive all incoming messages from the contact page that will be delivered to your email.


Adding only links on your page is old-fashioned, adding text anywhere on your page can help your audience to navigate and find out about you faster.

Music Services

Link Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Soundcloud, and many others. Music marketing links for labels, artists, and distributors.


With ContactInBio, you may easily publish your products right on your ContactInBio page as well as your followers can shop right in the Instagram app, browse products, place orders, and even pay with Paypal.


Your product overview, video reviews, explainer video, tutorials, commercials, or a tour, show your followers more interactive content through videos.


Replace the default circle profile image with the image of your size, showcase your recent works, display advertisement banner, or your products.

Image Carousel

Your followers will enjoy it as it showcases your offerings in a very interactive way. Each slide can be associated with any link, that will help you your followers to be redirected to appropriate link faster.

Email Signup

With the Email SUBSCRIBE block, you can show a straightforward form to record emails of your followers on your ContactInBio page. You may connect Mailchimp and record your email over there, or you can store all collected emails with ContactInBio.

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