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Covve Scan Lifetime Deal – AI Business Card Scanner

AI-powered, language-agnostic business card scanner that makes digitizing cards simple and hassle-free.
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Covve Scan Lifetime Deal – AI Business Card Scanner

Covve is an intelligent app that lets you easily manage and maintain business relationships.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Effortlessly and accurately scan business cards in every left-to-right language to help make almost all of your contacts.

Best for Power networkers and sales teams seeking to digitize business cards in seconds and simplify outreach.

Organize, manage, and store information in the easy-to-use iPhone app which means you never lose a potential lead.

Protect your information with stringent data protection and GDPR compliant software.

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What’s Covve Scan?

A mobile application to quickly digitize business cards!

  • Take photo of a card and details are automatically recognized
  • Easily add notes, tags, and location
  • Organize and search with a smooth and powerful interface
  • Add contacts to your address book with a single click
  • Export to excel easily

Why Choose Covve Scan?


Recognizes 30+ languages.


Private, stored only on your device.


Artificial intelligence ensures accuracy.


Go paperless everywhere

Covve Scan Features

  • Accurately scan business cards using AI-powered image reading
  • Easily add notes, tags, and location
  • Organize and explore an intuitive and powerful interface
  • Increase contacts at a tap of a button
  • Export to Excel, Outlook or Google Contacts at a tap of a button
  • Private, our conditions and tech protect your computer data
  • Search for cards using any of the card information (e.g., company, tags)
  • Capture the trunk side of cards
  • Dark theme
  • Share your scanned cards
  • Export now supports Outlook and Google Contacts in addition to CSV/Excel
  • Sort your cards by name or date
  • A refreshed, even more, intuitive interface
  • Tap on a card to see a full-screen image
  • Images are further optimized to work with even less phone storage
  • Further improvements in scanning speed

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