Tribe Community Lifetime Deal
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Tribe Community Lifetime Deal

Build a fully customizable online community powered by modern social features, widgets, and native app store. Seamlessly add social elements to your product.
Expired November 15, 2019
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Tribe Community Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Tribe lifetime deal, Build a fully customizable online community powered by modern social features, widgets, and native app stores. Seamlessly add social elements to your product.

Highlights (TL;DR):

See simplified Google Analytics on your WordPress site in beautiful, real-time charts, and graphs..

Increase engagement with conversations, user-generated content, and valuable apps.

Automatically email analytic reports to your clients.

Best for: WordPress Users, Firms, and Anyone Looking Simplified Google Analytics.

A cloud-based, fully customizable community platform..

See your most popular pages and best marketing campaigns.

Build a flourishing community and grow your customer base.

Best for: Marketers who wish to use the community to obtain and retain customers while boosting conversions.

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The Tribe is a complete, standalone solution with embeddable widgets, powerful apps, and integrations that help you create and medium a flourishing online community.

Tribe enables you to create an extremely immersive community site where your customers can ask questions, show content, join discussions, and more.

With a thorough API, the Tribe platform houses all community activity in one place.

The entire customization options make sure that your community is often aligned with your targets, whatever these are.

Add your branding elements and change the look right down to the pixel with custom CSS. Additionally, it is super easy to specify the community to gain access to and personal registration preferences.

Integrate with Zapier to automate data move between applications and automate workflows.

Leverage direct integration to include in over 20 leading software and business tools, so everything runs seamlessly.

All varieties of user-generated content can be distributed in Tribe-from text posts and articles to images and videos.

The AI-based activity feed, coupled with powerful machine learning, equals a customized experience for members on the platform, so they’re much more likely to activate with this content and your company.

You can customize the platform experience further by creating groups or subgroups within Tribe where people who have shared interests can hook up to discuss and share ideas.

Creating a community has so benefited beyond engagement-from building brand authority and collecting feedback to customer care and loyalty.

Add custom widgets to your external website or product to embed key community components and build interpersonal touchpoints.

For example, eCommerce marketplaces can show off product discussions inside their site, and software companies can feature curated knowledge bases.

With any healthy community, the ability to average the conversation is a necessary–but very important–evil. (Trolls belong under bridges, not in your brand community.)

Control access to the city by the environment to private and defining the registration settings.

Tribe enables you to both manually medium content on the program and automate moderation by creating guidelines to regulate associates’ content and discussion easily.

For example, you can allow participants with high reputation ratings to create content easily or blacklist content predicated on keywords you want to exclude.

Creating a successful community with associates that are fired up and engaged is tough, and moderating it can feel like a monumental job (one does not simply head into Moderation).

If creating a vibrant, genuine community is on your to-do list but don’t know where to start, Tribe can help.

Tribe App Features

Community platform

Produce a standalone or integrated community website. Enable your users to connect and discuss under your brand. Users can follow, ask questions, start conversations, upvote, comment, and show content.

Social widgets inside your product

Enjoy ready-to-use widgets to include public components to any part of the application. Whatever you can visualize on the city can be accessed via API.

Connected to the various tools you love

Powerful software and integrations to activate and retain more users. Automate and increase the capacities of your community or build your apps.

Grow Organically, Increase Conversions

Leverage user-generated content to obtain users organically via search engines.

Engage and Retain Customers

Empower customers to make a valuable network, share knowledge, and help fellow members.

Build Brand Authority

Set up your brand as a thought leader in your space by being a front-runner that congregates users

Deliver Outstanding CUSTOMER CARE

Enable both brand-to-user and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Empower customers by allowing them to deliver value to others.

Give your brand a social sizing.

Enable your users to go over and connect under your brand. Users can explore, follow, ask questions, start discussions, upvote, comment, and show multiple types of content. Plug a cultural network software to your brand or create a standalone unique community website.

It’s your brand. Customizable.

The Tribe is a white label program, designed to adapt your brand, and engineered to integrate with your website. Add your site header/footer to blend it seamlessly with your site navigation.


An extensive API that captures each and every activity in your community. Anything that you can visualize on the community can be accessed via API.

Tribe Apps

Powerful applications and integrations to make highly engaging top quality communities.

Social Login

Allow participants to login with popular communal accounts like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, and Twitter.

Google Analytics

Record community users via Yahoo Analytics. Record community activities as Google Analytics events.


Allow members to receive community notifications on Messenger and interact with the community.


Automatically send leads to HubSpot and sync member information.

SEO Boost

Advanced SEO settings to precisely control indexing of your community pages and boost ranking.

Google Translate

Translate content posted in other languages to the primary language of the city.

Signup Wall

Ask users to register with your community before accessing the entire content.


Enhance the deliverability of the transactional emails from the city.

Virtual Currency

Reward customers, increase engagement and influence individual action by defining a virtual currency.


Receive notifications and react from Slack.


Let your users get on the community using different Single Sign-On methods.


FullStory offers DVR-like pixel-perfect playback of your user’s procedure in your community.


Collect member action and property data to build powerful reports.


Add social experience to your e-commerce site and convert members into buyers.

Welcome Email

Send an automated, customized, welcome email to new users.

Cookie Consent

Customize the text and layout of your community cookie consent field.


Receive notifications, keep users involved, and manage your community with two-way integration.


Keep customers updated and improve retention with local mobile and desktop press notifications.


Acquire data on member behavior from other apps and sync the same with the city.


Track the community member interactions, create powerful reports, and drive targeted communication.


Hook up your community with programs you already use and automate workflows.

Google Calendar

Sync community happenings with Google Calendar.


Inform external services on the net, based on various events locally.


Increase your subscriber list by collecting emails from community participants.


Employ your community associates and deliver targeted emails by capturing their activities.


Automatically send brings about Salesforce and sync member information.


Boost engagement by scoring members predicated on community participation.


Monetize your community by obtaining payment and gain more context of user data.

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