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The WooCommerce free gifts plugin is a professional tool for offering all types of gifts with different rules in online stores. With the help of this plugin, you can offer free gift products to your customers based on any type of marketing strategy to encourage them to buy your products.

In addition to the very simple user interface, one of the most important features of this plugin is the ability to create various Rules based on common Methods such as BOGO, buy x get y, buy x get x, subtotal amount, etc. It is also possible to add Conditions to limit the free gift offer based on user roles, order counts, specific dates, and many more.

woo gift rule form


  • Apply free gift on a specific product or category.
  • Offer gifts if customers return to your store and purchase some specific products again.
  • Offer gifts when ordering from a specific variable or even custom fields of the product.
  • Implementing the BOGO or Buy x Get Y and more than 10 offering strategy.
  • Offering gifts to users who are logged in or have other roles such as “customer” or “sales manager”.
  • Offer free gifts to customers who ordered more than $X amount.
  • Offer giveaways to customers placed more than “X” order quantity in a specified period.
  • Let customers choose their gifts from a list or add them to their cart automatically.
  • And more


Creating free gift rules in a few minutes 

Creating customized rules with different conditions based on your marketing strategy is fast and easy. You just need to choose one of the preset methods like buy x get y, subtotal amount, etc.

woo gift rules

The plugin will show you the required fields in a dynamic form. You can set the buy and get products, add conditions, and edit the rule by getting help from a user-friendly interface.

Customize displaying gifts on the checkout page

One of the amazing features of this plugin is the ability to customize the free gift offering on the checkout page.

checkout page

In addition to the auto add gift products to the cart option, you can display a list of gifts in a dropdown, grid, carousel, and popup view to the customers on the checkout page. 

Enable/Disable rules with one click

There is no limit to creating and applying rules in your WooCommerce store when you are using the free gifts for WooCommerce plugin. You can add as many rules as you want on the rule page and enable some or all of them to offer free gifts to your customers simultaneously under given conditions.

Useful gift reports

There is a comprehensive reporting tool in this plugin, allowing you to track rules, offers, gifts, customers, most-utilized rules, the number of gifts sent to customers, etc. 

woo gift report


The free gifts for WooCommerce plugin provide you with all the essential tools for applying different types of rules based on your desired marketing strategies. By offering promotional plans, you can attract more customers, improve customer retention, and boost your sales efficiently.

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Free Gifts for WooCommerce Lifetime Deal

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