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ClearFlask Lifetime Deal

Getting customer feedback on your business product is critical for making better choices.

However, trying to incorporate numerous feedback into a structured manner might be tough for you.

By collecting product feedback from your community and updating them about your product roadmap and development, this tool allows you to be closest with your community.

Presenting ClearFlask.

ClearFlask is a open-source ideation tool to handle announcements, roadmap, and product feedback.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Extract informative and unbiased feedback to capture users’ own words.

Effortlessly integrates with your app or website.

Alternate For – Nolt and Uservoice.

Prioritize your roadmap with roadmap dashboard page.

ClearFlask Features

  • To match your workflow, you may modify states, behavior, and transitions of each content type. Different behaviors and accessibility may also be changed by each state.
  • Build a set of tags around the material you’ve gathered. Define how tags may be utilized and create tag groups.
  • Export your data and use it to generate insights in your custom analytics engine.
  • Let everyone know when you create a new functionality. Subscribe to new updates and participate in community discussions.
  • Respond immediately to consumers’ needs and report on the current status quo to them.
  • Let your users opt in to feature suggestions that they want.
  • It’s critical to communicate with a client about their needs via feedback. Let them know via their chosen least-disruptive communication method.

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