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Climbo Lifetime Deal

Are you looking to increase your Google Reviews? Do you want negative reviews to be avoided and positive reviews to be received?

A software platform that helps businesses make the most of online reviews is essential if you want to maximize the benefits of these reviews.

Introducing Climbo Lifetime Deal

Climbo will help you increase your Google reviews within a few months. You can also share these reviews on your website and attract customers via the internet.


  • You can send review requests via email, SMS, WhatsApp, or QR Code (automated via Zapier).
  • Avoid negative reviews on your landing page and only get 4-5 stars reviews
  • To protect your business against negative reviews, filter negative experiences.
  • Encourage happy clients to leave 5-star reviews on Google and other platforms.
  • One dashboard allows you to read and respond to all reviews.
  • Social proof widgets (carousel feed, badge, etc.) can be installed on your website. Your website should have social proof widgets.
  • Share auto-generated reviews on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Climbo Features

  • Positive reviews on Google can be increased by sending personalized review requests via WhatsApp and Email. Your satisfied customers will then review you on Google, Facebook or other platforms.
  • Protect your reputation online from negative reviews. Direct dissatisfied customers privately to get in touch with you so that they don’t leave a negative review.
  • Get customers by sharing your reviews: Use our widgets to share reviews on your website. Your customers’ glowing reviews will convince your visitors to visit your site.
  • Share customer reviews on social media to attract customers. In just a few mouse clicks, you can create posts for Facebook or Instagram that feature your customers’ reviews. Your followers can become new customers.
  • Your reviews can be kept in one place. A new home for your online image. Climbo allows you to view all reviews in one place. You can also respond quickly without wasting your time.
  • Support via WhatsApp 24/7: Climbo was created by an international team. You can reach them via WhatsApp if you have any questions. They will respond in seconds.

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Climbo Lifetime Deal

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