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What is it? Bio Links, URL Shortener, & QR Codes Generator


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Are you looking for a way to create shorter, easier-to-share URLs for your website and effectively measure the success of your campaigns?

With BSLY, you can create shortened URLs and unique biolink pages to get proper analytics of your visitors.

With its lifetime deal, you can easily keep track of your website’s performance and save time and money in the process.

Discover how you can create shortened URLs, get detailed visitor analytics, and more with BSLY!


Keep Track of Your Links with Projects

With the use of Projects, users can easily manage all of their links and stay organized. Unlimited Projects allows users to create and store an unlimited number of projects, so they can keep track of an unlimited number of links.

This feature is helpful for users who have a large number of links, as they can easily categorize and organize them. Additionally, users can view all of their projects with a single click to quickly access the links they need.

Customizable Biolink Pages for Streamlined User Experience

Biolink pages provide users with the ability to create a personalized page with a variety of settings and implementations. This feature allows users to customize their Biolink page so that it best fits their needs and provides a more streamlined user experience.

Advanced QR Code Generator

This feature allows users to generate unique QR codes and share them with the public. It is useful for businesses and individuals who need to create custom visual codes to share with their customers or followers.

It provides users with a wide range of customization options, such as different types of QR codes, customizable colors, logo integration, different shapes, and tracking of scans. This comprehensive tool ensures that users can create unique and visually appealing QR codes, making them easier to share and track.

Pixel Ready Tracking for Conversion and Retargeting

Pixel Ready Tracking is a powerful tool for collecting data from website visitors and sending it to third-party tracking websites to enable analytics and conversion tracking.

This feature helps businesses keep track of their visitors and retarget them with ads on platforms such as Facebook. By providing insights into user behaviour and enabling retargeting, Pixel Ready Tracking can be a powerful tool in a business’s digital marketing strategy.

Advanced Statistics

Advanced Statistics provides detailed analytics on the visitors who are accessing your pages. This feature helps you measure the success of your links and optimize them for better performance.

You can gain insights on where your visitors are coming from, what pages they are viewing, and how long they are staying on your pages. With Advanced Statistics, you can tailor your links and content to better meet the needs of your target audience.


What is the benefit of using Projects in link management?

Easily manage all links in one place.

What can be done with Biolink pages?

Create unique and customizable biolink pages to share with audience.

What is the purpose of the Advanced QR Generator?

Generate custom QR codes with tracking options.

How can tracking pixels help with analytics?

They gather data from visitors for conversion tracking and retargeting.

What kind of statistics are available for links?

Detailed visitor statistics are provided.


In conclusion, BSLY tool provides a comprehensive solution for managing links with its features such as unlimited projects, biolink pages, shortened links, advanced QR code generator, and tracking capabilities.

With the ability to customize QR codes, embed various media platforms, and track statistics, users can efficiently manage their online presence and gather insights to improve their marketing strategies.

So, take advantage of this powerful link management tool and see the results for yourself today!

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