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AlertBits Lifetime Deal: Track Website Changes

Easily Track & Monitor Any Website Changes
Expired July 23, 2023
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AlertBits Lifetime Deal: Track Website Changes


Do you ever find yourself manually checking websites for changes and updates? Are you running out of time to manually keep track of the changes being made by your competitors?

With Alertbits, you can easily track and monitor any website or an entire site for changes and get alert notifications whenever the pages are updated.

You can stay one step ahead of your competitors and never miss out on important changes.

Get access to the Alertbits Lifetime Deal now and start tracking websites with ease!


Monitor Webpages

This feature allows businesses to monitor websites for changes and collect data for analysis, giving them a better understanding of their customers and industry trends.

They can customize the parameters for the monitoring, such as the URL to monitor, the frequency of checking, and the area of the page to check for visual changes. They also have the ability to configure critical elements of the monitoring.

Automated Website Monitoring

AlertBits is an automated website monitoring tool that allows users to set up crawlers to regularly browse a website, find all links and pages, and track them for changes. Whenever changes are detected, users can receive notifications to stay up to date with the latest changes on their website.

Monitor Websites for Element Changes

This feature makes it easy to monitor a specific HTML element on a page for changes to its screenshot, text content, and source code. This can be useful for tracking changes over time, such as an image or a specific part of a webpage, and quickly highlighting any changes that have occurred.

API & Keyword Change Monitoring

This feature allows users to configure their page to be monitored for specific words or phrases. Whenever one of the words or phrases is found or removed from the page, the user will receive an alert.

This is useful for tracking changes that may be important to the user, such as new headlines or changes to product description text. The highlighted keywords also make it easy to identify the exact words or phrases being monitored.

Tagging & Filtering for Easy Page Organization

This feature allows users to easily organize their pages by tagging them and grouping them into folders. It also allows users to control access to certain pages.

Additionally, users can quickly import URLs from sitemaps, add or edit multiple pages at once, and search, sort, and filter through their pages. All of these features help to make page organization simple and efficient.


What can AlertBits do for users?

AlertBits can automatically check websites and notify users of desired changes.

How does AlertBits monitor websites?

AlertBits crawlers browse websites to find links and pages to track.

Can users monitor specific elements on a webpage with AlertBits?

Yes, users can click and choose specific HTML elements to monitor.

Can AlertBits alert users when specific keywords are found or removed from a webpage?

Yes, AlertBits highlights keywords and alerts users when they are found or removed.

How can users organize their monitored pages with AlertBits?

Users can use tags to filter and group pages into folders and control user access. They can also bulk import URLs and search/sort/filter for easy organization.


In conclusion, you have the power to quickly and easily monitor changes on a website or an entire site with AlertBits.

Not only are you able to stay ahead of your competition, but you can also save valuable time by automatically getting notified when changes and updates are made.

Don’t wait, start tracking website changes and updates now with Alertbits and get a powerful, dynamic and highly reliable monitoring solution!

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