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CSS Hero Lifetime Deal

Easily Customize WordPress Themes in Live.
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CSS Hero Lifetime Deal

Every WordPress theme has a lot of CSS that you can override to customize the look of your site. Unfortunately, this can seem complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s where CSS Hero comes in. It’s a plugin that takes all of the hassle out of customizing your theme.

CSS Hero lets you customize your theme on-the-fly through an intuitive admin panel. It also includes pre-made templates and layouts, so you can quickly design a site that matches your needs.

It’s perfect for making your website unique and not just a plain theme!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Easily Customize WordPress Themes Real-Time.

Find Royalty-Free Images with Unsplash Integration.

Intuitive Point & Click Interface.

Works on Any WordPress Plugin and Theme.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • Install on up to 999 sites
  • Product Upgrades
  • Priority Product Support
  • WP Multisite Supported

Get lifetime access for just $599 one-time payment.

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