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The most effective and simple background removal tool helps you ramp you creativity as well as efficiency, from individual editing of photos, eCommerce presentations as well as marketing design. 

With Apowersoft AI, design is simple, efficient and enjoyable. The AI of Apowersoft has been taught on millions of real-world photos and images, such as products, people, stamps and icons, text, animals, and automobiles. 

The AI’s ability to learn is constantly being upgraded too. Design photographs of products, design banners, posters, packaging Your design projects can be completed with ease using the Background Eraser Apowersoft.


  • AI powered. Handles each picture using either complex or solid designs and colors without any choice of background or foreground categories
  • Fully automated. Ready to work any time; comes with a smart Keep/Remove tool that allows for precise crop-out.
  • Latest images. Combine your basic cutouts and designs with the built-in unlimited design and colors. You can also create customized images
  • Change background for portraits. Say goodbye to the photo studio to take photographs for passport/ID photos driver’s license, passport photo, and other reasons. Apowersoft Background Eraser comes with all colors available in the library to suit your everyday use
  • Images of the product. Crop out, modify, and incorporate new designs to give finished product
  • Get rid of the signature/stamp background. Easily create a digital signature stamp and signature out of your photo to ensure the signing of PDFs or photographs is as easy as signing your name
  • Mode for batching. Background removal process for multiple images, in a single step.
  • More features to anticipate. Animals, cars logos, text images… currently is also accessible. However, many more amazing features expected within the next few months. Like color correction and bulk cropping and facial beautifying

Check out Apowersoft Background Eraser Discount Deal

  • Get 300 images for just $20.99 one-time payment.

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